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Thread: Pacquiao vs Marquez

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    Pacquiao vs Marquez

    there's been no formal announcement yet, but with GBP failing to match top rank's offer to jmm, this fight is almost a done deal.

    i don't think anyone would mind even if this fight lasts just 30 seconds with manny scoring a brutal 1st round KO.

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    Re: Pacquiao vs Marquez

    latest is that juanma has officially joined bob arum's top rank stable and signed the contract to fight manny pacquiao november 12, 2011. it's now up to manny and his advisers to agree on the terms and conditions of the said contract, which i think he won't be able to do at this time because of the ongoing plenary debates for the RH bill. payo lang kay manny: huwag kang magpapagamit sa usaping yan.
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    Re: Pacquiao vs Marquez

    ni hindi pa nga nagsisimula ang training camps nina Pacquiao at Marquez, may ganitong balita na umiikot:

    'World's richest man offers Pacquiao $65M to fight Mexican'
    Posted at 06/06/2011 2:34 PM | Updated as of 06/06/2011 3:14 PM

    MANILA, Philippines – The world's richest person has reportedly offered Filipino boxing champion Manny 'Pacman' Pacquiao a whopping US$65 million to fight an undefeated Mexican boxer. reports that Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim has offered a guaranteed $65 million purse to Pacquiao for a fight against Saul “Canelo” Alvarez.

    Slim is allegedly negotiating now with Pacquiao’s team, including Ilocos Sur Governor Luis “Chavit” Singson.

    Top Rank boss Bob Arum said that he will immediately contact Singson about the story.

    “I saw the story and I don’t take it as gospel,” said Pacquiao’s promoter. “But Slim is one of the richest people in the world and Chavit, who I know so well, is a very serious guy.”

    He added that he will call Singson on Monday.

    According to, Slim made his fortune in telecommunications. He is said to be worth around $60 billion.

    Pacquiao’s proposed opponent, Alvarez, is only 20 years old but carries a 36-0-1 win-loss-draw record.

    Alvarez is being promoted by Golden Boy, which can cause some problems as Pacquiao is being promoted by Top Rank.

    “Manny has the key third fight against Juan Manuel Marquez... and then we can discuss 2012,” said Arum. “I don’t know when Manny will want to fight next year.”

    Arum said that Pacquiao may stick to a May and November schedule for his bouts, but it was ultimately up to the Filipino fighting congressman.

    Arum earlier said that Floyd Mayweather Jr. had turned down a $65-milion offer to fight Pacquiao.
    For real?? and of all people, Chavit??

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    Re: Pacquiao vs Marquez

    might be an entertaining fight as this kid might be naive and stupid enough to trade with manny. but he'll be a broken fighter so early in his fighter if this fight pushes thru. i mean this guy couldn't even KO matthew hatton, otherwise known as the lesser hatton brother.

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    Re: Pacquiao vs Marquez

    Pak-pak-BOOM!!! na sa Sunday!

    Anong round kaya patutulugin ni Pacman si Marquez?

    Pustahan! ;D
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    Re: Pacquiao vs Marquez

    Anyone who has a link where I can watch the 24/7 series? Thanks.
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    Re: Pacquiao vs Marquez

    ^ youtube tol...dami- dun ko din napanood 3 episodes
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    Re: Pacquiao vs Marquez

    Kahapon napanood ko back-to-back episodes ng 24/7 sa Solar Sports.

    Lumapad talaga si Marquez.

    Pero sabi nga ni Pacman- it's good, he's a bigger target now. :D
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    Re: Pacquiao vs Marquez

    jmm will trade and first 2-3 rounds will be hagler-hearns. jmm will get knocked down once in the early rounds and once more in the middle rounds. contrary to pre-fight comments, manny shows mercy and carries jmm in rounds 11 and 12. he'll be a wreck by fight end but proud jmm will finish the fight on his feet.

    118-108, 118-108, 116-110 for manny.

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    Re: Pacquiao vs Marquez

    for a change, arum's putting up a pretty decent undercard. breidis "khanqueror" prescott goes up against mike alvarado while tim bradley battles joel casamayor. granted this is an over-the-hill, watered-down version of the durable casamayor but it still beats watching julio cesar chavez jr or yuri foreman.

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