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Thread: Knights in Season 88

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    First of all, congratulations to the Letran Knights for a helluva series.

    Your Knights played an amazing 2nd round, an even more amazing F4 encounter with the Stags, and a good 2 games in the Finals.

    As one insider admitted, CLA's biggest worry going into Game 3 was the Red Lions finally coming out of their slump. Our Red Lions have not been playing well since the last game of the eliminations - a loss against Baste, followed by ugly wins against the Altas in the F4 and game 1 of the Finals, then last Saturday's loss.

    On the other hand, the Knights were a team on the rise, making it all the way into the Finals, with the Game 2 win and breaking a 15 gamelosing streak to the Red Lions - the apex of that run.

    As Destiny would have it, the Red Lions finally broke away from their funk today, and annexed yet another title.

    Again, hats off to the Letran Knights!

    Arriba! Animo!
    ..and fear neither FIRE nor BLOOD!!!

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    Thank you, Spidermike. I think all of the drama that preceded the third game may have detracted from our preparations. That, plus the fact that Coach Louie is resigning (which some players MAY have known beforehand, and MAY have affected their concentration). Plus the fact that your guys prepared very well and played with a lot of heart. The Lions had just a little bit more spring in their steps today, and were just a little bit quicker to the ball. And those weren't little differences, as they translated into rebounds, possessions and made baskets.

    Kudos to you and your boys, sir! Enjoy your 17th title and your 3-peat!

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    Just wondering too if coach Louie Alas decision to resign a spur of the moment thing. Baka nagpaalam na siya sa mga bata na
    it will be his last game hours before game 3 inside the dugout kung kaya nagkaganun ang laro.

    That was the worst beating we've seen so far in the history of the letran basketball. The morale and fighting spirit seems to be in its
    lowest ebb. Kevin, the coach's son and main gunner was struggling for most part of the game. The heroes and support of game 2 were shut down totally ..Belorio, Racal, Lithuania were nowhere in sight, their numbers insignificant.

    Kung anong ganda ng nilaro nila the previous game, ganon naman kasama kagabi. What a time to choke...right on the most important game of their college bball carreers.

    Now that coach louie's gone, what does the future hold for our team? We'll find a way. Somehow, somewhere...

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    Pressured. Emotionally exhausted. Yan ang nakita ko sa Knights in G3.

    I know masakit sa inyo balikan itong G3, pero kung papanoorin niyo and replay nito, observe yung mga mintis na attempts-- 3 ang nangyari-- either the ball bounces away from the rim, or short or way off line.

    Pag pressured ang isang player at hindi ito nag-settle, the first to go is the shooting. The shooting wasn't there at all. Wala yung shooters bounce. Wala sa linya, no chance at all for a conversion kahit dasalan pa. At air balls? Anong paliwanag dun?

    Then, on those 2 occasions that the Knights made a short run-- yung emotional spike that should come as a result wasn't there. That's exhaustion manifested.

    That's why champion teams are built and we have build-ups during the tournament. But these two factors have been absent for Letran for many seasons now. S88 was to be an exception, I thought, but the Almazan absence at the start of the seaon, imo, spoiled the build-up that should have been. From a 4-5 start and finishing a strong 3rd in an 18-game elimination will take its tall. Then, having to beat SSC-R twice to make the Finals would have taken best out of any team. Okay lang kung title series na yun, pero hindi-- semis pa lang. Piga na pagkatapos.

    Pero one may point out G2, ano yun? Well, i don't want to take credit away from the Knights, but it was a bad shooting day for SBC from the 3-pt area. Louie played the percentages. Seal the inside-- give them the outside shots with an extended defense-- it paid off.

    Pero G3, iba na ang timpla ng laro.

    Since Letran's last title, has it figured in any championship match since?-- FMC, Fil-Oil, PCCL?

    This line-up has very good core, kayang sumabay kahit kanino. Pero sino huhugutin sa bench?

    At ang di inaasahan, Magsanoc started with his best 5 and they ran at every opportunity. No way Louie can match that with a short rotation.

    Come to think of it, Ola committed 2 fouls early and sat most of the 1st half. Was called for his 3rd foul early in the 3qtr, but it didn't change the complexion of the game. Didn't change the pace. It is something Louie could have easily exploited. Pero piga na mga bata. Sayang yun para sa inyo.

    Rest kids. May limitasyon bawat tao at bawat team. Lack of experience in a championship series did you in, imo. But that's not your fault. The program was at fault. Not you.

    Magkaisa na alumni niyo. From there springs a lot of good things.
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    We had a head start in this game. At one time we had a glorious 3rd place finish in the World Championship and was the undisputed power in Asia. But the world has learned how to play it. They may not be as good as us,but they have enough smarts to make use of their height. That is enough to beat us.

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    War is over. Until we meet again...
    A salute to all of you!

    Arriba Letran!
    Animo San Beda!
    Understand? / ¿Entiendes?

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    @danny -- Salamat!

    @oca -- Good observations, although I think the fatigue was more mental than physical. After all, they did have a six-day respite before Game 3. But after all the trials they went through -- from the Almazan brouhaha, to the second round catch-up phase, to the nerve-wracking series with the Stags, to the first two finals games -- all these could be mentally tiring. Couple that with the inherent pressure of a do-or-die Game 3, the palpable expectations of the Letran crowd, the jeers of the Bedan portion of the coliseum, the surprisingly tenacious Red Lion defense, and the huge deficit they had to surmount -- and it is not surprising that these young men will find it hard to cope. Ayun, baldog na tira.

    Nonetheless, valuable lessons were learned. Hopefully, next time, they will put these lessons to good use.
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