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Thread: Dallas Mavericks

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    Dallas Mavericks

    I am happy with my favorite team (since high school) win their first title. Nobody expected them to win the title but they defeated the favorite Lakers, Thunder, and Heat. Cheers for Nowitzki, the best shooting power forward in the NBA for achieving this by STAYING FOR THE TEAM FOR 13 YEARS.

    Could the Mavs and Mark Cuban make a repeat despite this lockout?
    "The end justifies the means"-from Machiavelli? Nope.  :D

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    Re: Dallas Mavericks

    Dirk is playing well in the EuroBasket. Average 20+ ppg. Problem is his teammates are not that good and his opponents are good. Ang lalakas ng kalaban lalo ng Spain, Lithunia and surprise teams France and Macedonia. Gawin mo na lang practice session yan. Galingan mo na lang sa qualifiers for the remaining 3 slots para makapasok sa Olympics. The competition is so tough here because there are too many NBA and international players playing here.

    Hoping for a new NBA season para sabihin na hindi fluke yung title run niyo. I would celebrate if you would face the Spurs again and this time? Sweep na sila. Tapos Lakers, Thunders talunin ulit. Sa Finals kahit sino na. Pero mas maganda ang Heats.
    "The end justifies the means"-from Machiavelli? Nope.  :D

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    Re: Dallas Mavericks

    Any lineup changes for the Mavericks this coming 201-2012 season?


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    Re: Dallas Mavericks

    Because of the lockout, players and owners are FORBIDDEN TO TALK TO EACH OTHER. Pero tingin ko naman si Mark Cuban ay close sa mga players niya. Ang problema nga lang kasi mga ibang owners binalaan mga kasamahan nila na pag nagcommunicate (or even mention a player in Twitter), may multa sila. Because also of the lockout, pending pa mga transactions.

    Ang sure lang, they would have Spanish swingman Rudy Fernandez from Portland. Add size and upsize to the shooting guard position. They TRADED their ONLY DRAFT PICK just to get him.
    "The end justifies the means"-from Machiavelli? Nope.  :D

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    Re: Dallas Mavericks

    Another side of Mark Cuban and why he might be a saint despite his lousy spending in recent years. Still is with players like Stojakovic, Cardinal and Haywood. Maybe this is the reason his players love him. Good thing he won a title this year. Such kindness is rare nowadays.

    Muggsy Bogues: Thanks, Mark Cuban
    “I was never able to thank Cuban in person…but I do thank him.”

    Deserved or not, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has acquired somewhat of a lousy rap. Over the course of his 11-year ownership of the Mavericks, he’s been accused of a lack of common sense, of insider trading and has lost over $1 million in fines for actions or comments deemed inappropriate by the NBA.

    But for every negative associated with Cuban’s name, there is an equal or greater positive. Just ask former NBA player Muggsy Bogues.

    “I’ve never met Mr. Mark Cuban, but I tell people that I thank him more than life itself,” Bogues, 46, said recently over the phone from his home in Charlotte. “I had three years left on my contract when my mom passed away, and I decided it was time to move on [from basketball]. I walked away from the game with three years left on my contract. He (Cuban) could have easily just have bought me out of my contract, but he went on and honored it and paid the three years out and never looked back.”

    Acquired by the Dallas Mavericks via a three-way trade in the summer of 2001, Bogues—bereaved over his mother’s passing—never suited up in a single game for the Mavericks. Still, Cuban agreed to pay the 5-3 guard the complete balance of his contract. That amount came out to $3, 617, 400 over the course of the three years years remaining.

    To this day, Bogues finds himself rooting for Cuban and the Mavericks—not just because of the money, but because of the owner’s kindness.

    “I was never able to thank Cuban in person for that, but I do thank him,” said Bogues.

    “And I’m happy the Dallas Mavericks won the Championship. That’s a great organization.”

    Additional reporting by Dan Shapiro
    "The end justifies the means"-from Machiavelli? Nope.  :D

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    Re: Dallas Mavericks

    Knicks get Chandler from Dallas in 3-team trade, waive Billups

    GREENBURGH, N.Y. (AP) -- The anchor of the Dallas Mavericks' defense now centers one of the league's best frontcourts.

    Tyson Chandler joined the New York Knicks on Saturday, in the belief that joining, Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire means he's not done competing for championships.

    The Knicks have long needed a defensive presence, and Chandler plans to provide it.

    "I know what my job is coming here," he said. "I know I came here to defend. I'm going to defend the rim, I'm going to rebound, I'm going to get extra shots. And I think if we play on both ends and play as a team, the sky is definitely the limit for this squad."

    Chandler gets a four-year contract worth about $56 million after coming to the Knicks via sign-and-trade as part of a three-team deal. The Knicks sent Ronny Turiaf and cash to the Washington Wizards and reserve guard Andy Rautins to the Mavericks, and there were other picks involved.

    The Knicks also waived point guard Chauncey Billups and designated him as their amnesty player so they could afford Chandler.

    The 7-foot-1 Chandler helped the Mavericks win the NBA championship last season, averaging 10.1 points and 9.4 rebounds, and at first hoped he would return to Dallas. But the Mavericks wanted to keep other options open, and when the Knicks emerged as a surprising option, they quickly become Chandler's preferred one.

    "The Knicks were never on my radar. I'd never seen them as being a possibility and once I got word that it could potentially happen, they became my No. 1 priority was to get here," Chandler said.

    Read more:

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    It's too early to tell, the Mavericks' Western Conference standing is currently at 11-12, but with the way they are finding it hard to win games for the 2012-13 season, just like Miami when they won their first championship in 2006, a first-round exit the following season, and a non-playoff appearance two years after winning a title, Dallas is likely to follow suit.

    As much as I wanna see Dirk Nowitzki give Dallas another title, it won't happen, owner Mark Cuban can look forward to the future and a rebuilding process to have a championship-caliber team again.

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