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    UAAP Season 80 preview: UE Red Warriors hopeful for Final Four entry
    September 06, 2017
    by: Yoyo Sarmenta

    Key holdovers: Philip Manalang, Mark Olayon, Alvin Pasaol, Clark Derige
    Key addition: Mark Maloles
    Key departures: Bonbon Batiller, Edgar Charcos, Paul Varilla, Renz Palma, RR De Leon
    Season 79 record: 3-11 (did not enter Final Four)

    Coach Derrick Pumaren was standing in the middle of the court inside the University of the East gym in Manila. The man generously known as ?Manong? watched his Red Warriors with earnest as they went through their offensive and defensive sets.
    It was a national holiday in the country. There was no school or work. There wasn?t even any traffic. However, the UE Red Warriors were taking no days off as the 80th season of the UAAP drew near. As always, they were huffing and puffing ? running endlessly in their drills as they are a team who?s known to play at a rampant pace.
    You can?t really blame them for putting in the extra time and effort. Last season, they had a horrendous record of three wins and 11 losses, tied for last place in the league alongside the UST Growling Tigers. It was the was the worst record since Pumaren took the head coaching job back in Season 77. In his first two years, they were short of one win from entering the Final Four. Last season was an utter failure compared to their previous campaigns.
    ?It was a really disappointing season for us last year,? says Pumaren. ?We are looking forward for a better performance this coming season and we?re hoping that the guys I?m relying on to deliver will deliver this time.?
    One person that Pumaren and the rest of the Warriors will look to lean on is Alvin Pasaol.
    ?Alvin Pasaol will be in his second year and I expect him to carry [the team],? Pumaren shares. ?He played well last season ? medyo first three, four games, he was still adjusting but this season I expect him to have a full blast right from the start.?
    The 6-foot-3 forward is a bruising scorer who has an array of moves getting to the basket. He isn?t a flashy scorer nor is he adept with dribbling moves, but the guy truly knows how to score. In practice, he plays a little bit of everything from bringing the ball up, calling a play, scoring the basketball, and impressively, even getting the offensive rebound when he misses. Pasaol just keeps coming and coming.
    And when he does make a mistake, forcing a shot or two now and then, one of the assistant coaches would holler, ?Huwag pilitin!? Pasaol is a versatile scoring machine, but also young and will take time to fully carry the entire Warriors team.
    Pasaol will be leading the team alongside Clark Derige, who?s in his final year. Working alongside them are Mark Olayon and point guard Philip Manalang. Pumaren also imparts he will be putting in a 15-man line up for the upcoming season. He initially wanted to field in two more new recruits over the summer but they were deemed ineligible. He?s instead putting in five new players in his roster this season and he?s particularly excited about newcomer Mark Maloles, who?s a shooter coming in after completing his residency requirement last year.
    With a few new additions plus key holdovers from last season, Pumaren remains hopeful for the future.
    ?We?re getting there. I?d be lying if [I say] we are not looking at the Final Four,? Pumaren says confidently. ?We?re not just there for participation. But the objective right now is to better the performance namin last season kasi we disappointed the UE community.?
    UE has been a team with certain contradictions. They are consistently a dangerous team that nobody wants to play against and yet it?s been eight years since they last entered the Final Four. Since Pumaren took the helm at UE back in Season 77, they have evolved into a run and gun team that relies on speed on both ends of the floor. They can outrun opponents on any given day, and yet they always seem to run out of steam in the endgame. They seem to always be an earshot away from becoming a playoff team. They are frequently on the cusp of a breakthrough, but unfortunately just keeps falling short.
    ?We can?t wait for second half [of the season]. That is what happens to us. We make a move when we?re down. We really have to start? sa umpisa,? Pumaren says cautiously. ?Hindi yung ma 0-2 kami or 0-4 then we make our move. And we have to address yung?there?s a cold spell, like may isang quarter nagkakaroon kami ng cold spell. So, we just have to address that. Hopefully we?ll be able to correct that season and that will really give us a big boost in this campaign.?
    The UE Red Warriors have constantly been a threat to all the other teams in the UAAP. And now, with a hope and promise of having a competitive season, they are ready to make their move.

