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Thread: Undererved Areas in Cebu Basketball

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    Undererved Areas in Cebu Basketball

    1. Women's Basketball - The CeSAFI has scrapped the Women's basketball competitions for lack of teams but there are other teams outside the CeSAFI. USC and UC had strong teams before, CNU just placed second in Region VII RAHEI competition. UP Cebu also has a team. SWU, CDU and USJ-R had teams before as well. Also CIT and ACT. It's just a matter of organizing competition to bring back women's basketball in Cebu

    2. Team B league - Comparable to the NSL and FMC of Manila, nothing exists in Cebu. Sure, we have the MLSDF U-21 competitions and the CYBL but some significant segments are not covered.

    3. High School League for non-CeSAFI schools - School teams from PAREF, Royal Oaks, SACS, etc are content with the CYBL and Hapee Online pocket tournaments, nothing really regular

    4. College league for non-aligned schools - Teams from UP Cebu, CNU, ACT, SCSIT, CIE do not participate in regular competitions. A league for them would be very welcome

    5. Commercial league which could serve as a developmental league for new "graduates" who are not ready to move up to the bigger leagues.

    6. Where's the VAAA - This was a good league that pitted teams across Central and Eastern Visayas. I wonder if there will be a 5th season

    Cebu will be a stronger power in basketball very soon...
    Sulong Sri Vijaya!

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    Re: Undererved Areas in Cebu Basketball

    VAAA is trying to set up it's 4th season this March 2010...
    Youtube Video#1 - AMA vs. WLC Championship Game
    Youtube Video#2 - Game Proper
    Look at how big the crowd was... Ormoc City loves Basketball

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    Re: Undererved Areas in Cebu Basketball

    March pa sir? Sayang's too close to election season and some schools might no longer allow their teams since it will be that close to the final exams.
    Cebu will be a stronger power in basketball very soon...
    Sulong Sri Vijaya!

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