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Thread: Knights in NCAA Season 93

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    One game at a time. Next game is vs. the Perpetual Altas, and we'd better win that so we can build on our modest streak. Our main problem here will be containing Eze, who's always been successful scoring against our big men. If we can do that, then we have a more than even chance of scoring that needed win. Dagangon, of late, has not been very effective offensively. But then again, he could use this game as his coming-out party. Ditto for Flash Sadiwa and Pido.

    Re the Knights, Daryl Pascual has been performing very well -- at least, offensively. Last game vs. Benilde, the guy scored 12 points and snared 5 rebounds in less than 13 minutes! Question: if he had that within him at that time, why the heck did it take the coaching staff so long to use him in a game? Up to two games ago, we had been using Pamulaklakin and Vacaro as subs for Ambohot and Balagasay, and they had not been half as effective as Pascual has been. Isn't the coach familiar with the abilities of his players yet? Or is it, as Coach Jeff seems to imply, just a matter of motivation and confidence? Sorry, medyo puzzling lang.

    Re Lyceum, I wouldn't go so far as to rate the Knights' play of late as even being in the same neighborhood as that of the Pirates'. Those guys are something else. I'm hoping that more of our guys will find their mojo sometime between now and by the time we meet the Pirates, which is at the end of the first round.

    Until then, I think it's best to just take things one game at a time.

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    It's nice to see the new players step up now. The game where only the four veterans of Nambatac, Quinto, Balanza and Calvo showed up was one we had a good chance of winning with good bench support. I wonder what happed to Ivan Villanueva. He played in the pre-season game vs ADMU. He seemed overweight, slow, and off his rhythm. He played in the D-league and showed up in some games scoring wise. The team surely could have used him if he was in shape and in the line-up. Anyway, he is still young and if he returns next year, could still play for the Knights for a couple or so more years.

    It's nice to see Ambohot becoming a potent force in and around the paint. Coach Kerby Raymundo must be giving him pointers on how to be an effective big man. Sadly, Balagasay who was Jom Sollano's back-up when we won the crown seems to be fading. He needs to be re-energized as his height is an asset.

    Kudos to Grand Knight Rey Nambatac for his "encore" performance before the community in the soon to be renovated Letran gym. Watching the game brought back memories. I was shocked to see the retractable backboard still functional after all these decades. I was in kindergarten and that retractable goal and ring was already there. I got a kick every time it went up (like a drawbridge) as the gym then was used as an auditorium for non-sports events. Now they have various air conditioned halls in the new buildings following the construction boom that saw the playground, the old wooden elementary school building replaced by new edifices. How time flies... but the dugong arriba never got diluted.

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    knightrider, I think Ivan Villanueva is still in Letran, trying to lose weight so he can make the team next year.

    Re our bigs, I agree that Ambohot seems to have improved a lot. If only he will be consistent offensively, then he can turn out to be a better, taller version of Jom Sollano. Yun nga lang, he seems to lose confidence when his first few shots don't sink. Re Balagasay, the potential is there; question is, what about the desire? I think this is what the coaches have to get out of him (and which I think Sollano was trying to do last year with him). Quite frankly, I think Pascual has very good upside. He has good hands and appears to be quite a sure shot from short to mid-range. Medyo kulang nga lang sa Letran-style angas defensive stance.

    Good win vs. Perps, although we got hypnotized by playing the game at their pace rather than ours. Still, a win is a win. Kudos to Quinto, Nambatac, Balanza, and Calvo for slogging through the miscues and misses, and eventually coming away with the win.

    Next stop is SSCR -- a very dangerous opponent that may be starting to peak. They have a very good technical cum motivational coach in Edgar Macaraya, whose roots in San Sebastian run deep. They have lean, sprightly forwards in Bulanadi and Calisaan. And do-it-all guards in Navarro, Costelo, and Ilagan. This team is definitely not a pushover team.

    Laban lang! Arriba!
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    I forgot to mention that in our last win, King Caralipio also played well. His offensive rebounds and pesky defense played a key role in getting this win. If he can just trim down on the gigil, then perhaps he would be able to contribute offensively as well.

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    New names have been sprouting on every winning game. Starting w Taladua who exploded for 14pts in a qtr. Then Ambohot's dbl-dbl performance followed next by Daryl Pascual nice showing on consecutive games. Caralipio showed promise on the defensive end despite his single digit score.

    Still waiting to come out is de Villa to introduce himself to the letran faithful. Ang laking mama neto to just languish on the bench. He willhave his time hopefully sooner than later.

