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Thread: Knights in NCAA Season 90

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    ESCALERA JR., baka si Singontiko and Saldua yung mga "import"-sounding, as both were born in the US. It's good that both can speak Filipino, though. Of the two, Singontiko is the more Americanized as he spent the majority of his life in the US. We have another "import"-sounding player, Felix Apreku, although this guy is a Fil-Ghanaian who has spent the majority of his life here. Re Apreku, I erred earlier when I wrote that he may be one-and-done. Apparently, the guy is only 22, so he has at least up to next season to play for us.

    Re Calvo, the boy is just 16 years old. But knowing the Caloy Garcia way of coaching, it's almost a given that he will be given ample playing time, if only to prepare him for the years ahead. I've seen the guy play, and I agree that he has a lot of potential. If he gets half of the self-confidence that Mark Cruz currently has, he will be a super-effective player. Let's hope that happens sooner rather than later.

    @knightrider -- Nawa'y magdilang-anghel ka.

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    bugle, on rookie CALVO, di kaya anak ni Fr.Vic yan...!?

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    Hehe. Now, that's a thought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ESCALERA JR. View Post
    bugle, on rookie CALVO, di kaya anak ni Fr.Vic yan...!?
    The boy has a lot of hair. Hindi siya...

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    ^Di ko nakuha kaagad iyon a. I must be getting old.

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    When asked about the most important selection criterion for players, the late coach John Wooden (head coach of the UCLA Bruins during the Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Bill Walton eras) said: Speed over size.

    Let's hope that our coaches had this in mind when they selected the members of our 2014 Letran Knights men's basketball team:


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    Here's a clear-eyed assessment of our team's chances, per

    Why it would win?

    A team with Mark Cruz, Kevin Racal and Rey Nambatac in it should create ripples, perhaps tectonic waves. If you don’t know these three, they’re just the BEST guard combo this season. Bar none. You will like the diminutive but big-hearted Cruz and his toughness. You will also like Racal and his toughness. You will like Nambatac and his toughness. You probably notice a lot of toughness there. Because that’s how the trio are. And they will provide a lot of it come D-Day.

    Why it would not?

    Raymond Almazan and Jonathan Belorio are tough acts to follow. Losing the two are massive blows to the Knights since they will have to have able bodies to contain the likes of Ola Adeogun of San Beda or Noube Happi of Emilio Aguinaldo. Yes, Gabawan, Ruaya and Publico have shown some flashes of brilliance in small stretches but could they sustain it in long hauls? It will take a lot of stepping up to do for these Letran bigs to fill the enormous void Almazan and Belorio’s absence created. And I’m not just talking a lot. I mean a LOT.

    Madam Auring: Unlike in seasons past, the Knights will be the Davids of these league’s Goliaths. While I see Cruz, Racal and Nambatac doing most of the things, I think Letran’s fate will hinge on how its frontcourt will perform. So watch Gabawan, Ruaya and Publico. It’s a little comforting though to have players like Fidel Castro and Von Tambeling, the former could steal the democracy out of the opposition and the latter could acrobat his way to success. No pun intended.


    Laban lang! We go, we to victory! To victory we fight!
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    The San Sebastian Stags made the bigger shots in the closing seconds of an error-filled ballgame to hand the Letran Knights a loss, 85-83, in their first game for the season.

    SSC-R's Ortuoste found himself open near the three-point line and swished home the game winner as the Knights' Quinto scrambled to close out -- too late. We still had a chance to get at least a tie at the 17-second mark, but Kevin Racal fumbled a Quinto pass at the sideline to hand Baste back the ball. Ruaya then got a steal from CJ Perez, then fished a foul from Jovit dela Cruz to set up the Knights' final offensive thrust. But the thrust went for naught as Baste was able to steal the ball back following an errant pass by Mark Cruz.

    On the whole, I think we could have won this handily. We had a 10-point lead to end the third quarter at 70-60. But then, a Letran five composed of Calvo, Quinto, Publico, Nambatac and Tambeling found themselves at the firing end of a withering 9-0 Baste run to start the fourth quarter, and although we were able to maintain a slim lead into the final minute of the ballgame, it was clear that Baste had wrested the momentum.

    To be sure, there were bright spots for the Knights -- things that we can build on -- like Cruz's and Quinto's threes, Gabawan's and Ruaya's off-the-boards tenacity and put-backs, Racal's incursions, even Calvo's bravado. But I think we were just coasting along here, thinking that we could knock off Baste with one fell swoop. We made too many careless passes, and missed too many free throws and point-blank shots. We played spotty defense that allowed gunners like Ortuoste and Calisaan too many open shots.

    This early loss may be a good thing for us, to remind us that we are not the favorites here, and we ought to be ready to play the socks off the competition every single game. Hopefully, we will learn from this loss.

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    The scores, care of NCAA FB:

    San Sebastian (85) -- Perez 20, Ortuoste 16, Dela Cruz 15, Yong 9, Fabian 7, Guinto 7, Calisaan 6, Aquino 3, Balucanag 2, Camasura 0, Pretta 0, Costelo 0.

    Letran (83) -- Racal 20, Ruaya 13, Cruz 13, Quinto 12, Nambatac 11, Gabawan 8, Calvo 3, Tambeling 3, Castro 0, Saldua 0, Apreku 0, Singontiko 0, Publico 0.

    Quarters: 23-25, 38-41, 60-70, 85-83.
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    It looks like the wait for Quinto is worth it. He has the moves and the heft with a good hand from the outside. He is like a rookie Roy Sumang or Terrence Romeo feeling his way into the collegiate league. Once his confidence is developed, watch out!

    Calvo also impressed me. He is small but appears to be a heady player. He is a premier PG in the making and I think his minutes will increase as the season progresses.

    We played not to lose after erecting a 10 point lead. The mindset should have been, we're 10 points behind (not ahead) and to go all out all the way till the sound of the buzzer. But then again, that's just me talking. They played their hearts out and that good enough for me. Arriba!

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