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Thread: General Manny Pacquiao Topics

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    Re: General Manny Pacquiao Topics


    first fighter ever signed by oscar dela hoya's GBP - marco antonio barrera

    GBP's first ever boxing promotion - barrera-pacquiao 1

    now you know why golden girl has such an axe to grind against manny.

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    Manny Pacquiao On GQ

    Quite a long read. Seven pages The best? You be the judge.

    "Pronounced like a comic-book sound effect: pack--ee-ow!"
    -- What his opponents hear and react to after getting hit. :D

    The Biggest Little Man in the World

    What do you get when you cross Muhammad Ali, Sly Stallone, Vaclav Havel, Michael Vick, Che Guevara, & Clay Aiken? Manny Pacquiao

    By Andrew Corsello
    We are not a nation of donkeys, we are a nation of Lions!

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    Re: General Manny Pacquiao Topics

    ^Great read. I'd like to get this old issue of GQ.

    Also, read the Vanity Fair series of articles on the Pacquiao - De La Hoya fight written by Peter Nelson.

    Manny Pacquiao is the Michaelangelo of boxing.

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    Re: General Manny Pacquiao Topics

    heard about erik morales angling for a 4th fight with pacquiao? this comes three years after a fever-stricken manny annihilated him in 3 rounds, going down in a KO so brutal he looked at his dad, shook his head and said no mas. this was at 130 where erik was already struggling to bring opponents down after moving up from 122 and 126. moving further up to 135, he couldn't even hurt B-level fighter david diaz. now, he wants another shot at manny at 147!

    this can only mean one thing - after 3 years out of the ring, the guy's broke.

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    Re: General Manny Pacquiao Topics

    ^ Totally agree. He wants a Clottey-like paycheck. Very much willing to absorb punches from Pacman for a million bucks.

    The guys who ain't broke like David Diaz, Hatton, Golden Boy are not asking for a rematch.

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    Re: General Manny Pacquiao Topics

    After reading about Manny's lifestyle on the April 2010 issue of GQ, I think Manny should heed this warning:


    Steward's and Thomas Hearns' financial woes a warning for Pacquiao

    March 27, 1:20 AM

    Marv Dumon

    Popular HBO commentator Emanuel Steward was slapped with a tax lien last month for owing the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) about $38,000 for fiscal years 2006 and 2007, according to The Detroit News.

    Steward has trained over 30 world champions including Evander Holyfield and Thomas Hearns.

    Thomas "The Hitman" Hearns himself is facing foreclosure on his home and owed nearly $1 million in unpaid taxes and mortgage payments. (Hearns reportedly earned close to $40 million during his career.)

    Regarding Emanuel Steward, penalties and interest caused his tax debt to balloon to close to $48,000. HBO's popular commentator said that he recently paid off his tax bill, and blamed the late payments due to possibly not checking his mail.

    His response and version of the story seems incredulous. The tax lien was for calendar years 2006 and 2007. He has not checked his mail in over three years?

    With the fast approaching IRS April 15 tax deadline, these cases serve as reminders for active fighters to practice prudent financial management. Floyd Mayweather, Jr, as it was widely reported last year, owed the IRS over $5 million in back taxes, penalties, and interest. Mayweather also reportedly faced repossession of numerous vehicles as well as owed the neighborhood trash collecter several thousand dollars.

    The National Basketball Association and National Football League have programs that routinely give their players training and classes regarding budgeting, financial and investment management. Boxing currently has no similar program. Golden Boy Promotions does sit down with fighters to give them periodic personalized financial overviews and reports.

    Emanuel Steward's and Thomas Hearns' cases serve as warning for today's current big spender and pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao. Think of the once-great Mike Tyson. The former heavyweight champion earned over $400 million during his fight career. Titanic purses since lost on mind-boggling expenses, Tyson declared bankruptcy not too long after his prime.

    Regarding Manny Pacquiao, "Pacman's" entourage size is approaching 200, and the congressional candidate is reportedly budgeting $10 million for his May electoral campaign.

    While, the Filipino is expected to earn around $15 million in pre-tax income, IRS taxes (and Pacquiao belongs to the highest tax bracket) would bring earnings closer to $9 million.

    That amount seems rich until you consider that the Philippine government also takes its portion of taxes. Pacquiao is taxed millions of dollars each year on both U.S. and Philippine soil.

    Expenses are probably close to $2 million (about $1 million for Freddie Roach).

    After its after-tax tabulation, the Joshua Clottey fight probably provides only about half the funds needed in order to financially support his congressional bid - a race that many are forecasting Pacquiao to lose.

    A source close to the team also suggests that Pacquiao still ways to go in setting up a legal entity(s) that can classify his business expenses as deductibles in order to reduce his tax burden. If this information is true, and we say if, Pacquiao is likely losing several million dollars each year due to a lack of estate and tax planning in the United States alone.

    If Pacquiao is not careful, business expenses can wholly eat up his investment income and start to reduce his cash-generating assets. Entourage spending reportedly tops $700 for a single restaurant sitting at Nit Nai (next to the Wild Card Gym), and that's just for one meal - dinner.

    Gives proper meaning to the term "free loader" doesn't it? Chartered jet? Costs for a small commercial plane can range between $15,000 to $35,000. That's one hefty plane ticket bill.

    Setting up legal entities, such as a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), continues to be sound practice for managing legal risk exposure as well as for decreasing tax liabilities. The IRS tax code, as extremely complex as it is, provides ways to minimize taxes for individuals through the deduction of business expenses as well as provides tax credits for certain qualified expenses.

    However, there continues to be no substitute for common sense and restraint when it comes to financial management. Cash is king. Unfortunately, many stars equate fame with financial stability. Far, far from it. Most likely, the opposite is true. The more fame, (eventually) the less financial stability.
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    Re: General Manny Pacquiao Topics

    Manny Pacquiao with an "Exclusive" video on Funny or Die:

    "Noynoy is Not My President!!!" at Facebook:

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    Re: General Manny Pacquiao Topics

    looks like manny's going win in saranggani. the first reigning world champ elected to congress. only in the philippines.

    congrats manny.

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    Re: General Manny Pacquiao Topics

    Pacquiao is way ahead of Chongbian. 56,000 against 25,000 votes.

    Will he retire or will he give us the fight everybody is clamoring for (Mayweather)?

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    Re: General Manny Pacquiao Topics

    Who's next for the Greatest Pinoy Boxer ever?

    * Shane Mosley - He maybe big, but too old, gassed out starting round three in his last fight with Homoweather. A boring, predictable fight. Another sacrificial lamb to be offered on the altar of Manny Pacquiao.

    * Juan Manuel Marquez - Interesting, if only to see The Pacman finally knock him out. But he has to win against Katsidis, first.

    * Floyd "The Homo" Mayweather Jr. - Interesting, but that faggot will never likely fight Manny. He's just too scared. Too gay. LOL

    * Sergio Martinez - After knocking out the seemingly invincible Paul Williams with one punch, Martinez suddenly thrust himself as one of the most fearsome boxers of today. The best opponent in my book. But might be too big for Manny. Remember that big Margarito hurt Manny real bad in their last fight. Arum already rejected a proposal by Martinez's Manager for a 155 lb catchweight. A lower catchweight, maybe 148 lbs. would probably be good enough for Manny. If the Pacman beats Martinez, then I am pretty sure Manny will not have to fight Homoweather anymore to cement his legacy in boxing as the greatest fighter of his generation.

    On to Sergio Martinez, and eternal boxing legacy for Manny Pacquiao.

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