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Thread: 2010 FIFA World Cup!

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    Re: 2010 FIFA World Cup!

    Jon Terry on England's last match :

    "I certainly felt there was a lack of passion," he said. "On paper we are a much better team than Algeria but there was no tackling, no-one winning headers, no-one winning second balls."It was not acceptable. You have to show a bit of aggression and a bit of fight. No player had that fire in their belly. I can assure everyone it is going to be there against Slovenia."
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    Re: 2010 FIFA World Cup!

    Scandal-hit France back in training

    By Patrick Vignal

    BLOEMFONTEIN (Reuters) - The troubled France team returned to training on Monday to prepare for their final Group A match against South Africa, a day after boycotting a session in support of expelled striker Nicolas Anelka.

    All the France players turned up on the pitch at their World Cup base in Knysna, Western Cape, and prepared normally for their final training before Tuesday’s game in Bloemfontein.

    The players wore practice kits without any mention of their usual sponsors during the session. They did so to comply with tournament rules for sessions staged a day before a match, a team spokesman said.

    Sponsors, however are starting to distance themselves from the scandal-hit team.

    Bank Credit Agricole said on Monday it had canceled its television campaign with the team and fast-foodchain Quick decided over the weekend to stop using an advertising film featuring Anelka.

    Reporters were asked to leave after 15 minutes but a team spokesman said Monday’s session went on normally.

    “Everybody was there,” he said.

    That included fitness coach Robert Duverne, who had a heated exchange with captain Patrice Evra on Sunday after finding out that the players had decided not to train.


    Evra and his team mates had refused to train on Sunday to protest against the French Football Federation (FFF)’s decision to kick Anelka out of the squad after he insulted coach Raymond Domenech at halftime of a 2-0 defeat by Mexico last week.

    Sunday’s chaotic events also saw France team director Jean-Louis Valentin say he was resigning over what he called a scandal.

    The furor prompted President Nicolas Sarkozy to step in, asking sports minister Roselyne Bachelot to prolong her stay in South Africa to speak to Evra, Domenech and FFF president Jean-Pierre Escalettes on Monday.

    The French press heaped scorn and derision on Les Bleus on Monday, lining up to denounce the players, coach and French federation for a crisis that all agreed had brought shame to the sport and the nation.

    French football great Zinedine Zidane also criticized the actions by some of his former international team mates.

    “There’s two things that will be remembered from this World Cup—the winner and the fact that the French team refused to attend the training session ahead of their match with South Africa,” the now retired Zidane said in Johannesburg.

    The team were to fly later in the day to Bloemfontein, where a news conference with the coach and one player was scheduled for 1645 GMT.

    France, who have frustrated their fans with uninspired performances since their Euro 2008 flop and needed a controversial playoff win over Ireland to win a ticket to South Africa, are in great danger of making another early exit.

    Only if they score a big win against the hosts on Tuesday and Mexico and Uruguay do not draw at the same time will they stand a chance of reaching the knockout stages.

    (Editing by Jon Bramley)
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    Re: 2010 FIFA World Cup!

    That "pag-iinarte" stunt pulled by Ivory Coast against Kaka/Brazil sucked big time. Talk about crappy acting!

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    Re: 2010 FIFA World Cup!

    the refs should do a much better job penalizing strikers who fake injuries especially in penalty areas. that's what the "simulation" call is for, remember?
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    Re: 2010 FIFA World Cup!

    Monday, June 21, 2010

    * Portugal massacres North Korea, 7-0
    - Surprised by the score, since North Korea was able to hold powerhouse Brazil to only two goals while scoring a goal on their own in their last game. Since the Nokors played so badly in this first televised World Cup game in North Korea, I expect some of the families of these players to be on their way to concentration camps after the Nokors play their last game. LOL

    * Chile beats Switzerland, 1-0
    - Chile dominated the possession and number of attempts, but it still took them 75 minutes to score their goal. The undermanned Swiss (Behrami got the red card on the 30th minute) weren't losing most of the time, but they weren't winning, either, due to their lack of offense plays, content on playing defense. In fairness, in the few attempts they made, some came mighty close.

    * Spain beats Honduras, 2-0
    - Well, at least Spain is living to its lofty billing, no more nasty draws, or gad forbid, loses.

    Games for today, Tuesday, June 22, 2010

    * 4:30 pm Mexico vs. Uruguay

    * 7:20 pm France vs. South Africa
    - This has become the perhaps one of the most interesting matches in this World Cup. Can the French win despite great internal discord of having a player sent home (Anelka) after insulting the coach, and with the players openly revolting and refusing to train on Sunday? Or will South Africa, with their homecourt advantage slay a football giant?

    * 11:50 pm Nigeria vs. South Korea

    * 11:50 pm Greece vs. Argentina
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    Re: 2010 FIFA World Cup!

    South Africa just gave France the deathblow. Shocker? Probably not, given the internal problems of this "mighty" French foreign legion.

    Go vuvuzela!

    Understand? / ¿Entiendes?

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    Re: 2010 FIFA World Cup!

    Anybody here in favor of video review on goals,offsides, or fouls?

    I enjoyed watching every game and just when it seems like a good game, then a red card will appear and video replays will show it is not worth it.

    Watcha reckon guys?
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    Re: 2010 FIFA World Cup!

    ^^ no to all counts. what the game needs is more referees and line judges. that's how international basketball licked its earlier problem of poor refereeing.
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    Re: 2010 FIFA World Cup!

    Tuesday, June 22, 2010
    * South Africa beats France, 2-1
    - The French initially played well, it didn't look like the scandals were affecting the game, as they were stamping their class on the South Africans, with them gaining possession and attempts most of the time. But then suddenly the South Africans scored in the 20th minute off a corner kick. Then things went from bad, to worst, as a French player (Gourcuff) was given the red card afterwards, reducing the already embattled French team to only ten men. They never recovered, and so the number 83 FIFA ranked South Africans on their homecourt beat the number nine ranked France.

    Games for today, Wednesday, June 23, 2010

    * 7:20 pm Slovenia vs. England
    - Fabio Capello will need a win, not a loss, or a draw to have any chance of having a future with this team after the World Cup

    * 7:20 pm USA vs. Algeria
    - Always great to see the USA play. I hope events will conspire so we will see them just a little bit more in this World Cup

    * 11:50 pm Ghana vs. Germany

    * 11:50 pm Australia vs. Serbia

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    Re: 2010 FIFA World Cup!

    Quote Originally Posted by abcdef
    Anybody here in favor of video review on goals,offsides, or fouls?
    Yahoo has an excellent, detailed coverage of the World Cup on their website:
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