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Thread: Knights & Squires in Other NCAA Sports

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    He'll be together in the Tanduay team with Mark Cruz. I really feel for Cruz. He wasn't given much of a chance at Star, then was traded off to Phoenix, which I think did not sign him. Hopefully, he will be able to resuscitate his career at Tanduay and get another crack at the pros.

    Meanwhile, I'm sure Sollano will do very well. He could be a potential PBA first-rounder next year.

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    Sana nga.

    But the truth of the matter is the sidelines of the PBA are littered with the carcasses of small men trying to make it in a big man's game. Boyet Bautista, Ronjay Enrile, Escobal, etc. were outstanding point guards in NCAA champion teams but never got the breaks in a tall man's league because they were vertically challenged. It's a tall man's league where big men already way way past their prime (and should be put to pasture in preparation for the glue factory, sorry for the analogy) are still raking in the money. LA Revilla is doing well but that's because he's in a door mat team. I doubt he'll get playing time if he was in a top tiered team.

    My advice to the Antman is for him to finish his studies and get that college degree, like he promised CAA after the 17th Crown. Kevin Alas, Belorio, Racal, Gabriel, etc. have their education to fall back on after the ball careers are over.
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    ^Tama ka. He should finish his degree. He can't hope to stay a ball player forever. Ngayon pa lang, hirap na.

    Still, I can't help but think that breaks are all that are needed for Cruz to have a better pro career. I mean, yeah -- players like Enrile, Bautista, and Escobal fell by the wayside. However, Caram is still there, as well as Sumang. Di hamak naman sigurong mas magaling si Cruz kaysa kay Caram.

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