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Thread: Reported Post by Raging Blue

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    Reported Post by Raging Blue

    Raging Blue has reported a post.

    tmen is a troll
    Post: All That: The Arvin Tolentino Thread
    Forum: Blue Eagles' Nest
    Assigned Moderators: allblue, 5FootCarrot

    Posted by: tmen
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    Quote Originally Posted by stow View Post
    Mas pangit yung gumagamit ka ng double past tense Taglish verbs: "na outperformed"
    Mas pangit post mo. Walang connect sa thread na ito. In short off topic ka.

    Anyway, balik tayo sa topic. Arvin Tolentino has a bright future, pang national team laro niyo. I see him winning the MVP award too someday.

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    Will wait for 5fc's advise on this. Thanks. Changing The Face of The Game!

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    tmen's last appearance was indeed annoying, but I'm giving tmen plenty of rope with which to hang himself, figuratively speaking. We'll take action when he wears out his welcome.
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