    Our last game w the still undefeated Pirates comes w a head coach on their bench. We might just have a chance. Arriba !

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    Another new name cropped up in last Tuesday's victory over the SSC Stags: Mandreza. Both he and Caralipio took turns in shackling Michael Calisaan, scoring timely baskets and collaring rebounds. Their efforts took some of the pressure off Bong Quinto, which paved the way for that brilliant trey in the fourth quarter.

    We got away with playing small ball in the SSC game primarily because the Stags have no dominating center. With the LPU Pirates, however, I don't think we will be able to do that.

    Aside from having a fast, mobile center in Mike Nzeusseu (did I spell that right?), the Pirates have speedy, heady players in CJ Perez, the Marcelino twins, Caduyac, Baltazar, and Ayaay. All of these guys, plus the ex-SSC gunner Pretta, constitute quite a formidable core.

    Somebody from among our big guys has to fill Jeo Ambohot's shoes quickly, and I don't just mean his 8-point, 8-rebound/game average. Ambohot's main contributions are actually on defense (around 2 blocks per game, not including the ability to alter shots because of his presence). Who would this able replacement be? Pamulaklakin? Pascual? Balagasay? Vacaro? Or will Napa pull out a magic bunot again and work miracles with De Villa? My guess is Pamulaklakin, supported by Pascual and Balagasay. But then, what the heck do I know?!

    Can we count on Taladua to have a good game against his former team? He's certainly due for a good performance after that so-so showing against SSC.

    All told, tomorrow's game certainly won't be easy, notwithstanding the brave front put up by Coach Jeff. Our key would be limiting the contribution of CJ Perez -- tall order, this. Still, we can take heart in the fact that we have done this before (albeit when he was on a different team).

    Laban lang! Arriba!
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    What's becoming clearer is that we have some pretty good players on this team. Coach Jeff's main strength appears to be in attracting (and spotting) talent. Whether he will be able to harness the talent and mold these guys into a well-performing team is something that still has to be proven. The Quinto-Calvo near-fiasco showed some flaws in his ascendancy over the players, though both players' subsequent change of heart and inspired performance may mean that there have been some improvements in this area.

    As for me, I'm happy with the current state of affairs. I think the players are in good spirits, notwithstanding the loss of Jeo Ambohot. Let's just hope this doesn't turn into something like Ateneo's 2004 "Let's-win-it-for-Larry" season. Sana naman hindi maging banderang kapos.
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    Stinging loss. Would have been a perfect first rd ending to bring down an undefeated team. Ambohots absence was felt at the last canto.
    Our two other big men fouled out in succesion leaving an erratic Balagasay easy prey for bullstrong Nzeusue. Pagkakataon na nung de Villa and Vacarro to shine pero kulang sa angas.

    Overall, at third spot going into the next rd is good enough. Coach Napa should find ways to fill the gap left by Ambohot. Daryl Pascual has proven himself to be capable of doing that. Its all up to third yr Balagasay to up his game some more. Kaya naten makipagsabayan asshown with that 17 pt lead...protecting the lead and closing out ang problema.

    No bragging rights for now in the Walls of Intramuros having lost to both our neighbors. Natuka ng mga Angry birds ni atoy mutiny ng mga Pirata tayo.

    In the meantime, let the boys relax...rejuvenate for the Knights 2nd rd jousts. Laban Letran👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼

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    My biased point of view is that we got the short end of the stick with regard to whistles from the refs. Those disqualifying fouls on Pascual and Mandreza, that technical foul on Nambatac for "flopping" -- these were questionable at the very least. On the other side, however, ni walang tawag doon sa mga Pirata.

    Anyway, ganoon lang talaga. We lost in the rebounding battle today, mostly to CJ Perez and JC Marcelino. Nzeusseu wasn't really a factor until the last quarter when we chose to play small ball after Pascual's disqualification.

    As much as I am biased, however, I am also an optimist. Para sa akin, ang klaro lang ay hindi tayo magkakaroon ng record na 15-3. Pero puwede pa ang 14-4.

    Relax, regroup, practice, learn from the mistakes. Then come back stronger than ever before! Laban lang!

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    Last season, we lost a lot of close games due to end game collapse. This year some degree to maturity and stability prevailed during our four game streak. As for the game against LPU, I would not consider the last five minutes as an end game collapse. As aptly pointed out by bugle, the referees' call and the absence of Ambohot were big factors against us. But the biggest reason for the loss is LPU is one big heck of a strong team with their teamwork and not getting rattled in the end game. Let's do better in the second round to make the finals a battle of Intramuros teams.

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