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Thread: Knights in NCAA Season 91

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    Knights in NCAA Season 91

    And so the season begins again! Our lineup:

    Felix Apreku
    Christian Balagasay
    Jerrick Balanza
    Matthew Bernabe
    Kevin Buenaflor
    John Paul Calvo
    Mark Cruz
    Chrisantoni Dela Pena
    Tommy York Gedaria
    McJour Luib
    Rey Nambatac
    Rey Publico
    Kier John Quinto
    Kevin Kent Racal
    Jomari Sollano

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    Lots of ex-Squires on this team: Cruz, Luib, Gedaria, Nambatac, Balanza and Quinto. Arriba!

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    I can see again an all pinoy lineup. We have to endure five more seasons of playing against these behemoths. As usual, si Ola parin plus another one to be unleash on opening day. Perps likewise will be parading not one but 2 africans. Pati Mapua and csb meron na rin...Eac, jru,lyceum, arellano.

    I would be very happy to see if we will at least be in the middle of the pack, a f4 slot is a bonus! Arriba-Laban-pacman! hehe

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    Well, we brewed the beer; we have to drink it ourselves! I agree with your assessment that an F4 slot at this point will be a bonus. Last year, we had the streak-shooting Tambeling who would spell Racal at 3; now, we have the spirited though undersized Quinto and Balanza. We had a rather tall SG in Singontiko; now, we have the comebacking, though smaller, Buenaflor. Our current slotmen, Sollano and Balagasay, are still inexperienced, although I see a lot of promise, especially in Sollano. Methinks we will still see Publico play a lot as center. I hope, for all our sakes, that he has improved. However, during the off-season, I saw more improvement in Apreku and Dela Pena. Sana lang may itinatago pa si Publico na hindi pa pinapakita sa atin.

    What gives me hope, though, is the renewed emphasis on defense. From the games that I saw in the off-season, it seemed that this edition of the Knights is a lot more mindful of where the ball is than last year's batch. They have pretty good execution of the defense traps, which I think will rattle quite a few of the opposing guards. Now, if we can translate those into steals and quick transition offense, then we may have a chance. I also saw a lot of improvements in the games of Mark Cruz, Rey Nambatac, and heck, even McJour Luib!

    Laban lang! Arriba! On to season 91!
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  5. #5 late breaking news...Pacquiao set to support Letran Basketball team in NCAA Season 91.

    Totoo na nga! I hope our boys would be more inspired if ever Pacman joins in the huddle...o di kaya siya ang ma-inspire watching the heads-up play of the tiny Mark Cruz na kasing laki din niya.

    Ang problema lang ay kung mag recommend sya na mag pasok na rin ng import. Pumayag kaya mga kaparian naten? Masaya toh!!!
    Arriba Letran-Arriba Pacman!
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    ESCALERA JR., mukhang malabo na yung import. This incoming batch of imports is supposed to be the last batch (as they will be rendered ineligible by 2020, the last year that imports will be allowed). So, kung may ipapasok dapat ang Letran, ngayon na dapat iyon. This means we will have to compete import-less for the next five years.

    Para sa akin, OK lang. As Mark Cruz said during an interview about the matter, sanay na tayo diyan.

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    Double post. Sorry for that.
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    Tinimbang tayo, at kulang daw... Parang mali lang yung depth chart. I think Bernabe should be part of the PG lineup, while Balanza should be in the SF spot.

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    Bugle, kahanga-hanga din ang paninindigan pinamamalas ng ating Old Letran. We could have joined the bandwagon years ago when it was obviously the current trend. Just looking at the roster of most collegiate teams, may isa or 2 banyagang manlalaro. Well, to each his own ika nga...we have an option to get ours but the admi. opted not to. Ok na rin, the community has learned to live with it.
    As long as lumalaban ng pukpukan, good enough for us.

    Its been a decade since "ONE in'81", will just have to wait a bit more longer. Maybe 2020 is a not so distant target.

    Goodluck to our Squires/KNIGHTS, ARRIBA.

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