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Thread: Knights in Season 88

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    Whoa out of town game! What's next? Home and away? If only every school had a gym that has at least 5K seating capacity. Final Four can be played in Araneto or MOA Arena or UST gym (maisingit lang :D)

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    @bchoter: From the photos provided in, it looked like the audience in Sta. Cruz, Laguna was quite sizeable. Of course, I don't know the size of the venue, so my judgment may have been due to an optical illusion. I did see several familiar Letran alumni in the crowd -- with ex-Letran cager Aloy Taplah even joining in.

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    Aloy Taplah played for Calamba Letran Knights before joining the Knights of Intramuros. So it's no surprise to see him in the provincial game in Laguna.
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    Arriba Letran!!!

    With today's win vs LPU, the Knights are Season 88 1st round winners of the Battle of Intramuros. Nice effort by the Pirates, but Letran played the more energetic game.

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    ^Thanks, knightrider!

    Knights Scuttle Pirates, 70 - 60 (Title changed by bugleboy)

    Posted August 2, 2012 by in Basketball

    With a close game heading to the second half and a fever laden squad, the Knights found a way to dig deep and pull themselves away from a gritty Lyceum squad.

    Letran relied on the stingy defense that they’re know for as they pulled away in the second half en route to a 70-60 victory over the Lyceum Pirates at the San Juan Arena, earlier.

    Kevin Alas fought through a fever and finished with another all around effort with 16 points, 8 rebounds and 5 assists to propel the Knights to their third straight win following their three game losing skid.

    With Letran leading by just 1 38-37 at the half, the clamped down on the defensive end, keeping the Pirates scoreless in the first five minutes of the third quarter. Kevin Alas then nailed crucial baskets in the end game complimented with key defensive stops to put away the Pirates for good.

    However, it wasn’t only Kevin Alas who was playing with a fever. Key slotman Jam Cortes was also playing under the weather but managed to finish with 14 points and 8 rebounds. Kevin Racal, another guy who’s also under the weather, finished with 7 points, 8 rebounds and 3 assists in 37 productive minutes for the Knights.

    “Wala sa gameplan yung nangyari. 6 dys na may trangkaso si Kevin. Si Jam and si Racs meron din,” Louie Alas said. “Gusto ko silang icommend kasi gusto ko na silang ipahinga pero gustong gusto talagang manalo ng back-to-back-back” he added.

    Chris Cayabyab led the Pirates with 16 points but shot a woeful 5-19 from the field. Jhygruz Laude finished with 11 points and added 7 rebounds for Lyceum who dropped their fourth straight game and completed the first round with a 2-7 record.

    The Knights are set to face the red hot JRU Heavy Bombers in the first game of the Molten and Mikasa sponsored tournament next Thursday

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    Boxscores: (from

    LETRAN (70) -- Alas Ke. 16, Cortes 14, Cruz 11, Racal 7, Belorio 7, Luib 6, Alas Kr. 6, Pantin 2, Gabawan 1, Lituania 0

    LYCEUM (60) -- Cayabyab 16, Laude 11, Guevarra 10, Francisco 8, Zamora 7, Ko 6, Garcia 2, Ambohot 0, Alanes 0, Azores 0, Martinez 0

    Quarterscores: 19-19, 37-36, 58-47, 70-60

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    Knockknock...Test123. Ah finally nakapasok din after several months of trying.

    Ok, so when will be our next game bugleboy? Heard that big head este big boy Almazan is out of the team. What could be his reason.

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    ^Per NCAA sked, the next game is today, August 13, vs. JRU. Definitely a crucial game for the Knights, as we need to gain momentum going into the second round. Re Almazan, well, that is still a big question mark for me. He says he has big problems, but it seems he does not want to be helped. Oh well, with or without him, life goes on...

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    Terrible game today by the Knights. We were outhustled, outshot and outrebounded by the fired-up JRU Heavy Bombers and lost terribly. The JRU players kept slashing through the porous Letran defense like knives through butter and got one uncontested shot after another. Plus, Lopez, Villarias, and Carampil chose this day of all days to come alive and help Nate "The Great" Matute carry the scoring load.

    The Knights, on the other hand, allowed this game to get out of hand from the second quarter onwards, with just Kevin Alas scoring here and there. But then, Kevin turned the ball over too many times in this ball game, too, thus lessening his overall contribution to the team.

    They came alive late in the fourth quarter, though, and managed to shave the JRU lead down to 11 through baskets by Mark Cruz, Kevin Racal and Jam Cortes. And then Villarias spoiled it all with another flurry of baskets.

    In the end, too many turnovers by the Knights, plus inspired play on both offense and defense by JRU spelled the difference for this ball game. It seemed that the Bombers wanted to make a statement in this ball game, i.e., that their loss to SBC was not a reflection of their real ability as a team, while the Knights may have treated the game too lightly. Whatever -- any way you cut it, olats pa rin.

    Bawi na lang tayo, team. Never give up! Never give in!

    Box scores (from NCAA FB):

    Jose Rizal University (101) -- Villarias 29, Matute 25, Lopez 12, Carampil 12, Almario 9, Mabulac 4, Camasura 4, Dela Paz 3, Mendoza 2, Salaveria 1, Porter 0.

    Letran (83) -- K. Alas 31, Racal 15, Cortes 15, Cruz 14, J. Alas 4, Gabawan 2, Lituania 2, Luib 0, Belorio 0, Almario 0.

    Quarterscores: 19-17, 48-38, 74-54, 101-83.
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    Kevin Alas can't do it all. The others have unfortunately not stepped up. No need to cry over spilled milk now that Alamzan is probably gone for this season. I hope this loss is a wake up call to play to win next game. With Kevin Alas having expended himself this game, the others have to bring out their best from the start. The next opponent will come out with all guns blazing after their debacle against SSCR, just like the Bombers did today. The Knights should do likewise if they are to make a game of it.

    The pressing defense put up by the Bombers reminded me of similar defense used by the Knights in previous season.

    Is that Ronjay Enrile with the coaching staff? Is he being groomed to succeed Coach Louie after this season? While he was a vital cog of the Knights 14th and 15th crowns, his meltdown in the OT of FF game vs PCU cost us the crown for that year. That is a nightmare that lingers on to this day.
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