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Thread: Preparing for Battle: Knights in the Off-Season

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    All games will be at the Fil-oil Flying V Arena in San Juan:

    Feb. 8: Letran vs. UST (2 PM)
    Feb. 9: San Beda vs. Letran (2 PM)
    Feb. 15: Letran vs. Ateneo (3 PM)

    Top two will go into the semi-finals vs. the regional winners of Luzon and Vis-Min. Arriba!

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    Its about time to win this tournament.

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    It was obvious that our team did not prepare adequately for this tournament. Too many botched passes, forced shots, missed rebounds. All in all, a disastrous outing.

    While I am not one to worry too much about this debacle at the UAAP-NCAA portion of the PCCL, I think something also has to be said about pride and respect. We ought to have enough pride in our school and in our craft to prepare adequately. It's all right to lose, as long as the effort and preparation are obvious. We also should have enough respect for our opponents to give them a good fight.

    I understand that our coaches may not have wanted to risk injuries to players, or may have wanted to try new player combinations, or give more burn to bench-warmers, or expose the newcomers to top-level competition. But since we carry the burden of being NCAA champions, perhaps we should have remembered that we are representing our home league as well. It does not look good to see champions being beaten by 30 points by runners-up from the other league. Perhaps it would have been better if we had begged off from this tournament altogether.

    Just my opinion, of course.
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    Like UST, Letran is also joining the DLeague which was originally scheduled to open last Feb 13 but was moved to March 1 because of the corona virus.

    So they came prepared for this. The factor, I think was your personnel. Knights lost Balanza and Batiller. But your new recruits did not play well. Hence, Letran got blown out.

    Lost to UST by 30 points. Lost to San Beda by 23 points. And lost to Ateneo by 18 points. The new recruits failed to put up the points usually filled in by Balanza and Batiller.

    Letran also lost HS star Joshua Ramirez to La Salle.
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    ^Well, according to scuttlebutt, the team had only one practice prior to the PCCL. That's no way to prepare for a tournament. Of course, that's a knock on the coaching staff, not on anybody else.

    I agree, though, with your assessment that new guys Brutas and Rocacurva did not play well. I'm hoping that this is just a matter of becoming more confident and adjusting to Coach Bonnie's system and team mates' proclivities.

    Re: Ramirez, good luck to him at La Salle. May he find whatever it is that he's looking for.
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    The MPBL players going to the playoffs played limited minutes in the first two games and were not around for the third game.
    Players were obviously out of synch, no chemistry, and were just trying out plays not yet fully learned.
    Most obvious was the toll taken by the almost more than a month of nightly celebratory dining sponsored by various alumni groups.
    They'll be in shape eventually for the NCAA wars. After all, they started out this way last year with a new coach and system, with almost new complement of players. But they eventually peaked at the right time during the playoffs and the finals.
    I see the same thing this year.
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    Below is Rick Olivarez's analysis of the Knights' D-League game vs. La Salle. I'm not sure about his pronouncement that Caralipio is done with NCAA. I think he's injured; that's why he wasn't lined up for the D-League.

    I watched this game live at the Filoil Arena and was impressed with the offensive and defensive skills shown by newbie Kenny Rocacurva. Of course, he still has a ways to go before he is NCAA-ready, but I'm liking the spunk and grit of this young man. Ditto with incoming sophomore Paolo Javillonar. He just has to work on tempering his emotions so he wouldn't miss all those pointblank baskets. He also has to work hard on his free throws. In this game, he missed a ton of them.

    Of course, Fran Yu showed up big in this game. He proved himself to his old mentor, Derrick Pumaren, who acknowledged the improvement in his erstwhile ward. It's just a shame that the rest of the Knights failed to show the fight that Fran Yu brought to this game. This, then, is a shout-out to you, Jeo Ambohot. It's time for you to reintroduce yourself to the Pinoy basketball world. Show them what you've got!

    All told, this showed that the Knights are still way off their A-game. Enough with the excuses. Time to get back to work!

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    Looks like we won't be having NCAA sports events for the rest of this year.

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    Just an idea. Season 96 to start Jan 2021 till June. Then start S97 around late Oct/Nov til Apri 2022.🤓

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