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Thread: Preparing for Battle: Knights in the Off-Season

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    Looks like our Team B boys are also winning in the Milcu tournament:

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    Re the loss vs. Adamson in the Filoil tourney, the boys could have won this. Kinapos lang sa huli. If not for that Calvo fumble in the end-game and those costly misses from the free throw line, this could have had a different ending. Well, if Fajarito had played, if Muyang had watched his fouls, and if we had better defense vs. Manganti, things would have been different.

    Some observations:

    1. We ought to give more burn to Agbong, Celis, Yu, and Galvelo. The preseason is the time for these guys to gain confidence.
    2. At last, Ambohot seems to be getting more comfortable with Muyang. Now, if we can only say the same for Balagasay.
    3. Quinto is our main man for the coming season. Not only is this guy good in scoring, he also is a good passer. He knows how to make his team mates look good.
    4. I'm still worried about our up-and-down performance, though. We really should be nearer to our tournament-level performance than any of these UAAP teams, seeing that our season is much earlier than theirs. But it seems that the boys are still feeling out each others' roles and strengths. Or is Napa pulling his punches? Hard to tell.

    By the way, if you want to view the game replay, here's the link:

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    Good win vs. JRU. Wala na ba talagang import ang mga Bombers?

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    Knights succumb to Eagles; fail to enter semis in the Smart City tourney:

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    B-Knights unhorse Chiefs in Milcu tourney:

    In case you're wondering, Allen Mina was a former NU Bullpup, while Kiefer Cordero came up from the Squires. Mark Sangalang, on the other hand, came from the SSCR Stags.
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    A 1-point loss versus Benilde and a win against Arellano marked our participation in this week's installment of the Filoil tourney. With these results, our Knights are safely through to the quarterfinals, with a 5-3 record. Let's see what happens next.

    Meanwhile, our guy Jeremiah Taladua made it to the one-on-one finals of the same tourney, and will await the winner of match-up between the Benilde and Mapua reps.

    Another piece of good news: our U-19 team emerged as champions of the Milcu U-19 tournament, besting New Era University.
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