Pamella, Penelope, and Petunia are sisters.

The three of them are very responsible young women. They work in regular jobs and know how to save their money.
After many years of savings, each of them had P100,000.
It was their mother who taught them to save a part of their income each month. Sadly, her instruction ended there. She never told them where to put their savings.
Pamella hides her P100,000 in under her bed.
Result? Her money never grows at all.
Penelope thinks she was wiser than her sister Pamella. Because she places her money in a bank. Result? Her money grew by 1% a year. (Thatís the normal interest rate of savings accounts.)
Her P100,000óafter one yearógrew to P1000.
Hereís the truth: Penelope isnít really that much wiser than Pamella. I pity the Pamellas of the world. Theyíre hard working. Theyíre disciplined. They save each month. But they lack financial knowledge. (Do you know of people like Pamella? Are you like Pamella?)
Let me tell you about Petunia, the third sister.
Last year, Petunia became a member of my TrulyRichClub. Last year, following my guidance, she started investing in the Stock Market.
She read in my Stocks Update Report (which I send twice a month to my TrulyRichClub Members) what Stocks to buy. Late last year, I instructed my Members to buy the following Stocks: Ayala Land, Energy Development Corporation, DMCI, Nickel Asia, Metrobank, and for those with extra money, Lepanto.
Penelope divided her P100,000 into these companies.
Result after one year?
Her money in Ayala Land grew by 49%.
Her money in Energy Development Corporation grew by 33% since we recommended it last March 2010.
Her money in DMCI (DMC) grew by 64% since we recommended it last Sept 2010.
Her money in Nickel Asia grew by 49% since we recommended it last Oct 2010.
And her money in Lepanto grew by 157% since we recommended it last Dec 2010.
(Note: Please donít buy these stocks today. In fact, Iíve asked my Members NOT to buy any stocks for the past three weeks now. See below for details.)
Result? Her money grew over 50% to 60% in less than a year! That growth is absolutely phenomenal.
Because even at only 20% growth a year, Petunia would have P4 Million in 20 years. Thatís if she doesnít add money each month.
But thatís not our method. I always tell our Members to add their small investments each month. Even if Petunia adds only P2000 per month, at the end of 20 years, sheíll have P11 Million.
Question: Do you want to be Pamella, or Penelope, or Petunia?
By The Way, I Told My Members To Stop Buying Stocks For 3 Weeks Now

Three weeks ago, I told all my TrulyRichClub Members not to buy stocks. We foresaw that the Stock Market will go downward and sideways for many weeks. (Our prediction has been accurate. The Market has been taking a nosedive.)
In fact, six weeks ago, I told everyone to already sell Alliance Global. And four weeks ago, I told everyone to sell DMCI.
And three weeks ago, I told the more aggressive among my TrulyRichClub Members to sell half of all of their positionsóor even all of their shares. (I leave to each person how aggressively they want to follow my advice.)
And I told them not to buy any new shares until I give them a buy signal.
Petunia is very happy with her earnings.
Sheís also happy that because of the TrulyRichClub, sheís not going into the Stock Market blind. (As you can guess by now, her real name isnít Petunia, nor does she have two sisters named Pamella and Penelope. But their story is absolutely true, reflecting the stories of thousands of people I know.)
In a couple of weeks (I still donít know exactly when), Iíll be telling Petunia and other TrulyRichClub Members to start buying Stocks again.
And Iíll tell them what specific Stocks to buy.
Iíll also be telling them when to sell, locking in their profits.
By the way, my letter today isnít for everyone.
Please disregard if this isnít your concern.
I donít expect everyone to join my TrulyRichClub.
If this isnít for you, I apologize for bothering you with this letter.
Because today,Iím specifically writing to people who want to grow their financial lifeóand who want my guidance in investing in the Stock Market.
Are you tired of being stuck in a rut in your finances?
Are you tired of your lingering debts?
Are you tired of feeling the pain of wanting to help people you love, but canít, because you donít have the resources?
Are you tired of your big fears and uncertainty?
Are you tired of working very hard everyday, only to realize that you donít really have any savings for your future?
Just in case youíre that person, let me help you.
To know more about my TrulyRichClub, click the link below:
Yes Bo, teach me how to build my wealth. Tell me more about your TrulyRichClub.
Yes Bo, teach me how to build my wealth. Tell me more about your TrulyRichClub.

May your dreams come true,
Bo Sanchez

PS. By the way, the TrulyRichClub isnít just about Stock Market investing. Thatís only one part. In the TrulyRichClub, aside from teaching people how to grow in their financial life, I also teach people how to grow in their spiritual life. For whatís the use of growing in your finances if you lose your soul?
To know more about the TrulyRichClub, click the link below:

Yes Bo, teach me how to build my wealth. Tell me more about your TrulyRichClub.
Yes Bo, teach me how to build my wealth. Tell me more about your TrulyRichClub.