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Thread: Knights in Season 95

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    Knights in Season 95

    Prospective lineup, per TLMKK FB page:

    Yu, Olivario, Reyson, Pambid
    Balanza, Batiller
    Mina, Caralipio, Guarino
    Ambohot, Ular, Sangalang, Javillonar
    Muyang, Balagasay

    Reserves: Alferez (PG), Banez (PF), Vacaro (C)

    Quite a tall team, this -- with five players standing 6'5" and up. New guy is Javillonar, who recently changed jerseys after playing for Benilde in the summer leagues. Since he just graduated from NU High, he will be eligible to play right away for the Knights.

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    Knights lost their first game to the Lyceum Pirates, 84-80. Sour free-throw shooting (54%), careless turnovers (our 23 vs. LPU's 16), and anemic rebounding (39 vs. LPU's 46) did us in. Considering that Nzeusseu was injured and did not play, this loss certainly did not look good on our record.

    Among the numbers above, it was the rebounding disparity that was most galling, considering that our team towered over the much smaller Pirates. I suppose this game proved the truism that rebounding is never about height; it's about desire. And desire Lyceum certainly showed, as the Pirates consistently beat our guys on the 50-50 balls. The Knights also had no good answers for the deadly guard trio of Caduyac and the Marcelino twins. It was frustrating to see these guys driving into the gut of the defense and scoring, our guys left in the dust.

    Good points: Olivario acquitted himself well, issuing pinpoint passes that led to easy baskets. Balanza showed that he can carry this team, and with a bit more confidence, will definitely be the go-to guy in the clutch. Ular proved to be an able replacement for the missing Christian Fajarito, vastly improving on his rebounding and shooting prowess (which were nowhere to be seen when he made his NCAA debut around three years ago). Muyang showed that if he wants to, he can be a triple threat (scoring, rebounding, blocking); he just has to be careful with his fouls. Ambohot showed that he is vital to this team, particularly in scoring and rebounding. But he really should work on those free-throws; and more mindful passes, please. Those turnovers were an eyesore.

    Challenge areas: Fran Yu and Bonbon Batiller need to relax a bit and settle down. You can see in them the overwhelming desire to contribute, but I suppose nerves got in the way, which led to careless plays that translated to turnovers (particularly for Batiller). Caralipio and Mina, on the other hand, did contribute on the offensive end, but had some rather bone-headed turnovers that led to easy LPU points.

    On the whole, however, I think there is cause to be optimistic, despite this rather bad start. Malayo pa naman iyan. Laban lang! Arriba!
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    Colegio de San Juan de Letran woke up in time to subdue season host school Arellano University, 81-72, in continuing action from the 95th National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) at the FilOil Flying V Centre Friday. Team captain Jerrick Balanza played the hero's role as he took charge in the second half. READ MORE

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    Colegio de San Juan de Letran needed overtime to subdue a very tough University of Perpetual Help System-Dalta, 82-80, at the resumption of the 95th National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) at the FilOil Flying V Centre Friday. Jeo Ambohot and Edson Batiller provided the marginal points in the extension for the Knights' third win in a row. READ MORE

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    Colegio de San Juan de Letran stretched its league-best winning streak to four games by outlasting an extra tough Emilio Aguinaldo College, 91-89, in the featured game of the 95th National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Tuesday from the FilOil Flying V Centre. The Knights had to battle back from a 10-point halftime hole, 38-48, and up their record to 4-1. READ MORE

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    Despite the four straight wins, we have yet to see the best that the Letran Knights have to offer. Defense has been spotty at best; our porous defense has managed to make superstars out of Luke Sese and Marwyn Taywan. Meanwhile, although we have been bailed out by our offensive prowess, our gunners still have to be consistent on a game-by-game basis.

    Having said that, I am glad we won those close games. A 4-1 record is obviously better than a 2-3 or a 1-4. Still, we have to get our acts together soon as the games against SSCR and Benilde aren't going to be easy; ditto with the game against San Beda.

    I think the boys are still feeling their way around, particularly since key players like Balanza and Muyang were in and out of the lineup during the offseason, while Batiller didn't even play at all. It's only now that they're relearning how to play together as a team. Plus, anytime you lose big-time players like Bong Quinto and JP Calvo, the ones who are left have to figure out who will be the take-charge guys.

    Off-hand, I'd say Balanza is the natural leader, but he should step up when he is needed and not hesitate to take the shot to save the day. Batiller has shown a lot of spunk of late, but needs to regain his confidence at the foul line to prevent scrambling wins like the one versus EAC. Batiller had in his hands the insurance baskets, but managed to flub them both. It was only by God's grace that EAC's Gonzales missed the trey that would have sent the Knights to their second loss.

    I like how Ular has developed as an able stand-in for Fajarito. Why Coach Jeff buried him in Team B for two years is a mystery to me. I also like how Fran Yu is stepping up as the no. 1 PG for the team. More exposure will only mean more confidence for this young man.

    On the whole, however, I think the team has a ways to go before it reaches its peak this season. We ain't seen nothin' yet!

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    Edson Batiller delivered the exclamation triple as Colegio de San Juan de Letran clinched its fifth straight win at the expense of Mapua University, 89-84, at the 95th National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) at the FilOil Flying V Centre Tuesday. Batiller barely beat the shot clock with 20 second left in the game to snuff out the Cardinals' hopes of rallying and remain winless in five starts. READ MORE

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    I like the five straight wins, but prudence tells me not to celebrate too much. We have yet to go up against the favored teams, and the one strong team we faced, we lost to.

    Benilde is showing that its players have the poise and confidence to win close games -- partida pa nga iyan, kasi recovering pa sina Leutcheu at Haruna, while Gutang is still injured. But players like Pasturan, Young, and even Sangco and Dixon have been stepping up. All in all, I figure that Benilde is a dangerous, under-rated team.

    San Beda, on the other hand, has also shown that it has bucked the graduation of its heralded Bolick-Mocon tandem. Erstwhile role players have stepped up, and delivered.

    We have a perilous road ahead of us. Still, laban lang!

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    Defending champion San Beda University cruised to its fifth straight win and solo leadership of the 95th National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) by beating archrival Colegio de San Juan de Letran, 70-66, in continuing action from the Cuneta Astrodome Saturday. It was a tough loss for the Knights who saw their five-game winning streak vanish and fall to 5-2. READ MORE

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