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Thread: Knights in NCAA Season 93

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    Ouch. Devastating loss -- and from a Final Four contender yet! There's still an off-chance, though, but we just have to string up those wins in succession.

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    The fantastic four made up of veterans Nambatac, Calvo, Quinto and Balanza cannot and will not win games by themselves without the others stepping up. Remnants of the recent champion team like Bernabe and Gideria could not be considered "veterans" as they were hardly part of the rotation for the past two years. They are only getting their minutes because some of the bally-hooed newbies have not really shown up or worst, hardly used. I think Pamulakalkin is in the mold of a Jam Cortes or a Jonathan Belorio who could be a decent inside player. He is unfortunately riding the bench. Balagasay is a big disappointment. Heir apparent to Jom Sollano, he has fizzled out. I get the feeling that something is amiss with this team. Except for the gruesome foursome (plus perhaps Mandreza and Taladua), the others play without the "angas" that is the mark of previous CSJL teams, malakas man o mahina pa sila. The "in your face" game of the Alas' teams is nowhere in sight.
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    We're down to the last 3 games. Only our final game with Benilde is a sure win but with the way the team is playing now nothing is so sure.

    Blow hot blow cold tayo...what after getting clobbered by a mile against an all pinoy Baste team wag na umasa madyado. We'll be facing next the still undefeated LPU Pirates then the 2nd running Red Lions. Steep climb just to gate crash the f4.

    Talunin na lang naten ang mga Pirata this season ok na ako...malamang sila din makaharap naten and beating them 3 in a row is asking for the moon and stars.
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    I'll be satisfied just seeing the Knights fighting to the last second. Manalo o matalo, Letran tayo!

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    This is it! The game tomorrow against LPU is crucial. A win helps greatly in our FF quest. A loss means our FF fate are in the hands of other teams. LPU has shown great resiliency and maturity in the endgame. This is quite a bit surprising as they never had any prior FF experience. They don't melt under the heat. So we have to have a comfortable margin at the end game. Going toe to toe with them at the finish will put us at a disadvantage. Go Knights! Arriba all the way!!!
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    LPU Pirates will be the NCAA champions. Pwedeng B2b din next season and possibly a 3peat if the core group stays.

    Their defense is an improved version of coach Ayo' mayhem and their offense is so fluid ang sarap panoorin...quick transistion with crisp passing, parang hindi na ra-rattle. Double edge yung kambal, ang sipag sa depensa may tira pa sa labas. And their bench scoring is awesome. Caduyac is a cerebral pg who is always on the lookout for the open man and only shoots when necessary, pero ilista mo na as a basket or an assist.

    Their shooters Jesper Ayaay and another guy sureball palagi, pag bumitaw sa tres...yes! If we are lucky enough to get at #4, we need tobeat them 2 times, a very tall order. Ang sakin lang we have another shot at them granting they loose vs RL on their last game.

    Pag makaisa lang tayo, aba ibang usapan na yan. With Ambo back, ilabas na lahat ni nambatac and co ang dapat ilabas.

    Goodluck on Fri. Arriba pa rin!

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    We have a very good chance to make it to the Final Four, especially with SSC's loss to Arellano yesterday. Of course, if the Knights lose their last two games and the Stags and Chiefs win theirs, then we will get the boot!

    Best case scenario is if we win both of our last two games -- one of which will be against the defending champs, SBC. If we do, we will close out at 10-8 and the best that both the Stags and Chiefs will be able to do will be 9-9. Pasok tayo!

    Tall order, but doable IF Coach Jeff is able to muster the fighting spirit of the Knights. Tama ka, ESCALERA JR. Ilabas na ang dapat ilabas. Wala nang atrasan! Laban na kung laban!

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    Double post. Sorry.
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    Looks like this race for the last Final Four berth is going to go down the wire. Kapit, mga katoto!
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    CSB is our last chance to salvage whatever there is to stay alive. We must not underestimate the Blazers, they are playing without any pressure at all and on a win streak after beating Perps...and the Knights are playing with everything to lose.

    Matinding gapangan ito...triple tie sa 4th, go over AU/baste again, ambushin ang Jru bomber then face the RL ulet if ever Lpu stays undefeated in a stepladder format. Pero kelangan muna natin manalo kontra Csb. Kapagod!

    Bracing up for a rough ride. Laban lang kabalyeros
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