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Thread: Knights in NCAA Season 93

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    Hi, Boss ESCALERA JR. If a triple tie occurs among Baste, Arellano and us, Baste will wait for whoever will win the AU-SJLC battle since they have the biggest quotient among the three. Assuming we win vs the Chiefs, we will have to win again over Baste to take over the fourth spot.

    LPU, SBC, and JRU, on the other hand, are already firmly ensconced within the top three. Ang paglalabanan na lang ay ang nos. 1 and 2 since LPU and SBC still have to meet in the second round. Anyway, problema na nila iyon.

    Mas malaki ang problema natin. But you're right. First things first. We have to win against Benilde. Otherwise, we may end up outside the Final Four once again.
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    NAPAka....?!#$%&*@#... pag tayo na-Olats mamaya!

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    Not a nice win...but ill take it anyhow. Almost got booted by the lowly Blazers. Had Pili made his shot, laglag tayo lahat sa ating kinauupuan.
    Rey Namatac has extended wearing the Letran jersey for another game, now is the best time to showcase, showboat and all sa mga prospective pba teams watching for the upcoming draft.

    It is also coach Napa's chance to regain the confidence of some disgruntled alums by winning one more, and another one and another...Many would be asking for his head kung natalo kanina. Parang hirap na hirap sa laban...paano pa sa next game.

    We hope to see some spunk and aggressive as we claw back to get that 4th seed. Ibalik ang sigla at angas nun nakaraan kampeonato. Maybe... baka may milagro! Just say the magic word, Arriba!

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    After going toe to toe with a tough and strong team in the previous game, it seemed that they took the Blazers for granted. Parang yakang yaka yung atiitude. They just exerted enough effort in the end game to win. But it is these types of close games that the team can trip on itself. The Knights have to take the game versus Arellano seriously. Baka na naman yakang yaka attitutde kasi wala si Kent Salado. Sana hindi naman, kasi shallow yung bench after the starting five. The others have to show "fire and fury like the world has never seen before". Ha ha ha...
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    The Knightquest is on! We need 4 straight wins to make it to the Finals. It starts and hopefully, does not end tomorrow. Itodo na (4X). No retreat, no surrender. Never give in, never give up.
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    This is it, pancit! Win or go home time! Arriba!

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    Salamat Rey Chan Nambatac.

    Goodluck on the next chapter of your basketball journey.

    Arriba "StingRey" !!!

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    Thank you "Sting" Rey Namabtac for your service to the Colegio.

    Be proud since you exit the hallowed portals of Letran with a championship tucked in your armor.

    Not many have that signal accomplishment, despite their greatness.

    That you opted to use up your collegiate basketball eligibility playing for Letran is truly appreciated by all Dugong Arriba Knights.

    No doubt, your PBA career will be spectacular like the Letran legends of old...Samboy Lim, Willie Miller, Kerby Raymundo, ... and much older legends like Freddie Webb, Dave Regullano, Basilio Go, Rudy Hines, etc etc..

    All the best to you.

    As for Bong Quinto, Toto Calvo, Jerrick Balanza, Geo Ambohot, Taladua, etc., ... a championship next year is a must!!!
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    Thank you, StingRey Nambatac! Good luck in your career with the Rain or Shine ElastoPainters!

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