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Thread: Pacquiao vs Marquez

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    Re: Pacquiao vs Marquez

    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Knight
    Marquez. Marquez. Marquez.

    This fight will make Manny realize that he's human after all. ;D

    @Fujima....wanna bet. Joke.
    Congratulations parekoy. I also thought, for the first time in 3 fights, Marquez was robbed of the victory.

    I tend to agree tuloy na this is indeed a ploy to set Pacman-Mayweather fight.

    Kung si Marquez ang diniclare na panalo - we can all kiss our wish of seeing Pacman-Mayweather fight goodbye.

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    Re: Pacquiao vs Marquez

    Everyone's saying Marquez won. But ESPN and Yahoo only say they are tied. But the compu box says pacman landed more punches and unleashed more power punches.

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    Re: Pacquiao vs Marquez

    MARQUEZ knows ;D
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    Re: Pacquiao vs Marquez

    I had Pacquiao winning in my personal scorecard 115-113. He was the more aggressive fighter although Marquez landed the crispier punches.

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    Re: Pacquiao vs Marquez

    well another thing I dont really agree about the fight (aside from the outcome) was the type of decision given. Majority decision? And did you see the scorecard of one of the judges? 116 to 112. It should have been a spit decision at least.
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    Re: Pacquiao vs Marquez

    Pacman won this fight and in fact it was a more convincing one than their second fight.

    Watching this fight live will be very difficult for Filipinos because it turns one into a nervous wreck. It is like watching your school play and you question eveyr foul called but once you watch the replay, you see that most of the fouls were actually the right call. Pinoys are not used anymore in seeing Pacman getting hit. But Marquez landing 2 to 3 solid punches in some rounds doesn't make him win the round or the fight!

    I watched this again at Ch. 7 and tried to watch this fight without emotion and again no more fear of the result. I want to see if Marquez really won and vowed to score it fairly. I had Pacquao winning 7 rounds to 3 with 2 rounds I scored as a draw. So I my scorecard will agree with the 116-112 judge. But lets say, the tied rounds were for Marquez, Pacman still won.

    The reason why this fight was so close was in my opinion, Pacman fought the wrong way. It was a slow fight with not much punches. If a fight goes that way, bilangan na ng suntok ang pag judge sa round. Unlike if Pacman keeps pressing the ambiance of the fight of Pacman as the aggressor is the way to score the fight. This is how it was done against Cotto and Margarito. Pinaharapan ni Pacman ang sarili niya with this fight. Now I am no expert so I will give Pacquiao's strategists the benefit of the doubt, this might be the only way for them to beat Marquez in any weight class. Maybe it is time na aminin ng Pinoy at ni Pacman na kontra pelo talaga si Marquez and he is the one guy in Pacman's career who will always give him a tough fight.

    Now as to Marquez this fight was a big moral victory. A validation he is indeed among the greats and maybe better than Morales and Barrera. He may have to be the best technical boxer out there along with Floyd. But to say he won all his fights against Manny is going to far. His style is enough to make a fight with Manny close but it was not (and maybe will never) enough to win.

    A 4th fight will not be of benefit to Manny or to Filipinos. We won this fight 3 times although close still we got the victory once you throw away all the emotions.

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    Re: Pacquiao vs Marquez

    ^Yeah, most likely we are not really used to seeing Pacman fight like this- no knockdowns, no TKO's, few combinations.

    Sabi ng ibang analysts- Pac is going down. Wag naman sana.

    Kontrapelo talaga nya si JMM.

    Pacman pa rin tayo syempre.
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    Re: Pacquiao vs Marquez

    Boxing stats from the fight.Not really a boxing fan. Ayoko lang kasi ng mga thrashtalker na boksingero (Mayweather, Marquez).
    "The end justifies the means"-from Machiavelli? Nope.  :D

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    Re: Pacquiao vs Marquez

    ^ The fight became of an amateurish ambiance once Pacquiao decided to counter as well. Kaya ayan nadala ang scoring sa pramihan ng suntok. But even taking in the full atmosphere of the fight and the compubox stats just cited, Pacquiao really won the fight. The subjective and the statistical evidences all point to that argument.

    What would be sad for Marquez was that it was his pace, and he performed well but in the end he still lost the fight.

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    Re: Pacquiao vs Marquez

    we've been so spoiled by manny that we feel we've lost when it's not a one-sided beatdown or spectacular KO. but close decisions like this are part of boxing and that's just what they are - close decisions. nothing controversial about it.

    watch the replay and pac's victory becomes clearer. if the judges scored the fight based on the replay i bet the decision would've been unanimous and wider in favor of pac.

    after the fight i felt it was a draw. after watching the replay i scored it 115-113 to pac. gave rounds 2 3 4 7 8 11 and 12 to manny. gave rounds 1 and 5 to jmm but all 3 judges gave those rounds to manny.

    as for jmm's claims that he won, kapal ng mukha niya. doesn't he find it strange that not one single judge thought he won? if you're the challenger, you have to do more than the champion in order to win? ikaw yung challenger and you expect to counterpunch your way to the title?

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