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Thread: CeSAFI 2010 pre-season

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    CeSAFI 2010 pre-season

    USC 78-UV 74

    Game notes:
    It's either gitaguan sa UV ang duwa sa ila rookies for the real push in the regular season or they simply are busts(at least so far).

    I dunno if Slaughter will play for UV still in the 1st semester, but UV will surely miss him a lot if he does not. They did add a legit big guy in Andrew Avillanosa(6'6" or 6'7" maybe) but I'd say he has to improve on some areas to be considered among the better big guys in Cebu college basketball. He is still soft, I'm unimpressed with his laterals, have a good touch from the outside though(drilled some threes during warmups), he needs to learn how to use his size(against USC's 6'2" Eddie Bakker, he could only showed 4 points, a rebound and a blocked shot in 10 minutes(entire 2nd quarter). Saycon was ok, great touch from outside, drilled 2 threes in the 2nd, but is very prone to offensive fouls(I think he got called for charge 3 straight plays). His defense is also suspect. Giovanni Padillo who is at least 5-6 inches shorter than him drilled 3 in-your-face jumpers over him(2 threes and a 17-footer), the very same moved Padillo did against Jimbo Aquino that sent their Sweet 16 PCCL game last year into OT. Another 6-3 guy added is from the HS program(Ferrolino), and I believe he will be used in some stretches during the regular season(3 pts, 1 reb, 2 blocks in 10 mins-2nd quarter). One very bright spot I saw for UV is their 5-6 rookie point guard John Abad who scored 9 pts(2 threes) and 2 assists in the 2nd quarter. He can shoot, is strong, has good court vision, and impressive ballhandling.

    For USC, again they lack a big man, but it seems like they can play better that way. Their big man addition wasn't really a blue chipper out of high school(6'2" Danilo Belangel from DBTC HS). The way he played earlier(6 points, 3 rebounds, an assist and 3 blocked shots in the 1st quarter) made me think he's really earned his spot. I saw him when he was new at USC, he was lost in the system and couldn't even join the scrimmages for a stretch last year(all he had to do was work on his individual skills along with some walk-ons), but earlier he showed what he can do---rebound, block shots and make free throws). The other additions were guards out of USC's HS program, probably recruited more for their knowledge of the system more than the other things. None of them stands above 5'9). Also showing a breakout game was Luj Bercede drilling in 7 points in the 2nd quarter. When Cincoflores ate USC's backcourt defense, his number was called. I always thought since before that he is USC's best backcourt on-ball defender although he is only 5'8. Panerio also showed some good hustle getting 3 steals in the 1st period. Sam Hermosa and Giovanni Padillo will no doubt be this team's co-leaders. Hermosa has never been afraid to take a shot and his shot selection have improved a lot since 2 years ago. Giovanni Padillo is oozing with confidence and seems like the addition of conditioning coach Pio Solon is reaping benefits for the squad. They are a lot quicker and have more athleticism now. Cortez, I always considered him among the best pound-for-pound player in the CeSAFI. Lanky and undersized center but has a nose for the ball, good post defense, decent 15-footer J. Another trademark USC big man is being developed as well in the mold of Bogs Llanto, Carlo Padayao, Eddie Bakker(big men who can shoot threes). I'm talking about sophomore Mel Duran.

    It seems like its going to be an open race for the title for the 10th CeSAFI season, especially if Greg Slaughter does not play for UV. With Greg Slaughter playing, I'd probably say UV wins 10th straight. If not, we would proabably be seeing a UV-less finals for the first time in CeSAFI coz I think UC and USC should figure in the finals if that happens.

    4 G Cabahug
    5 C 6-5 Mark Manigque
    6 F 6-4 Rene Saycon
    7 SG 5-10 Premacio
    8 C 6-7 Andrew Avillanosa
    9 G 6-2 Mikee Cabahug
    10 F 6-2 Ralf Olivarez
    11 G 5-11 Phil Mercader
    12 F 6-2 Jan Auditor
    13 F/C 6-4 Jerome Silva
    14 C 6-5 Edrian Lao
    15 PG 5-6 John Abad
    16 G 5-9 Rod Enterina
    17 C 6-3 Ferolino
    18 SG 5-11 Seneres
    19 G 5-7 Harold Cincoflores
    20 F 6-1 RJ Rios

    4 C 6-3 Rob Codilla
    5 G 5-5 Kim Reyes
    6 G 5-9 Chino Uy
    7 G 5-9 Miko Santos
    8 C 6-2 Cid Cortes
    9 G 5-11 Mark Panerio
    10 G 5-8 Nilton Otida
    11 G 5-8 Luj Bercede
    12 F 6-2 Mel Duran
    13 F 6-0 Sam Hermosa
    14 PG 5-8 Jax Bautista
    15 C 6-2 Dan Belangel
    16 SG 5-10 Mike Cantonao
    18 SG 5-10 Giovanni Padillo
    19 F 6-2 Eddie Bakker
    Cebu will be a stronger power in basketball very soon...
    Sulong Sri Vijaya!

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    Re: CeSAFI 2010 pre-season

    Wat about the cobras?

