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Thread: Heartbreaking LS Basketball Seasons

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    Heartbreaking LS Basketball Seasons

    Slow day in the office.

    This year is definitely a heartbreaker. Having moved to the Great White North, I have continued to follow the progress and developments in the team through contacts and the wonderful internet. Weekends have now been longer as I have elected to stay up till 5AM at times to watch livestreams of the games. ADMU is too strong, well coached, well funded, I see them sweeping this year outright 15-0. Hopefully, we get a win more to avert tying our worst record of 4-10 in our maiden year.

    I have been one of the most ardent followers of our teams since my 1st year HS days having watched that ill fated DLS-SJLC game live at Rizal. As we moved on to the UAAP, I'd watch the games live, run the timer on the VCR, and analyze the games when I got home. When Coach FP took over in 98, he asked me for my VCR collection on the bridesmaid finishes against UST, since they were the monkeys on our back (I actually still have some tapes accumulating dust in my basement).

    Personally, the 2 most heartbreaking seasons had to be:

    1988 - We had a couple of "raw" recruits in Limpot, Cardel, Mariano and Peralta. We basically had a one man team in Dindo backed by good role players. faced a solid ADMU team gunning for the back to back. In the last game of the elims, we played ADMu and were leading most of the way till they made their run which ended on a twister of a shot by Reyes. That was it, our team's morale shattered, we were never the same in the final game.

    1994 - Up by one with 37 seconds to go, a jumpball takes place in our frontcourt. Sauler wins the looseball and elects to drive to the hoop. Missed layup leads to a UST fastbreak which leads to our fouling David. 2 FT's converted, we have 7 seconds to beat the buzzer. We missed 2 layups and run out of time on the 3rd followup by Lago.

    Thing is we learned from these hearbreak years and built dynasties after. We definitely will be picking ourselves up again in the very near future.

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    Re: Heartbreaking LS Basketball Seasons

    nice read.

    speaking of collecting dust in your basement, i am sure those who'd like to remember those 90s moments would like to see those games again in the online realm.
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    Re: Heartbreaking LS Basketball Seasons

    ^ In fact, I am willing to convert them for the digital age

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    Re: Heartbreaking LS Basketball Seasons

    I never got the UST tapes back from Franz. Dont care though as it seems he made good use of it. Talking basketball to him then, he confided that the 98 team was terrified of UST. We lost to them in the 2nd round in 98. In the F4 that year, we had the twice to beat advantage against them (having topped the elimination rounds). We lost game 1 after Aric made that dramatic middle of the 1st half entrance flown in via chopper after coaching Pampanga in the MBA (that league set up by ABS-CBN). We eventually won game 2. I met Coach at mid court after the game and told him "Pare, atin na to". Rest is history as we walked over FEU in the finals.

    Think what I have are the finals years 98-01 and the 97 loss to FEU (coached by Jong Uichico).

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    Re: Heartbreaking LS Basketball Seasons

    The 2002 season can be considered as heartbreaking for the guys in green. I believe they have the stronger line-up than the guys in blue back then.

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    Re: Heartbreaking LS Basketball Seasons

    Quote Originally Posted by blue scorpion
    The 2002 season can be considered as heartbreaking for the guys in green. I believe they have the stronger line-up than the guys in blue back then.
    Very true. In fact, I think that was the year they went 13-1. Luckily, I was no longer present to experience that pain.

    Around 03-04, we had a DLS=ADMU friendly here in Toronto (with local relative reinforcements). The ADMU alumni had this huge 6-2 guy wearing a UAAP uniform. Former Eagle Chito Navarro told me after the game he was part of that champion team and had just migrated. Dont recall his name though.

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