‘99% of people told me Pacquiao won,’ says Roach

Bong Lozada
11:06 AM | Thursday, May 28th, 2015

Boxing’s most expensive fight may have been over for weeks, but famed trainer Freddie Roach still has something to say about it.

Roach told Radio Rahim of BoxingScene.com almost all of the people he interacted with, after his student Manny Pacquiao lost Floyd Mayweather Jr., said the Filipino boxer got robbed.

“Most of the people and the fans told me we got robbed, then the next day at the airport 99 percent of the people told me that we won the fight,” Roach said in the report.

Pacquiao lost to Mayweather via unanimous decision and conceded his WBO Welterweight title as the undefeated American unified it to his WBC and WBA Welterweight Championships.

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It was the fight the sporting world waited for almost half-a-decade and the hype easily fizzled when the fans never saw a glimpse of a full-on brawl.

Mayweather easily ducked, and hugged, Pacquiao, who was suffering an injured right shoulder during the May 2 fight at MGM Grand Garden Arena.

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“I thought he could have thrown more flurries like we had planned to. I think he was working very well. We were out-punching Mayweather. The thing is, Mayweather did run a lot,” Roach said.

He admitted, though, he hasn’t re-watched the fight and could not evaluate fully. IDL