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Thread: Preparing for Battle: Knights in the Off-Season

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    Halatang kulang pa sa chemistry. Also, main Knight Nambatac, obviously a cut above the rest, can't do it alone.

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    SAN JUAN City - Gab Dagangon played the hero's role to the hilt as the lifted University of Perpetual Help System-Dalta over Colegio de San Juan de Letran in overtime, 88-87, in continuing action from the 11th FilOil Flying V Premier Cup at the FilOil Flying V Centre Friday (May 19). The Altas evened their win-loss card at 1-1 while the Knights were sent reeling to their fourth straight loss. READ MORE

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    What to make of our preseason so far? Well, not much to crow about, if one is to base it on the results of the FilOil tourney. We have garnered some wins in the Fr. Martin Cup, but these FMC competitors are not comparable to our FilOil opponents.

    Definitely, we still have a long way to go in terms of preparation. One can only hope that Coach Jeff is hiding his cards while learning how to play against our NCAA opponents. But if this is so, I don't know what this is doing to our boys' confidence.

    Just hoping for the best here. Arriba pa rin! Laban lang!
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    @knightrider: I haven't watched any of the preseason games this year, but it looks like you're right. Nambatac is the only one who is consistent on the scoring side. From the boxscores, the closest person we have to a reliable backup is Caralipio, who wasn't even in the active lineup last year.

    This is the year that Calvo, Quinto, and Balanza should be stepping up their game to provide additional scoring. But so far, they've been up and down.

    We have to fix this quick, or else other teams will just latch on to the fool-proof way to beat Letran: Stop Nambatac, stop the Knights.

    Here's hoping Coach Jeff will be able to work his magic on the team. We only have around a month more to prepare.

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    Our recruit from taft, yung Muyang and the former bulldog ralph atangan...parang di ko ata naririnig na. Will they be playing this coming season?

    It seems the off season leagues has never been taken seriously by the Knights. Pansin ko lang.

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    Na-ACL si Atangan. Muyang, on the other hand, will sit out this season because he enrolled late last year. He will supposedly play next season.

    Re the Knights not taking the off-season seriously, well, this was the style of Louie Alas before. He would even sit out key recruits because he didn't want the opposing coaches to know how these guys actually played. Mukhang ganoon din si Ayo, that's why we surprised a lot of people in Season 91. Not sure about Napa, though.

    Anyway, the Knights won their first game -- ironically, with Nambatac sitting out. Quinto, Calvo, and Balanza scored heavily, and Vacaro finally showed what he's got.
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    Well, that's the way the ball bounces. If it's any consolation, though, Balanza and Quinto may be getting their groove back.
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    With the way we performed in this Fil-Oil conference, you have to ask yourself whether our Knights will be able to compete against the likes of San Beda, LPU, JRU and Perps in the regular season. I really hope we pulled our punches here; otherwise, it will be an extremely long season for all of us.

    Nonetheless, arriba pa rin!
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    Looks like we will have a serviceable lineup next year, despite the graduation of Rey Nambatac.

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    Youtube sometimes coughs up some nuggets, especially for us who weren't able to watch any preseason games. Here's a link to the Letran-Ateneo game in the just-concluded Filoil preseason tourney:

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