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    Re: CeSAFI 2010 pre-season

    The Cobras are not participating in this year's Partners' Cup. I suppose you do not read news since that story was posted in all 3 local dailies in Cebu
    Cebu will be a stronger power in basketball very soon...
    Sulong Sri Vijaya!

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    Re: CeSAFI 2010 pre-season

    USC edges reinforced CIT 79-77

    Van Padillo had an off night, scoring only 5 points, but the last 2 was USC's go-ahead basket with roughly 8 seconds left in the game. USC actually came from behind a 24-12 1st quarter deficit and the Warriors, who waived off the right to play 3 imports, held off an reinforcement-heavy 3rd quarter lineup for CIT featuring now head coach and ex-pro Ibet Demape(MBA's Manila Metrostars & PBA's Purefoods), ex-Negros Slasher Jerry Jaca and ex-NT member, ex-PBL, 2001 CeSAFI MVP and active Cebu Niños wingman Jerry Cavan.

    1st Quarter: CIT starts strong behind the combined 15 pts of Christian Taboada(7 pts) and Karenrick Dela Cerna(8 pts). CIT takes 24-12 at end of 1st. Hermosa scored only 4 pts along with Mel Duran's 3 points and 3 rebs in the 1st for USC.

    2nd quarter: USC's Eddie Bakker hits 3 triples en route to an 11-point 2nd quarter and 6'3 Rob Codilla had 5 points and 5 rebs. CIT reinforcement Sherwin Abobo scores 7 for CIT and rookie 6'2 Dimco had 5 points and a board, 6'6 Elmaga grabs 3 rebounds as well but had about 3 turnovers on travel and 3 second calls. USC cuts CIT's lead 30-34.

    3rd quarter: CIT fields in its strongest five, Jaca, Demape, Cavan, top offensive gunner Chester Curso and 6'3 sophomore Mark Lopez. Unfazed, USC's undersized center 6'0 Cid Cortez grabs 10 boards in the 3rd against Jaca while sophomore guard Jacques Bautista hits 2 triples for 6 points.

    4th quarter: Seesaw battle. Cortez scores 6 of his 8 points and grabs 2 more rebounds and issues 2nd assist. Hermosa hits 2 triples and 14 of his 18 points plus 4 rebounds in the 4th. Jaca rallies CIT with 9 pts, 3 rebs and a steal while Taboada hits 7 more points. Then Van Padillo scores the last of his 2 points with 8 seconds remaining to put USC ahead 79-77. On return play Jaca put up an awkward play and Hermosa secures rebound to seal USC win.

    Interesting stats:
    Cid Cortez 8 points, 12 rebs, 2 asts==>10 rebs 3rd quarter, 6 pts in 4th
    Sam Hermosa 18 points, 4 rebs, 1 ast==>14 points in 4th

    Jerry Jaca 11 pts, 4 reb, 1 ast, 1 stl==>9 pts, 3 reb in 4th
    Christian Taboada 14 pts 1 ast==>7 pts in 1st and 7 pts in 4th

    Personal notes:
    +1 in experience for USC. They waived the right to play 3 reinforcements and instead chose to play their reserves. Danilo Belangel, Kim Reyes, Chino Uy, Patrick Sabio, Miko Santos, Adlawan, Jonas Ybañez surely had their hands full. The experience will help these rookies develop their game and maturity. Aside from the rookies, mainstays Mark Panerio, Baban Padillo, June Cantonao, Sam Hermosa can say they contained Jerry Jaca, Ibet Demape and Jerry Cavan, nevermind if these guys were not A-list superstars but it is indeed a big confidence booster.

    -1 for CIT's rookies. Jerry Cavan, Sherwin Abobo, Jerry Jaca and Ibet Demape took spots that could have been filled in by a developing player from CIT's training pool. Sure their additions make the playing field even, but in the long run, USC's young wards are a step ahead in experience compared to theirs come regular season. Same goes for UV and to some extent UC, who were not allowed reinforcements.

    Looking at development right now, I feel its still the higher-ranked teams who were given the benefit in terms of player development.
    Cebu will be a stronger power in basketball very soon...
    Sulong Sri Vijaya!

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    Re: CeSAFI 2010 pre-season

    USJ-R comes from behind to beat UC 63-59

    1st quarter: USJ-R's Marvin Duran scores 7 pts and Kurt Amores grabs 5 rebounds while Luceño leads UC charge with 7 points and 2 blocks

    2nd quarter: UC takes 34-18 advantage. Kevin Quilantang had 5 pts and 4 rebs, Returning forward Krist Pao has 2 pts, 4 rebs and a block, Juliane has 6 points on 2 triples, Rogado hits 5 points and Fajardo had 4 points, 4 rebs, 4 ast and 2 blocks.

