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Thread: Preparing for Battle: Knights in the Off-Season

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    Sana. But in order to do that, the players should have begun practicing by September to be in game shape by January. Ewan ko kung posible iyon, given the present circumstances. Pero malay natin...

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    Over the past several days, we have seen some announcements of new players coming into the fold: Jimly Lantaya and Jeff Mailim from the NU Bullpups; Rafael Go from Chiang Kai Shek HS; and Yuki Kawamura of Perps. All are new HS grads and will be eligible for 5 years.

    They will join Team B call-ups (Jay Pangalangan, Kenny Rocacurva, Joseph Brutas) in vying for open slots in the Letran Knights roster for Season 96. Also in the mix is the comebacking Christian Fajarito.

    Meanwhile, we have holdovers from last year's champion squad: Fran Yu, Japs Pambid, Kurt Reyson, Allen Mina, King Caralipio, Ato Ular, Jeo Ambohot, Pao Javillonar, Neil Guarino, Mark Sangalang, and Larry Muyang.

    If no one will be dropped from the holdover squad, there will only be four slots open - those left by Balanza, Batiller, Balagasay, and Olivario (Gedaria).

    Taking all those names in the mix, we can construct a tentative depth chart (mamili na kayo kung sino ang matitira at sino ang mawawala - your guess is as good as mine):

    1 - Yu, Reyson, Pambid, Mailim
    2 - Rocacurva, Mina, Kawamura, Brutas
    3 - Ambohot, Caralipio, Go - (Yes, you read it right. I think Ambohot should be a 3. This should be a good preparation for him for the PBA.)
    4 - Ular, Fajarito, Guarino, Sangalang
    5 - Muyang, Javillonar, Pangalangan, Lantaya

    Good problem to have, actually. The main problem is getting the boys in game shape and building team chemistry. That's kind of hard to do, given the restrictions due to the Covid crisis. We ain't no UST, and we ain't got no Bicol bubble. :D
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    I didn't foresee any good luck coming our way as a result of UST's bubble-trouble, but I suppose if Lady Luck smiles our way, then we just have to smile back. Arriba, Abando! Has a nice ring to it, eh?
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    Thank you, Coach, but we'd rather be conservative and act like challengers. Better to stay hungry, you know.

    Also, realistically speaking, we lost quite a bit of scoring sock with the graduation of Balanza and Batiller. Those two will be hard to replace. Abando et al. will still have to serve their residencies.

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    Apparently, Tommy York Olivario is not done yet. He seems to want to come back next season. So, with this piece of news and the new eligible recruits, our new projected depth chart will be this:

    1 - Yu, Olivario, Reyson, Pambid, Mailim, Kawamura
    2- Rocacurva, Mina, Brutas, Gaviola
    3- Ambohot, Caralipio, Go
    4 - Ular, Fajarito, Guarino, Sangalang, Oliva
    5 - Muyang, Javillonar, Pangalangan, Lantaya

    Who among these will be named to Team A? Who will be relegated to Team B?

    For delivery in Season 97: Abando, Paraiso, Bataller

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