Thinking of selling my 2008 Altis, i'll be needing the funds for an investment. I work for a Toyota dealership so you can expect the maintenance of the car is always inhouse, always used Mobil FS oil.

Specs: 2008 Corolla Altis 1.8 V Dark Gray Mica
41,000 +++ Km Reading.

Mods: TRD 18" Wheels mounted on Potenza's RE001 225/45/18
Tire Pressure Monitoring System
HID Fog lamps (Stock Fortuner)
Alphard Horn
Amber signal lamps
Original Duck Tail
2.0 L honeycomb grill
Rear Fog lamps.
Original TRD Badge
3M Super Dark Tint FWS.

I took out the side mouldings and replaced the original grill with the sportier honeycomb grill. Never been dropped. I still have the old grill, moulding and the stock mags.
I'm looking for the best price possible. I'll be more than willing to send an email of my car.
Please contact me 09175382636/09209562636