    3rd quarter: USJ-R starts cutting on UC's lead. UC's Pompeo Miranda grabs 5 rebounds and scores on a buzzer beating undergoal stab for his only 2 pts, 6'2 Rookie Alfred Batino hits 6 pts and has 2 rebounds before fouling out with a minute left. USJ-R's rookie point guard 5'9 Bucayan outshines the much-hyped UC rookie PG 5'7 Gerald Ampoon. Bucayan had 4 pts, 2 ast and 2 stls to Ampoon's 3 pts. Lapiz scores 7 points, Delfino has 6 points and 2 blks, Bibera has 8 pts, 2 reb, 2 stls and a block for USJ-R

    4th quarter: USJ-R banks on a solid team scoring effort to subdue UC 63-59. Junmar limited to 2 points 2 rebounds and a steal. USJ-R doubled off Fajardo and closed out the passing lanes and shooters, much like what UE did to them in the latest PCCL.

    Lapiz 9 pts 1 reb 1 stl
    Bibera 8 pts, 2 rebs, 2 stls, 1 blk

    Fajardo 6 pts, 6 rebs, 4 ast, 1 stl, 2 blks
    Rogado 10 pts

    Personal notes:
    -1 for both teams rookies. USJ-R chose to play reinforcements heavily instead of their young turks. UC also played Kim Gomez who will no longer play in the regular season, him being an incoming nursing junior.

    +1 for Batino, Bucayan, Arevalo, Olbedado, Ampoon, Senining, Delos Santos. Those rookies gained some experience. I'm pretty impressed with the maturity displayed by UC's Batino(although he had 5 fouls in the 3rd) and USJ-R's rookie PG Bucayan.
    Cebu will be a stronger power in basketball very soon...
    Sulong Sri Vijaya!

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    Re: CeSAFI 2010 pre-season

    Junmar Fajardo bounces back from a lackluster performance, leading Enervon C-UC to a 74-68 win over the 0-3 Prime Asia-DBTC. Junmar had 12 of his 19 points and 8 of his 12 rebounds in the 4th quarter. He finished with 19 points, 12 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 blocks. He also had 2 fastbreak two-handed slams in the 3rd but it seems he is again having trouble with freethrows making just 5 of 10.

    In the other matchup, Bibbo Hotdog-CIT scores a huge 76-71 upset over PTT Fuels-UV. CIT used a huge first half run that gave them a 16 point lead at the turn. The first half charge was led by unlikely heroes Arnel Ipang(6 points in 2nd) and Marko Elmaga(7 points in 2nd). CIT's veteran reinforcements then took charge in the 3rd as Gerry Cavan waxed hot. Cavan finished with 15 points to claim best player honors.
    Cebu will be a stronger power in basketball very soon...
    Sulong Sri Vijaya!

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    Re: CeSAFI 2010 pre-season

    USC-San Marino surprises UC-Enervon C with a 17-4 run at the get-go and never looked back from there. UC staged a comeback behind Junmar Fajardo in the 2nd half and with a little help from awful officiating but the Warriors built a large enough cushion and also got help from their outside sniping late in the game to claim their 3rd straight win after losing to USJ-R/Ave Maria in the opening game of the 2010 CeSAFI Partners Cup. Cid Cortes(14), Sam Hermosa(16), Baban Padillo(13) and Jun Cantonao(13) all scored in double figures for USC. Fajardo had 22 pts for UC and Juliane had 12 and got little help from their other teammates. USC is now in solo 2nd with a 3-1 card while UC falls to 2-2.

    Fajardo 22 pts, 6 rebs, 2 stls, 1 blk
    Pao 7 pts, 5 reb, 1 ast
    Quilantang 4 reb, 1 ast
    Rogado 9 pts, 3 reb
    Juliane 12 pts, 2 reb, 3 ast, 1 stl
    Tano 1 ast
    Ypil 4 pts, 1 stl, 1 blk
    Enriquez 1 reb
    Delos Santos 3 pts, 1 stl
    Ampoon 4 pts, 1 reb
    Cabrera 2 reb
    Batino 6 pts, 1 reb, 1 stl
    Luceno 5 pts, 3 reb, 1 ast, 1 stl
    Gomez 1 stl
    Mohamad 2 reb

    Cortes 14 pts, 5 rebs, 4 blks
    Hermosa 16 pts, 7 rebs, 1 ast
    Cantonao 13 pts, 3 ast
    Padillo 13 pts, 3 reb
    Bautista 3 rebs, 3 asts, 2 stls
    Codilla 4 pts, 1 reb
    Bakker 3 pts
    Panerio 2 reb, 1 stl
    Bercede 2 pts, 1 stl
    Otida 5 pts, 1 reb, 2 stl
    Duran 2 pts, 3 reb, 1 blk
    Adlawan 2 reb, 1 ast
    Santos 2 pts, 1 ast
    Uy 5 pts, 1 reb
    Reyes 1 reb

    Pts Reb Ast Stl Blk
    1st Qtr
    UC 8 4 1 1 1
    USC 30 8 3 0 0

    2nd QTR
    UC 14 6 1 2 0
    USC 22 10 5 0 4

    3rd QTR
    UC 20 11 1 2 0
    USC 9 6 0 4 1

    4th QTR
    UC 30 8 4 3 1
    USC 15 3 1 2 0

    Cebu will be a stronger power in basketball very soon...
    Sulong Sri Vijaya!

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