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Thread: Knights in NCAA Season 93

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    Bad officiating, IMHO din. Dapat nga 3-pt play yung twisting layup ni Balagasay (?). And that flopping foul call was absurd. Tinawagan na ng offensive foul tapos may pahabol na faking a foul. Ano ba talaga?

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    ^That was Balanza who did the twisting layup, Manong Bchoter. You're right. May contact nga doon sa play, which was why Balanza had to do a twisting circus shot of a layup in the first place.

    Anyway, thanks for confirming na medyo malabo ang officiating.

    On to the second round!

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    How many wins do we need to qualify? Last season we were 9-9 good for 5th place and also in 2014 under coach caloy.

    In short we need to have the same number of wins as the first rd. and must not loose to any teams under us...nevermind the top 3 kasi yun naman ang tumalo saten previously. 10 wins is barely making it and might lead to double, triple ties to break. Dikit dikit ang team standings from 3rd to 7th another loss would be very crucial. And with Ambohot in the sidelines for 8 weeks, naloko na!

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    Yes, I think we need to win at least 10 games in order to make it to the Final Four. This makes every game from this point on crucial, as there are a lot of teams still with a fighting chance to make it. At this point, only MIT (and Benilde?) seems out of it. Ironically, their only win came at our expense.

    I feel really bad about that Perps debacle because I thought we had a clear chance to win, especially with that dramatic trey made by Quinto to force OT. But Quinto fouled out, and our other players simply did not have the strength anymore to pull this one out of the fire. Sayang yung career game ni Calvo. For a while there, I thought I was seeing Mark Cruz on the court again!

    Kudos to Perps for playing their hearts out, especially Gab Dagangon. He really brought it to us that day, and Nambatac simply wasn't fast enough to guard him. Coach Napa clearly had trouble containing Eze as well, as he rotated all our five centers to guard him with limited success. Of the five, only Vacaro and De Villa were able to do something defensively against Eze. Only Vacaro, however, contributed on the offensive side. This game clearly showed how much we truly need Jeo Ambohot.

    We played good defense in spurts and were quite successful particularly in the second quarter. However, we were not able to sustain this throughout the game. That's when we got burned by treys from Ylagan, Hao, and Pido.

    Anyway, umpisa pa lang naman ng second round. Hopefully, our frontcourt guys will realize that they really have to step up in Jeo's absence. Laban lang! Arriba!
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    Must-win game today vs. JRU. Arriba Letran!

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    The loss against JRU notwithstanding, we still have a clear chance to make it to the Final Four. That is, if the Knights start winning again.

    The loss against JRU showed just how important Ambohot is to us. He was our single defensive threat inside the paint, and the single reliable recipient of drop passes. Unfortunately, he is no longer there, so our other frontline men have to take up the cudgels. They have tried, but have not yet been successful.

    Coach Jeff has been frantically shuffling his front court, to the point of employing a revolving door substitution pattern. Except for Vacaro, who Napa has allowed to stay for long stretches, the rest of the big guys have been shuffled back and forth like a deck of cards. Hopefully, he should be able to settle on a winning pattern soon. And hopefully, this winning pattern should start today.

    Laban lang! Arriba!
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    However, it would be wrong to pin all the blame on the big men for that JRU loss. There appeared to be no defensive plan to contain JRU gunners like Teodoro, Mendoza, Lasquety and Grospe. It was disheartening to see these guys pick our defenses apart very easily.

    Our guys played lackadaisically for the most part. Calvo's turnovers actually fueled the JRU run in the second quarter, and although he almost single-handedly tried to will the Knights back into contention in the fourth quarter, the JRU lead was too big to overcome. Our guys also complained to the referees too much, and expected fouls to be called each time they were blocked -- thereby leading to them being distracted for most of the game.

    Can Coach Jeff work on the boys' mental state in order to prepare them for the Arellano game? Abangan...

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    OT ito, but I just have to give props to EAC. No Laminou, no Juju Bautista, no problem in beating the heavily favored JRU Heavy Bombers. Now the Generals are also in contention for the Final Four.

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    Finally a win in the 2nd rd. We need to start another winning least 4more W to stay at fourth place. We cannot afford to lose sa teams below us or else tiebreakers will complicate things.

    Napansin ko lang our big men has not been utilized to the hilt. Palitan lang sina Balagasay and Vacarro. Havent seen Daryl Pascual in themix lately. Sa mga bigs naten alam ko siya ang may tira and meron depensa. Baka LQ sila ni coach珞.

    Nice win. Hopefully another one on Fri.Arriba!
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    Good win over Mapua last Friday, although it would have been better if more people contributed. As it happened, the four horsemen (Nambatac, Quinto, Balanza, and Calvo) were the ones who carried us through with very little help from the others.

    You're right, ESCALERA JR. Coach Napa has been using Balagasay and Vacaro more often these days, with Pamulaklakin and Pascual getting only sparse minutes in the Mapua game. Kung sabagay, in the limited time that Pascual was in the game, he committed two quick fouls and one turnover. Sayang nga yung turnover -- Pascual was streaking to the basket, pinasahan, hindi lang nasalo. Would have been a great layup.

    We're now tied for third with JRU. SSCR and EAC are still in the mix, so it's imperative that we win over these two. In the first round, our games with both the Generals and the Stags were closely fought affairs, so we cannot afford to be complacent with either one of them.

    Next game is vs. SSCR. Hold on tight, as this looks like it's going to be a bumpy ride. Laban lang! Arriba!
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