    Read more:

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    Red Warriors raring to make things right with disappointed UE community
    By Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Sep 05, 2017 05:43 PM
    HOW’D THEY DO LAST SEASON? 3-11, tied for seventh and eighth

    YES, THEY’RE STILL HERE: Philip Manalang, Mark Olayon, Alvin Pasaol


    GOOD LUCK ON FUTURE ENDEAVORS: Bonbon Batiller, Edgar Charcos, RR De Leon, Renz Palma, Paul Varilla

    A year ago, University of the East had the worst record in the UAAP.

    They were tied with University of Sto. Tomas with similar slates, but they were nonetheless at the bottom of the standings.

    Head coach Derrick Pumaren was not mincing words about how badly his Red Warriors performed. “It was a really disappointing season for us last year,” he said.

    And still, UE is reaching for the stars for the oncoming season. Asked about their goal, “manong” answered, “Of course, I’d be lying if I said we’re not looking at the Final Four. We’re not here just for participation.”

    This, even with the departures of once key cogs in Bonbon Batiller and Edgar Charcos as well as the graduation of all of RR De Leon, Renz Palma, and Paul Varilla.

    Of course, Pumaren also has a more immediate, more important goal in mind. “Our objective right now is to better the performance namin last season kasi we disappointed the UE community,” he said.

    Indeed, the Red Warriors’ 3-11 record was their worse in five years – something that, without a doubt, the red and white faithful were not happy about.

    To do just that, “manong” is hoping several of his players return to form. “We are looking forward to a better performance. We are hoping that the guys we should be relying on will deliver this time,” he said.

    Those guys now include heady pointman Philip Manalang, versatile forward Mark Olayon, and burly stretch big Alvin Pasaol. “Olayon is gonna be there. Philip Manalang, of course, he will be our main point guard now,” the head coach said.

    Of the three, Pumaren has the highest hopes for Pasaol who will be entering his second season. “Alvin Pasaol will be our leader. I expect him to carry us,” he shared,

    He then continued, “He played well [in the earlygoing] of last season, but this season, I expect him to be full blast right from the start.”

    Another name “manong” mentioned was surprise team captain Clark Derige who busted out two years ago only to disappear last season.

    The good news is he’s nothing but ready for the challenge. “Nagtataka nga rin ako kasi off ako last season. ‘Di ko in-expect na ako yung captain, pero sabi ko, binigay sakin ‘to kaya gagawin ko na lang best ko,” he said.

    The even better news is the rest of Derige’s teammates are only following suit. “Sa ngayon, maganda yung ginagawa namin. Wala pa rin kaming import kaya double effort kami sa number one namin, yung press,” he said.

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    UE Red Warriors season 80 team preview ? Like a bad movie sequel
    UE has resisted bringing in a foreign import, but looks set for a few more years at the bottom of the UAAP standings

    JR Isaga
    Published 8:46 PM, September 02, 2017
    Updated 8:46 PM, September 02, 2017

    In the UAAP, there are teams that crowds pay good money to watch.

    Then there are teams that just don?t draw as well. Until recently, the University of the East (UE) Red Warriors have held that unfortunate distinction. Save for a number of die-hard faithful fans, UE games have often been typified by thousands of empty seats which give the fans? chants a considerable echo boost ? not like it?s something to be proud of.

    Even the UAAP Season 80 first round scheduling committee apparently knows this, since they scheduled 4 ofthe first 6 UE games to go on first in the early afternoon.

    A forgotten kingdom

    Ask the casual UAAP fan today to guess which team has the second-highest number of UAAP basketball championships behind 20-time champs Far Eastern University. They?d be in for quite the surprise when they realize that it is actually UE which ties University of Santo Tomas in second place with 18 titles. This includes 10 titles in a 12-year stretch from 1960 to 1972, which includes a Boston Celtics-like 7-year title streak from 1966 to 1972 mostly due to ?The Living Legend? Robert Jaworski and legendary coach Baby Dalupan.

    However, after the 1984-1985 season, the championships have stopped coming home to Sampaloc, Manila. An ongoing 31-year title drought has plagued UE since, which is further marred by several bottom-place finishes, such as last season.

