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Thread: Best WWE Wrestlers Debut

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    Best WWE Wrestlers Debut

    What were the best debut by a Wrestler when they first appeared in the WWF/WWE. Here's mine

    Tazz (Royal Rumble 2000) - prior to the first PPV of the new millennium, Raw is War episodes would show gimmicks of Tazz entrance music interrupting some matches, Tazz was not yet revealed until the Royal Rumble as Kurt Angle's mystery opponent, at Madison Square Garden, Kurt Angle was undefeated, never been pin when Tazz made a huge impact, forcing Angle to tapped out with his finishing moved. the fans chanted at the start of the first match of the evening "We want Tazz" "We Want Tazz"

    Booker T (2001 King of the Ring) - In the triple-threat match for the WWE championship involving champion Steve Austin, Chris Jericho and the late Chris Benoit, Booker T, the WCW champion showed up and put WWE champion Stone Cold Steve Austin into the table, WCW was already purchased by Vince McMahon around that time when WCW wrestlers began showing their stuff in the WWE.

    Diamond Dallas Page - was it Raw or Smackdown when he revealed himself as the stalker to Undertaker's wife, Sarah, Page used the Undertaker's music entrance with his face covered, he used the lines "Undertaker, make me famous."

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    Re: Best WWE Wrestlers Debut

    For me, the best would be The Undertaker's debut at 1990 Survivor Series.

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    Re: Best WWE Wrestlers Debut

    tazz and bokker were already big named stars when they debuted in the wwe. okay din yung debut ni y2j, but it was the rock who made y2j's debut legendary.

    sa mga low profile wrestlers, i think john cena had the best debut. it was on smackdown and kurt angle challenged any rookie to wrestle him and sruvive 3 mins ata or 5 mins. cena stepped up and he actually did well. although he lost, he got the crowd pretty amped up. not too shabby for a rookie

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    Re: Best WWE Wrestlers Debut

    The Radicals (composed of Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn straight from WCW) also made a fine debut in the WWE beating up Billy Gunn and Road Dogg of the new age outlaws on Monday Night Raw.

    And I forgot the Big Show, known as Paul Wight during the PPV St.Valentines Day Massacre, he saved the boring night from a bad match up between Austin and McMahon, ang nabasa ko pa it was not expected the cage would gave in when Big Show threw Austin off the cage. iba dapat ang ending sa script na gusto nila mangyari.

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