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Thread: Knights in NCAA Season 90

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    Knights in NCAA Season 90

    With the opening of NCAA season 90 a good three weeks away, the lineups of the various teams -- including the Letran Knights -- are still up in the air as of the moment.

    However, that does not prevent us from making our own predictions regarding the final composition of these lineups. As for the Knights, these are my bets:



    Dela Pena

    The final two may come from the following: Calvo, Sumalakay, Po, Pantin, Requejo, and Manlangit. If Buenaflor and Tambeling are available, I'd personally prefer them to any of these other guys.

    Is this lineup competitive enough for the Final Four? My biased answer, of course, is yes. But a lot will depend not just on skill but also on game-time poise. We know our veterans are up to it, so the onus will be on the rookies. Will they rise to the occasion or succumb to the pressure? Based on their showing in the Fil-Oil tourney, I have reason to be optimistic about the rookies. Tignan na lang natin kung uubra sila sa pukpukan sa NCAA.

    PS - I read somewhere that Michael Pate (ex-CSB Blazer, ex-LSGH) is practicing with the Knights. Does this mean that we will be seeing him in the blue-and-red in later seasons? Abangan...
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    From Kevin Racal's Twitter pic, I saw that almost all of those mentioned in the earlier post were included in the team-building workshop. The pic itself was not very clear as it may have been taken with a phone cam. But I saw that Calvo was included, and another guy who looked like Tambeling. There was one other person that I could not identify. There may be one final cut before we get to the 15-man roster.

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    Our lineup, per

    1. Apreku, Jr., Felix G.

    2. Calvo, John Paul.

    3. Castro, Fidel Albert F.

    4. Cruz, Mark L.

    5. De la Pena, Chrisantoni M.

    6. Gabawan, Jamil Joseph M.

    7. Luib, McJour B.

    8. Nambatac, Rey Benedict C.

    9. Publico Jr., Reynaldo J.

    10. Quinto, Kier John R.

    11 Racal, Kevin Kent R.

    12. Ruaya, Reneford M.

    13. Saldua, Reuben Chester AJ.

    14. Singontiko, Daryl O.

    15. Tambeling, John Von Jovi L.

    Good enough for a Final Four slot, at the very least.

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    I guess we have assistant coaches Ronjay Enrile and Gerard Francisco to thank for discovering John Paul Calvo:

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    Fearless forecast from the geniuses:

    OK lang. Hail to the heroes of the preseason!

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    From these rookies will soon rise a grand Knight. Just like in previous years, no name ballers becoming future stars of the league.
    We'll see very soon.

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    I agree, ESCALERA JR. But I would hardly call Bong Quinto a no-name baller. Like Nambatac before him, he was an NCAA Jrs. MVP. And he has managed the transition to his new position in college quite well, I may add. I'm looking forward to a productive season from this young man, as well as the rest of this rookie class.

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    Bong Q is a home grown talent. But among these new rookies feeling ko yung CALVO and Singongtiko will standout agad. When Almazan was then a rookie... kahit patpatin noon beneath the lean frame somehow I knew he will come out of his nA, mvp on his final year.

    bugle, was able to catch the radio program SPORTSTALK @DZMM of former Sen.Webb earlier. Guests were the LetranKnights. DALAWA dito 'import' sounding...slang na slang while being interviewd pero bigla ba namang humirit ng tagalog nung tinanaong ni Gretchen Fulido! haha...akala ko meron na rin tayo imports? Ramdam mo kay fastbreak Freddie ang dugong Arriba talaga hanggang ngayon...halatang bias our favour lol. Goodluck on our quest for the 17th Crown!. Arriba!

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    More power to the team. This may be the year they win it all.

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