    A noble, but lost cause

    To this day, UE continues to be a unique team, but not in winning ways that people have expected for decades before. Out of 8 participating teams, UE is the only school which runs an all-Filipino lineup ? repeatedly refusing to bring in foreign ringers.

    Their cause has not been met with success, however. Last season, the Red Warriors finished at 3-11, tied with fellow former powerhouse UST. Their only advantage over their Manilenyo brothers was a tiebreaker win, placing them at 7th place and UST dead last.

    Although initially predicted to be a Final Four dark horse, the all-Filipino UE squad fell flat on their faces, yielding only one player with a double-digit points average: rising star Alvin Pasaol at 11.0 points per game. As a team, UE shot a horrid 33.9% from the field ? 2% worse than rock-bottomer UST.

    As teams all around them are busy recruiting foreign-born studs, UE remains true to their bloodline. Only problem is it?s basically giving them a faster slide down the standings than they would care to admit.

    Departures, rookies galore

    A student-athlete is first and foremost, a student. Like all others, students have their grades to maintain and take care of ? a fact that star guard Bonbon Batiller failed to imbibe in himself. With veteran coach Derrick Pumaren citing ?academic reasons,? Batiller has since been released from the Red Warriors program and has now transferred to the NCAA?s Arellano University. No amount of on-court scrappiness and explosive scoring could save the stocky guard from facing the consequences of his inaction off-court.

    Add that to a long list of departures featuring graduating big man Renz Palma and transferring reserve Edgar Charcos (to the NCAA?s Polytechnic University of the Philippines) and you are left with a UE squad full of rookies led by Pasaol, an incoming sophomore, as the captain.


    UE had stormed the UAAP front lines for much of the 60s and 70s. Unfortunately, there is nothing in store yet for them but a few more years to keep the back row warm.

    Buckle up, UE fans. ?Bomba UE? is still bound to be a box-office bomb for the foreseeable future. ?
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    Wala na pala si Dindo Pumaren sa UE.

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    Ano ba nangyayari sa Warriors?

    I was expecting a lot more from Pasaol, Derige, Abanto, even Manalang and Varilla, pero parang kung ano sila last year, ganun pa din sila this year.

    Tsaka bakit andaming one on one yata? Akala ko ba motion ang gusto ni Coach Derek? May motion ba na karamihan one on one?

    Its still early enough in the season, pero mukhang paninindigan na ni Coach Derek kung ano man ginagawa niya ngayon, which has not really worked all that well.

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    Sana Sir Joe yung unang choice ang kinuha na lang nila (Alas).

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    Where to, Red Warriors?
    By Rick Olivares, contributor ( | Updated September 19, 2017 - 12:25pm

    MANILA, Philippines ? When you look at the team bus of the University of the East Red Warriors, on both sides are some of the finest players to don not only the red and the white but also go to the professional ranks.

    From left to right, there?s Elmer Espiritu, Roi Sumang, Mark Borboran, Hans Thiele, James Yap, Paul Lee, Raffy Reyes, Rudy Lingganay, Rob Labagala and Val Acu?a. Talented, solid and game-changers ? that?s what these players are. However, the one thing they do have in common is they were unable to lead UE, proud UE, back to the Promised Land of an UAAP title.

    Unfortunately, it looks like they will once again come away trophy-less? for the 32nd consecutive year. The last title they won was in 1985 with Allan Caidic, Jerry Codinera and Boycie Zamar at the helm. The latter two tried to lead them back to glory but both left, disenchanted. They wanted to serve their alma mater but instead, they got burned by ungrateful players or politics.

    And now this season? shake your head here and hold that thought.

    Las Sunday, September 17, with 5:47 left to play, and UP leading 74-53, the Red Warriors seemingly threw the white flag. Their best player, Alvin Pasaol, was subbed out for Nick Abanto.

    Pasaol never got back in the groove after he was pulled out in the first half on account of two fouls. Previously, they rode his luck and foul trouble and came out lacking in firepower when they needed him the most. Perhaps wanting to manage his fouls, he was kept on ice. And by the time he re-entered in the third period, UP has seized control and Pasaol simply never had any more influence in the game.

