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Thread: Knights in Season 89

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    Knights in Season 89

    Less than a week to go but no official word on our lineup yet. As for me, based on what I've seen in the preseason tourneys, I'll go with the following:




    This projected lineup assumes that Quinto and Serafica will not yet be elevated. What do you guys think?

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    Hmmm... Per Fr. Vic on FB, Pantin is out, Po is in. Not sure if I agree with this choice, though.
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    Newbies who tried out in the pre-season but didn't make it are Requejo and Catipay. Requejo has potentials but the other newbies have shown more during the try-outs. Catipay is small (though a little bigger than Mark Cruz) and was not given the opportunity to show his PG skills. The logical back-up to Cruz id Luib who is heftier and bigger. Cruz is a midget in the land of the giants but his basketball savvy is greater than most, otherwise he would have faded away after playing HS ball. Oldies Almario didn't make the cut, as did Pantin. Pantin was a role player (designated three point hit man) during the Alas' years, where team emphasis then was defense and not offense. But the crop of rookies (Castro, Ruaya, Tambeling and even Po) can burn the hoop from downtown with greater consistency. Not only that, these rookies have decent mid-range shots and moves around the paint. Pantin is a stand-up shooter who more times misses the mark than hit it. He is in the same mold and mindset as Jaypee Belencion, except that Jaypee is a deadly shooter. I am not a big fan of Pantin, so I lose no sleep when he didn't make the cut.
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    I'm no big fan of Pantin either. It's just that, in the games that I've seen Po play, he did not impress me much. I think he made just one trey out of the many that he tried in the Filoil tournament, and his defense could stand a lot of improvement. He tended to get overpowered by the beefier or faster small forwards of the opponents. I expected more from him, considering that he is a fairly experienced player, having played for the STI Olympians for at least two seasons.

    Pantin, on the other hand, has good handles and could be used as a 1 or 2, and has fairly decent defense, in addition to an inconsistent outside shot. My beef against Pantin is he always seems distracted (parang wala sa sarili), and for a former RP Youth player, should really have developed better.

    Still, we live and die with this lineup. I think this will be good enough for at least a Final Four slot, and then let's take it from there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bugleboy View Post

    "Pantin, ... a former RP Youth player, should really have developed better."

    That's precisely my beef against him, he did not live up to expectations. You can't live on reputation (past reputation, that is) alone.

    Louie Alas is a coach who can extract diamonds from coal, as evidenced by many Knights, who probably would have languished on the wayside under other coaches, but are now marquee players. CLA gave Pantin the chance to flaunt what he's got, but he didn't deliver. To expect his fifth year with the team to be his breakout year, without any proof of that during the pre-season tryouts, is just stretching patience and expectations a bit too much. Po, on the other hand, is a rookie whose potential may still bloom sometime down the line. He deserves the benefit of the doubt. As for Andrei, there is no doubt that he's had it with the team.
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    ^Well, I will be very glad to be proven wrong on this one. I hope Po will prove himself to be a dead-eye Knight or at least, a Kungfu Panda.

    It does look like a very offense-minded team. Now let's see how we will do against the likes of San Beda, Arellano, Baste and EAC.
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    Here's CSJL lineup for Season 89 :

    egio de San Juan deLetran Knights

    1) Almazan, Raymond C.
    2) Belorio, Jonathan U.
    3) Buenaflor Kevin T.
    4) Castro, Fidel Albert F.
    5) Cruz, Mark L.
    6) Dysam, Franz Dionne G.
    7) Gabawan, Jamil Joseph M.
    Luib, McJour B.
    9) Nambatac, Rey Benedict C.
    10) Olotu, Ayodele Edward B.
    11) Po, Jebson Carl V.
    12) Publico Jr., Reynaldo J.
    13) Racal, Kevin Kent R.
    14) Ruaya, Reneford M.
    15) Tambeling, John Von Jovi L.
    Go San Beda Fight! :D

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    Quote Originally Posted by bugleboy View Post
    I hope Po will prove himself to be a dead-eye Knight or at least, a Kungfu Panda.
    Poe (Grace) was not expected to top the senatorial eelctions. But she did.

    Po (Jebson Carl V.) is not expected to be a top scorer in season 89. But he may.

    Ha ha ha.

    Arriba Letran!

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    Just in case we still don't know what Caloy Garcia is up to:

    Letran Knights to sharpen offense under new coach Caloy Garcia
    Joshua Lopez, News5 Thursday, June 20, 2013 7:02 pm

    Under new coach Caloy Garcia, the Letran Knights will focus on becoming an offensive team in NCAA Season 89.

    The Knights were known as a defensive team in past years under former coach Louie Alas, who led the squad to three titles.

    Garcia said the team will focus on becoming a more complete squad under his helm.

    An assistant for Rain or Shine in the PBA, Garcia says his biggest challenge is developing players, which he describes as the biggest difference between amateur and professional basketball.

    He is aware of the expectations on the team, which finished runner-up last season. But he cautions his players against feeling too much pressure from the Letran community.

    The Knights lost in three games to the powerhouse San Beda Red Lions in the finals last season.

    According to Garcia, his mindset for Letran is to take things one game at a time.

    The team would have to do it without last year’s main man Kevin Alas, the former coach’s son, who chose not to return to school for his final season to focus on his duties with the national team and NLEX in the PBA D-League.

    It won’t be a problem, according to Garcia, who is counting on the rest of the squad to step up in the absence of the former Knights star.

    Letran will face archrival San Sebastian on Saturday at 6 p.m. at the SM Mall of Asia Arena. Coverage of the opening ceremonies begins at 2:30 p.m. over Aksyon TV. It will be aired over Channel 41 in Metro Manila and Channel 29 in Cebu and Davao on free television, Channel 59 on SKY Cable, and Channel 1 on Cignal Digital TV. Replay of the games will be broadcast over HYPER Channel 53 on Cignal Digital TV.

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