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Thread: Preparing for Battle: Knights in the Off-Season

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    May Dela Pena sa Team B. Same overweight built as Villanueva. Any relation to the Dela Pena in your Team A?

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    ^No idea. Kung kamukha niya at tiga-Batangas din, baka.

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    From one blocbuster NCAA triumph last season w the Knights to another blockbuster UAAp Finals, former Letran coach Ayo is headed for a historic back to back championship as head coach of the Green Archers. How I wish Ayo would have stayed another season pero nandiyan na yan. Good luck na lang and may the best team...(and better coach) win.

    While salivating for another shot at the championship, asaan na ba tayo in terms of preparing our new recruits and 'mature' rookies for battle come S92?... marami tayong bigs and discards galing taft and other schools. Coach Napa has now the luxury to hone and tweak the lineup according to his liking. A return to the Finals is a must.

    Its a long 6 mos.till the next campaign, in the meantime lets enjoy watching our former coach strut his biceps and coaching skills in the other league

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    ^I'm torn. I want to say "good luck" to Coach Ayo but I'm afraid I can't say the same for La Salle. Sana manalo si Coach Aldin ng Coach of the Year kahit hindi mag-champion ang DLSU (puwede ba iyon?).

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    Sana mayrun game 3 para mas masaya. This is truly a classic rivalry and it deserves a do or die game... not that I care as to wins out in the end.

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    It ends in Game 2.


    DLSU means Dugong Letranista Sa UAAP.

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    ^Coach Glenn Capacio is also a shared resource -- assistant coach in La Salle, consultant in Letran. BTW, I like your alternative meaning for DLSU.

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    I saw the photo of the lineup we had during the Milcu Got Skills tournament, and was quite surprised that Sario, Balagasay, Ambohot, Pambid, Ular and Vacaro were not included (at least, not in the picture).

    Does this mean that they weren't lined up for this tournament, or were injured, or are not being considered for season 93? Of those seven, I think the first three would have easily made it to the lineup, and perhaps Pambid as well. I hope we'll get some answers soon.

    Meanwhile, despite the absence of these players, we do have some rather able replacements. I saw Atangan, Taladua, Pascual, Villanueva, Pamulaklakin, De Villa, and Muyang in the picture. No Josh Barnes, though. I didn't recognize the others, although I suspect that one of those that I didn't recognize was Ampatuan.

    There were 20 guys in the picture, so I suppose there will some more cuts soon.

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    Latest standings from Milcu Got Skills basketball tourney have the Knights at 4 - 2 in group B. LPU-B is doing very well with a clean slate so far. JRU also has an immaculate slate in the other group.

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    Your next game is versus UST Team A tomorrow, Jan 22, 3:30PM at LPU

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