    Sportshub ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1

    When he got yanked for good, he pulled out his shirt didn?t look like one happy camper. Not because he was pulled in my opinion, but even this early the Red Warriors seemingly are going nowhere fast. At 0-3 and the new UAAP season only eight days old, that sinking feeling is fast creeping in. And they have yet to face Adamson, Ateneo and La Salle. They cannot even take UST that despite being 0-2 doesn?t look like a bad team. The potential is there.

    Do the Red Warriors lack talent?

    Not really. They have it. It is just a young team that has to get old real fast. What that means is that no way should this team be in the dumps if they still had the team they had. Meaning a lot of players transferred. Where is Edgar Charcos ?at Perpetual Help serving his residency? Bon Bon Batillier, who was the first recruit by Derrick Pumaren when he joined UE, is with Letran. Jordan Sta. Ana is making a case for the next King Growling Tiger. Joshua Gonzales is with La Salle. Fran Yu is studying in Thailand. Ralph Penuela is now with San Beda. Gino Jumao-as is somewhere. You can even go as far back in the previous years when Roi Sumang opted out of his last playing year and African players Charles Mammie and Moustapha Arafat were booted out even before they finished out their stint.

    Yes, there are reasons, but when you keep losing people left and right especially when you consider that even assistant coaches Dindo Pumaren and Noynoy Falcasantos are gone, what does that say? During the Filoil Flying V Cup last summer, Dindo stood at the far end of the bench instead of the customary seat next to head coach and older brother Derrick Pumaren. Word is they clashed and the split was coming.

    I thought that Renz Palma could be UE?s version of Ed Daquioag, a wrecking ball on offense and defense. I thought that Paul Varilla would be really good. But no. Not even in their final years did they improve.

    Ironically, brother Franz cleared out Adamson to make way for his Fil-Am recruits. Spring cleaning is in vogue with them.

    This UE team was so promising two years ago. They found their voice and style after they rebuilt from the ashes of Zamar?s talented but underachieving team (at least for the UAAP because they won some outside tourneys). Their hellacious defense was fun to watch. Yet theirs was a haphazard way of playing that was half-entertaining and half-maddening.

    I thought that the job Manong did was incredible and make no mistake, I am a fan of his. He?s done a great job with La Salle, Jose Rizal University, and initially, UE. The trick about coaching is not to leave the ship in worse shape when you came in.

    The four corners of hell defense looks like hell ? a wasteland of turnovers and poor shots.

    There?s talent. Mark Maloles is going to be good ? unless he too bails out. Chris Conner will only get better. I think Jason Varilla will amount to something. Clark Derige could be something. Yet like Mark Olayon, it?s confidence and consistency.

    This coming Sunday, they?ll face top-ranked Ateneo. It is both good and bad. Good because in the past two preseasons, they defeated the Blue Eagles. The problem is, it was the preseason because come the UAAP, it was UE that got clobbered.

    Not a bad sign? Maybe, but at this point, they have nothing to lose but to go out and flat our play.

    And maybe next time, the player they add to the side of their team bus, will have led them back to the Promised Land.

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    May sinabi pa si Coach Derek na not stepping up daw mga veterans niya, after nung game versus UP. Ha? Anong ise-step up nung mga 'yon kung puro one on one at wala naman makasunod sa motion na gusto niya?

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    Nailapit na sa tatlo pero natambakan pa din sa dulo.

    Alvin Pasaol played very well versus the Ateneo, and he tried to get his other guys like Derige, Abanto, and Acuno involved.

    Mukhang may problema si Philip Manalang, baka mas ok maging starter si Jules Armenion. Manalang seems to play too deliberate, even for the motion of Coach Pumaren, mas may ouido si Armenion.

    Ateneo was not expecting the varied looks on defense they got from the Warriors.

    Pero siempre sa basketball kelangan din tutukan ang opensa at iwasan ang turnovers, kahit pa gaano kaganda ang depensa mo. Pasaol gave it all he had, pero nung biglang naging 60-77 dun din naglaho ibang kakampi niya.

    Sayang, UE had 29 points in the third period, then it was Ateneo's turn to tighten up on defense, allowing only 13 UE points in the payoff fourth period.

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