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Thread: sayang ka kevin!!!!

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    Have we seen the last of the K.ALAS era? Now that it has been wriiten all over, its adios and best of luck Kevin.

    But you know what, it is still a Lonnnnnnng 4 months till the next NC bball season89. Malay naten mag HIMALA!.. at biglang mag iba ang ihip ng hangin.....Wala lang.....!?

    Tuloy ang Arriba

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    Quote Originally Posted by bugleboy View Post

    Re JRU's D-League team,.. their players are either from other teams (Maiquez, Miranda, Mirza, Del Rio) or those who have maxed out their eligibility (Apinan, Villarias, Almario, Lopez). I think the only players in this D-League team who may be returning to JRU next year would be Paniamogan and Mabulac.

    That's a surprise! So, the d-league stint is not really to hone up the team for Season 89. I suspect their participation is more of a marketing tool, to enhance JRU in the public consciousness, to probably hook in more new enrolees for the next AY. Ha ha ha!
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    ^Most probably. Per records, Villarias was born on Feb. 25, 1988 while Almario on May 17, 1988. That will make them both ineligible for NCAA play because they will be over the age limit when the tourney starts in June 2013. Sayang iyon for JRU, especially since Villarias was just beginning to hit his stride last season and has just played for two years with them. Re Lopez, he has played for five years already in the senior team.

    On topic: sayang talaga si Kevin. I can't shake the feeling that the Knights will make him regret his decision come next season. Good for us, not so good for him.

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    With Kevin A's inclusion to the expanded 24 man pool for the FIBA games in August, it's foregone he won't be suiting up for the team in Season 89, contrary to what others are still hoping for. I hope Kevin makes the cut. He deserves a place in the RP team, unlike some of the Fil-shams. Arriba!
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