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Thread: Knights in Season 95

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    Two losses by far to the top 2 teams the past 2 seasons. Benilde looks serious this time, if we still dont get pass thru them, then #4 spot would be ok for now.

    Looks manageable as the losing margin on our 2 L are not really that big. Fingers crossed👊🏼

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    The game against San Beda was winnable, IMHO. The Knights were able to make crucial stops in the fourth quarter but were just unable to make their shots from the field. Masyadong gigil kaya? O malas lang talaga? We did have a bunch of free throws towards the end, but still managed to miss a few.

    To be fair, defense was a lot better in this game than in the previous games. Balanza, Yu, Olivario and Ular played stellar minutes, but Muyang, Ambohot, and Batiller seemed to have been struck with a bad case of malas.

    Anyway, you're right, ESCALERA JR. We have to win versus Benilde.

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    After that disappointing loss to SSCR, we came away with a big statement win against Benilde. Benilde really looked lost without their main PG, Jimboy Pasturan; our boys pounced on their slow start and won the game pulling away.

    I hope this is the start of a new burst of confidence for the boys. I had been worried at the beginning of the season because the team barely had time to play as a whole, what with the injuries to key people and new guys coming in. We start the second round with a relatively easy assignment in JRU, which I hope the team won't underestimate.

    Kapit lang. We can do this! Arriba!

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    Let's beat CSB on Tuesday for a stronghold on third, then work our way up to second spot for the twice to beat advantage come playoff time. Arriba!

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    Good win yesterday against Benilde! I'm especially glad about how Yu is turning out -- not only in terms of scoring but also in making his team mates look good. That was a masterful job done on Gutang, too (isama na natin sa Muyang sa kudos), getting his goat and eventually goading him into fouling out. Quite frankly, I wasn't sure why Gutang was so hot under the collar, but whatever Yu or Muyang said or did must have hit some nerve.

    The thing about the Knights, though, is that we cannot be sure which Knights team is going to show up at game time: the one that blew out Benilde and San Sebastian in the second round, or the one that wilted against Mapua and SBU? Hopefully, the boys should have ironed out the kinks by this time and reconciled themselves to working as a team rather than relying on a do-it-all hero at the end-game.

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    Today's game vs LPU is crucial as it may spell the difference as which team gets a twice to beat advantage. It's also a battle to get back our title as Kings of Intramuros.

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    There goes our twice-to-beat... I hope we still have enough gas in the tank to hold on to the Final Four. As it stands, I think we have a more than even chance, but we definitely have to close out the second round with wins to cement this.

    Kapag nakapasok tayo sa F4, saka na natin problemahin kung paano pipigilan yung baseline floaters ni JC Marcelino at yung mga saksak mula sa gitna ni Caduyac. I hope by that time, the coaching staff will have come up with something.

    One game at a time. Arriba!

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    Re the loss vs. SBU yesterday -- boy, that left a bad taste in the mouth. It wasn't that we lost, it's HOW we lost that bothered me.

    We went on an 8-0 tear in the third quarter to tie the game at 42-all, only to crumble in the face of an avalanche of points from the Red Lions. 20-0? Come on. How could we let them do that to us? I wanted to see a little more fightback from the boys, but it seemed like they were too punch-drunk to even react. From then on, it was just about marking time until the final buzzer.

    I don't know what's ailing the Knights; I know that individually, we have the talent to make it all the way. But, really, sometimes, like in that third quarter 20-0 barrage, it seems like they forget to play as a team. Sayang ang talent.
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    We are assured of a f4 Slot. Doesnt matter if its 3 or 4 as the RL seems on the way of sweeping their remaining games. i’d rather they sweep the 2nd rd than go the the twice to beat route.

    Beating ssc and lpu once each via step ladder format is less stressfull than winning twice against the Marcelino twins of lyceum pirates.

    RE:Jeo Ambohot would be more effevtive playing near the basket scoring putbacks and also helping out Larry Muyang clearing rebounds than taking those long 3’s. Pag sumablay, wala na. Let the point guards tke care of business outside the trifecta area. See u in the finals

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    Colegio de San Juan de Letran took the first step of a long path towards the 95th National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Seniors Basketball title by disposing of a very tough San Sebastian College, 85-80, at the start of the stepladder playoffs Tuesday at the Cuneta Astrodome. Up next for the third seed Knights is second seed Lyceum of the Philippines University this Friday at the same venue for the right to face undefeated defending champion San Beda University in the best of three finals series next week. READ MORE

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