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Thread: Knights in NCAA Season 93

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    what is da meaning of dis!!..besh bugle lol!

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    Everything's up in the air at the present time. If Quinto (and/or Calvo) don't join the pep rally tomorrow, then alam na this! Malaking problema pag nagkataon.

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    Since there's no final word yet, let's just entertain ourselves with this:

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    It's official. Quinto and Calvo are staying put. Thanks to the people who made this possible: Quinto's parents, Fr. Vic Calvo, and coach Glenn Capacio.

    All's well that ends well? For now, yes. However, there are issues that this whole thing brought out that should be addressed:

    1. Coach Napa's relationship with the players
    2. The continuing influence of Coach Aldin over some members of the team

    I guess we cannot take it against Coach Ayo for trying to pirate Quinto and Calvo; it may well be that both of these guys went to him for advice, and it would have been very easy for him to say, "E di dito ka na lang sa akin." Quinto hinted in a video that the offer was considerable; it was only when his parents reminded him that they are not asking him for anything and that loyalty and gratitude are more important that he relented.

    So I think the onus lies with Coach Jeff to become closer to his wards, and with Letran management to see if what we are offering to our players is significant enough for them to stay.

    I'm a traditionalist, of course, and for me, gratitude and loyalty should come first. But perhaps, that is no longer enough for young people.

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    Meanwhile, enough with the drama. Let's get it on! Our first game against a depleted Mapua squad should not be taken for granted. Mapua showed in its first game with AU that it is still a significant competitor. New guy Pelayo looks legit, and Victoria seems to be, too. Big men Bunag and Raflores have improved as well, along with Andoy Estrella, who seems less error-prone now.

    We didn't win anything last year against our next-door neighbors (Mapua and Lyceum), so now's a good time as any to start.

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    Weh...Leading almost the entire game then boom!...a dagger three!

    Im not an armchair critic pero sa tingin ko palpak yung defense na ginawa ni coach. Why put Ammbohot, a slow defender on top against a wily Estrella. Kinain lang siya, pinasayaw, tinawanan!

    Either Quinto or Balanza sana ang humarap para di na nakaporma. Ayun picture perfect shot by Andoy Estrella. But this guy Estrella has got the moves.

    Move on...quick😟

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    Ganoon lang talaga siguro. Estrella was missing badly from distance earlier, so nobody would have thought that he would launch from that far out. Kung sabagay, tabla-panalo lang iyon e. So no pressure on Estrella's part. Suwerte lang talaga na pumasok.

    That comment was not a dig on Mapua, though. They deserved this win as they fought very hard for it. Our boys had the lead for most of the game but just could not hold on to it because of the weak, sporadic defensive stance and our poor rebounding.

    Next game is vs. EAC. Again, this is not a team to be trifled with. Laban lang! Arriba!
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    Cant help feeling nega about the loss considering their main man Alwell Oraema is gone atsaka yung makulit na guard si Menina. They were playing all filipino too! Lets see what happens next game vs EAc. 1st gamepa lang naman.

    Baste another all filipino squad looks better this year. Good coaching staff w former champion stag Macarayat the helm.
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    A win is a win, I guess. While I wasn't thrilled that we were down 17 points against EAC in the first quarter, I was glad that the boys managed to fight back and eventually win this one, 83 - 80.

    Some other good points:

    - The collapsing defense on Laminou was excellent, thus limiting him to just 7 points
    - Nambatac is involving more of his team mates now rather than just putting all of the scoring burden on himself; good effort on rebounding and assists, too
    - Ambohot is beginning to assert himself also on offense; kudos to Quinto for the feeds near the basket
    - Taladua was a steadying presence both on defense and offense; that fightback wouldn't have happened without him
    - Balanza has improved his handles, and has rediscovered his slashing abilities.

    However, we still need to improve on our propensity to collapse in the endgame. Our boys tend to make silly decisions (long telegraphed outlet passes, three-point slots too early in the shot clock, etc.) that result to turnovers and points on the other end. No wonder even a 9-point lead with minutes to go is still not safe. Perhaps a little more mindfulness is needed? Some meditation exercises to calm them down? Or perhaps just a swift talking-to from the coaching staff?

    Still, as I mentioned earlier, a win is a win. Our next opponents, the Jose Rizal U Heavy Bombers (now 1-2), will not be patsies. They are coming from a heartbreaking OT loss and I will not put it past them to try and get a statement win from us. This team is a proud one and has good players in all positions -- not a one-man team by any means.

    Laban lang! Arriba!

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    ex FEU Baby Tam and ex Blazer Fajarito is now a Knight.

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