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Thread: Knights in NCAA Season 91

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    There is another part of the Ayo formula that we have to mention: the quick passing and constant lookout for the open perimeter shot that has led to our surprisingly high 3-point output. Cruz, Nambatac, Racal, Quinto and even Calvo have been puncturing the hoop with impunity as a result of this. We certainly didn't see this accuracy in earlier years.

    Ang siste kasi, the opposing team would gamble with a double team or attempt a steal, which would then lead to an open man. Swak!
    Here's hoping that this good run will continue. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

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    what are our chances against MiT? Atoy Co's starters has improved with the inclusion of the returning nimez plus...another foreign recruit?. Mababatak ata tayo ng husto kung lahat ng teams meron niyan! Tingin ko inspirado pa mga bata sa pag ayuda ni manny-dyir...malaki-laking bad-yit!,
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    I think we can beat MIT (although we will find out about this later because the game has been postponed). Their main man, Nimes, is good but inconsistent, and is prone to errors come crunch time. Their import, Oraeme, is quite good particularly in shot blocks and rebounds. He isn't a good free throw shooter, though, and this proved to be the Cardinals' undoing in their last game versus Perpetual.

    I'd be more worried about the Cardinal guards like Stevens and Isit. These two are quite feisty defenders, have good handles and better than average shooting touches.

    Re the renewed motivation of the Knights, I think the Pacquiao factor is a major one. For once, hindi nangangamba ang mga bata natin sa financial support. That's a load off their minds. Another factor may be that this is the last year for Cruz, Racal and if I'm not mistaken, Apreku. Kailangang magpakitang-gilas para magkaroon ng magandang career sa PBA. Of course, hindi rin naman matatawaran ang coaching process ni Aldin Ayo at ang consultant na si Glenn Capacio.

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    Next game will be against San Beda, July 16, 4 PM. Unfortunately, I will not be able to watch this because of a prior commitment. I will just have to content myself with the replay on Balls.

    Re the game, our boys will surely have a hard time with these Lions. They are strong in all positions. They are much taller. And they're the defending champions. I hope that Coach Ayo will have something up his sleeves as definitely, SBC will be out to prove something here.


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    bugle, dont give up on our boys just yet. Remember their last match-up sa Filoil when they tried to experiment and let their 3rd stringersfinish the game, muntik-muntikanan diba. From 24pts down nakahabol pa, kung meron pa kahit ilang segundo...silat sana. But i really doubt they would ever try that again.

    tignan naten yung dalang istilo ng bago nating coach...yung 'magulong' laro na sinasabi niya at kung aabot tayo sa f4. atsaka habang mainit-init pa sa bendisyon ni boss mannydyir. Goodluck Knights/Squires.

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    since balik abs cbn na tayo, i hope we can catch some livestreaming. Any links?
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    ESCALERA JR., I didn't say that I'm giving up. I just stated known facts. Totoo namang malakas sila sa lahat ng posisyon; we can easily see that in the depth charts. It's also true that they are taller, and that they are the defending champions. Of course, that does not mean that we should just keel over and die. We can always dig in and fight the good fight. And, as has always been proven, games are not won on paper. They're won on the court.

    Matira matibay! Laban lang! Arriba!

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    Re livestreaming, I think this is only available locally. If you're living abroad, you may want to talk to your cable provider about TFC.
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    Playing "small ball" is the "in" thing today. So our lack of height may even be an advantage. But then, the Knights have often won crowns with a big man in the paint (Kerby, Mac Andaya, Gilbert Castillo, etc.).

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