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Thread: Knights in NCAA Season 94

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    Yes, thanks to all those who helped, including Bedan and JRU alumni and players!

    Re the game today vs. Lyceum, that one nearly gave me a heart attack! Bong Quinto, shackled by four fouls, went beast mode and scored the most significant points in the end game, including the go-ahead baskets. Larry Muyang was in high gear all throughout the game, scoring on 11 of 12 tries to topscore for the Knights. JP Calvo had a sputtering start, but went on to redeem himself starting the second quarter onwards. He suffered from cramps, though, which somehow dampened his efforts toward the end.

    It was good the referees reviewed JC Marcelino's supposed three-point shot at the end, and then downgraded it to a long two. Thank God for technology! This more than made up for that earlier grievous missed call by the refs (CJ Perez scoring on a fastbreak layup over JP Calvo, despite not dribbling at all after he crossed the half-court line).

    We missed a ton of free throws today, and at times, our guards (especially Batiller) dribbled too much in traffic and lost the ball as a result. Booboos like those nearly cost us the game.

    Still and all, we can't complain too much. A win is still a win. Hopefully, we should be able to sweep the rest of the games and finish the round on a winning note! Arriba!
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    Marcelino playing hero ball opting to launch his last shot from the three pt area... buti na lang di pumasok kung hindi wala sana irereviewyun mga refs. Likewise Batiller could have cost us the game with his fumble in our last possession.

    Our graduating veterans stepped up when it mattered most while the 3 bench players who made a name for themselves (Galvelo, Yu and Taladua) were erratic...maybe nervous during big games such as this.

    Another win and we’re back sa f4.

    Onward Kabalyeros!

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    We're now officially in the Final Four of season 94 with the win over San Sebastian!

    Muyang topscored once again, with Batiller and Galvelo providing ample offensive support. Calvo and Quinto contributed in other departments aside from scoring.

    Note to Coach Jeff: I'm still holding you to your promise. Hindi lang Final Four iyon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bugleboy View Post

    Note to Coach Jeff: I'm still holding you to your promise. Hindi lang Final Four iyon.
    CJN is no politician, so he'll keep his promise.

    The game vs Perps showed the maturity of the team. Calmado all the way and no end-game collapse.

    Sayang naman if the ALTAS will be deprived of the chance to play in the FF due to the "ligang labas" controversy involving Aurin and Charcos. But rules are rules. Many many years ago our Squires romped over all the teams and was a shoo in for the Finals and even the Crown. But one player played in a "ligang labas" and we forfeited the games, and landed in the bottom while being on top most of the season. But again rules are rules.

    But there's still hope as NO protest was not raised on the last day of the games during the first round.

    Also, on a technicality, there was NO protest filed by CSB assailing the "negligence" of the school in allowing the students to play in a tournament with a surrogate team representing UPHR. CSB filed a letter of inquiry. An inquiry is NOT a protest. So there, let the Altas play in the FF.

    Rules are rules. File a protest not an inquiry. But if the Perps are DQ'd, the person responsible for the fiasco should be fired.

    Nuff said.

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    I agree with all the points you raised (especially about Coach Jeff not being a politician - hehehe). Re Perps and the ligang labas issue, methinks the NCAA member-schools are pussy-footing around the issue because they don't want to appear like spoil-sports. It would really be a bummer if Perps would be eliminated from the Final Four because of this.

    But then, I agree that this should be protested (most likely by Benilde). This happened to Letran HS before (the Alvarez fiasco). Fair is fair, after all.
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