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Thread: Preparing for Battle: Knights in the Off-Season

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    Read that Mark Dyke, a former Green Archer, has joined the Knights. Also Batiller formerly of U E. The Knights will be formidable in the future.

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    New Knight-in-waiting: just what we need, since it will be JP Calvo's final year next year. No offense to Bernabe and Gedaria, of course.

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    As we prepare for our battle during off season, we'll see a horde of new players coming in, new rookies, new veteran recruits....and a spanking new sports complex!!!

    How true?

    Its about time.��

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    Es verdad! See link below.

    It's a 0.5 billion modern multi-level, multi-purpose edifice.

    I doubt it'll be finished by season 93. So where will they practice?
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    I mean season 94.

    But no doubt it will be done by 2020 - in celebration of our 400 years of glory, greatness and excellence! Arriba!!!

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    Nope, he is with FEU now.

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    With Nambatac the only player who has maxed out his eligibility, we will have an almost intact roster for next season. Question is, will we want to maintain the same roster?

    If it were only up to me (which, most assuredly, it is not), I'd pencil in the following as shoo-ins for next year's team:


    Worth a second look (based on how they performed this season): Vacaro, Pascual, Mandreza, Balagasay, Gedaria

    Lock-ins from Team B: Muyang, Batiller, Yu

    Other possibilities: Atangan (Team B), Galvelo (Team B), Fajarito (Team B), Pambid (Team B), Caralipio (Team A), De Villa (Team A)

    Our team this season suffered because we only had eight serviceable players at most, so we ran the first team ragged to the point that they were all tired out by the fourth quarter. With the materials we have at hand, perhaps we now have the players who will be able to contribute both offensively and defensively. I tried constructing a depth chart and it seems we still lack some talent at the small forward position. The other positions seem to be two-deep or even three-deep. But then, we still have a year to prepare. Let's hope that this year-long preparation will be used well.
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    Our new additions next season is as good (if not better) as this years core group. Biglang lumalim ang paghuhugutan.

    present - Calvo, Quinto, Balanza, Ambohot, Taladua...

    Future - Yu, Muyang, Batillier, Fajarito, Atangan...

    Old reliables - Balagasay, Vacarro, Gedaria, Pascual
    meron ex cub Decapia (is this true), tas si Pambid.

    But what we need is a steady shooter in the mold of Sbc’s AC Soberano. Then we’re all set to go!

    Cant wait����
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    ^ 3 jan sa future were supposed to be Espa?a-bound

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