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Thread: The Floyd Mayweather Jr. Thread

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    Re: The Floyd Mayweather Jr. Thread

    The end is near for Floyd's reign

    a very interesting article ;D

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    Re: The Floyd Mayweather Jr. Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by tigerman
    The end is near for Floyd's reign

    a very interesting article ;D

    Mayweather is a "me, me , me" type of a guy. . . so i rckon being booed serves him right. . . physically we know how capable he is but mentally we dont really know if this incident really affected him that much not until fight night.
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    Re: The Floyd Mayweather Jr. Thread

    Floyd Mayweather vs. Shane Mosley

    Mayweather enters the ring with a circus act, and three guy singing live. Mayweather theme is the same one used on "The Appentice", the one that says, "Money-money-money-mo-neeey ...". Michael Buffer starts the introductions.

    ROUND 1: Mosley slips, no knock down. Mosley going to the body. Mayweather's body very quick in evading punches, but overall boring round, just lots of feinting, hugging, and jabs.

    ROUND 2: Mosley tags Mayweather with a solid right straight, Mayweather looked hurt as he clung to Mosley's right hand. Mosley lands another good right hook, Mayweather drops to one knee but gets back up. Mayweather now clinging to Mosley for life.

    ROUND 3: Mayweather on the attack, tags Mosley with some good shots. Mosley breathing out of his mouth, not a good sign.

    ROUND 4: Mayweather showing off his hand speed, tagging Mosley in and out, in and out. Mayweather looks like he's ahead on points.

    ROUND 5: Mayweather like a Mongoose, playing with a snake. Mayweather's too quick. I have doubts Manny can nail this guy if they fight, though he has the best chance to do it.

    ROUND 6: Mayweather clearly in control, landing more shots, one at a time, but clearly scoring on points.

    ROUND 7: Mosley in trouble, breathing thru his mouth, reflexes now slow, hasn't hit Mayweather with a solid shot. Mayweather hitting him shot after shot after shot. I think the fight for Mosley is over at this point. Its just a question of how long he will last, and if he lasts for five more rounds. More out of age than anything else.

    ROUND 8: Mayweather and Mosley clearly thrash talking on the ring. Mayweather with solid shots again, while Mosley hasn't landed any.

    ROUND 9-10: More of the same. Mosley I think clearly is out of the fight, but the problem is that Mayweather just couldn't finish him off. Mosley is knockable right now, but the problem is Mayweather's fight style that just doesn't finish a fight with a knockout. If it was Pacquiao out there with Mosley, Mosley would've likely been beaten to a pulp right now. Instead, Mayweather just keeps doing the same, without finishing his opponent off.

    ROUNDS 10-12: Not worth watching, more of the same.

    Mayweather wins by Unanimous Decision over Mosley. Mostly a boring fight, as was expected. When asked about Pacquaio, Mayweather still is insisting about the Blood Test. Not looking good for the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight.

    I was initially was impressed with Mayweather's hand and foot speed, but then I realized that Mayweather fought an old man who just didn't have it anymore after five rounds, just like Dela Hoya against Pacquiao. The bad news for him is that despite that, he nearly got knocked out, and couldn't even knock out a visibly tired old man in Mosley.

    Pacquiao is not an old man like Mosley, punches stronger, and is non-stop all thru 12 rounds. Mayweather is a formidable foe, and it will be the fight of the century if it happens. But I think Pacquiao definitely has a good chance against Mayweather.

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    Re: The Floyd Mayweather Jr. Thread

    agree mosley is an old man. mayweather jr. is just an overrated guy. all hype and nothing else

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    Re: The Floyd Mayweather Jr. Thread

    Mayweather vs Pacquiao needs to happen, its the biggest fight out there that really matters, kung di sila maglalaban mag retire nalang si Pacman, I think Floyd should lessen his demands if he really wants to fight Pacquiao.

    The Mosley of 10 years ago would definitely beat Floyd, not this 38-year old man.

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    Re: The Floyd Mayweather Jr. Thread

    Mayweather hit Mosley with clean hard shots but not one buckled the knees of the latter. Ganon lang ba kaya talaga ng suntok niya? Pero nung mahagip siya ni Mosley nung 2nd rd, halos mapaupo siya.

    He can't buckle the 38 yr old, yet he buckled when hit cleanly.

    Pag natuloy ang laban nila ni Manny, pre-fight talk will make a point of reference to this fight, particularly what transpired in the 2nd.
    We had a head start in this game. At one time we had a glorious 3rd place finish in the World Championship and was the undisputed power in Asia. But the world has learned how to play it. They may not be as good as us,but they have enough smarts to make use of their height. That is enough to beat us.

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    Re: The Floyd Mayweather Jr. Thread

    Among Filipino fight fans we should probably refer to him as PINK FLOYD, given his swardish stance towards Manny Pacquiao.

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    Re: The Floyd Mayweather Jr. Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Sam Miguel
    Among Filipino fight fans we should probably refer to him as PINK FLOYD, given his swardish stance towards Manny Pacquiao.
    He has the gall to say that I am the past, the present and the future of sports entertainment.

    He's just "Another Brick In The Wall."
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    Re: The Floyd Mayweather Jr. Thread

    ^^^ ;D Brick in the wall...

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    Re: The Floyd Mayweather Jr. Thread

    say what you want about floyd but he just thoroughly dismantled the hitherto consensus top welterweight. i think he's still the best technical boxer there is, the best tactician, the most complete fighter out there. saying that manny will easily beat him with his usual swarming style is like saying you can easily stop michael jordan by overplaying his right, or you can stop kobe by putting a hand in his face. great athletes will find ways to win, and floyd will figure manny out if pac doesn't bring anything new.

    therein lies pac's advantage. freddie is better than anyone in floyd's corner and pac should listen to him rather than that jackass koncz. i still think pac's faster than floyd but not by much. in terms of handspeed, though, malayo ang lamang ni manny. but can he connect? in terms of power, floyd has KOd only 1 out of his past 6 opponents over the last 4 years. in contrast, pac has brutally KOd 4 out of his past 6 opponents and clottey only escaped by refusing to trade. but again, can pac connect?

    for all these questions and uncertainties, only one thing is certain - this fight HAS to happen. everything's been said about the drug test issue, and it's the likes of arum, ellerbe, dela hoya, schaefer, koncz, etc who muddle the situation. for boxing's sake just get the 2 guys in the ring and let em slug it out already.

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