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Thread: Fatima Phoenix Year 1

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    Fatima Phoenix Year 1

    Newcomer Fatima University came from 20 points down to outlast perennial contender New Era University 78 - 77 in overtime, giving head coach and former PBA player Rency Bajar his first official victory in the NAASCU.

    Both teams came out very tentative and overeager, as the first period turned into a mess of turnovers, sloppy passing, and slipping and sliding, compounded by humidity in the ancient Pasay Sports Center. Early afternoon rains did nothing to help alleviate the slipping and sliding. The first period ended at a grade school-age group like score of 9-4 in favor of New Era.

    With rotund 6'3" center Mike Lopez, 5'9" guard Jun Castillo and shifty 6'2" swingman Symon Santos on the firing end, the Hunters of head coach Adonis Tierra errected the 30-13 lead late into the second period. Tierra's boys just barely missed the Final 4 last season and are dark horses again this season.

    That lead ballooned to as much as 44-24 late in the third period, as Bajar's boys just could not seem to sustain any kind of run. Anytime the Phoenix threatened, the Hunters had an answer. Lopez and burly 6'4" power forward Boy Sevilla were even taunting the Phoenix players as well as the Fatima gallery with roughhouse tactics and swinging elbows.

    In the payoff fourth period though it became an altogether different contest. Better defense and rebounding for the Phoenix got the key stops on one end, but poor foul shooting threatened to blunt their rally. 6'2" forward Easy Lover "Ace" San Juan, 6'2" forward-center Randy Basco, 5'8" pointguard Lester Panes, 6'3" center Ralph Monserat and 6'1" swingman Paolo Guidaben, put together a searing rally that erased the New Era lead. Guidaben hit the go-ahead trey from the corner with Santos in his face to make it 62-61 for Fatima. He then made it 64-61 with a steal and a transition layup.

    Stunned shitless, New Era sued for time and were all over the referees. By this time the roughhousing duo of Lopez and Sevilla had fouled out after numerous warnings by the game officials. Santos tied the count with a last-second layup at 65-all after Panes missed three out of four freethrows on the Fatima end sending the game into overtime.

    In the extra period it looked like it would be more of the same. Possessions were being bled for and freethrows were being missed. Santos made it 75-all with time under a minute and a half. Fatima however just proved steadier in the dying seconds, and they made sure no miracles would be forthcoming for the Hunters to hang on for the final count.

    Bedlam ensued when the final buzzer sounded, as the upstart Phoenix completed one hell of a debut against an experienced and talented foe. "We showed na may puso tayo, na hindi tayo bumibitaw, but we also have to learn from our mistakes," said Bajar in the post-game huddle.

    AMA, the Season 6 champion, is up next for the Phoenix.

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    Re: Fatima Phoenix Year 1

    NAASCU Season 9 Elimination Round Schedule

    Fatima Phoenix

    18 July Saturday, Pasay Sports Complex

    Fatima versus New Era, Seniors, 2:00 PM

    19 July Sunday, UM Gym

    Fatima versus STI, Juniors, 2:00 PM

    20 July Monday, Pasay Sports Complex

    Fatima versus AMA, Seniors, 2:00 PM

    22 July Wednesday, CEU Gym

    Fatima versus Lyceum Subic, Seniors, 2:30 PM

    25 July Saturday, UM Gym

    Fatima versus CEU, Seniors, 3:30 PM

    26 July Sunday, San Sebastian Cavite Gym

    Fatima versus San Sebastian Cavite, Seniors, 5:30 PM

    27 July Monday, UM Gym

    Fatima versus St Clare, Juniors, 12:30 PM

    29 July Wednesday, UM Gym

    Fatima versus St Clare, Seniors, 12:30 PM

    1 August Saturday, New Era Gym

    Fatima versus U Makati, Seniors, 12:30 PM

    3 August Monday, Subic Bay Gym

    Fatima versus U Manila, Seniors, 4:00 PM

    4 August Tuesday, UM Gym

    Fatima versus Informatics, Juniors, 11:00 AM

    5 August Wednesday, UM Gym

    Fatima versus STI, Seniors, 11:00 AM

    8 August Saturday, UM Gym

    Fatima versus PL Pasay, Seniors, 12:30 PM

    19 August Monday, Pasay Sports Complex

    Fatima versus Informatics, Seniors, 8:00 AM

    11 August Tuesday, UM Gym

    Fatima versus U Makati, Juniors, 11:00 AM

    13 August Thursday, UM Gym

    Fatima versus AMA, Juniors, 11:00 AM

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    Re: Fatima Phoenix Year 1


    Head Coach: Mr. Renzy Bajar
    Asst. Coach: Mr. Ralph Emerson Rivera
    Consultant: Mr. Pepe Sanchez

    David, Raymond 5'7" Guard
    Ladao, Alexander Jr. 5'8" Guard
    Aque, Mark 6'2" Forward
    Mina, Mark Bryan 6'4" Center
    Panes, Lester 5'7" Guard
    Valdevilla, Carl 6'1" Swingman
    Culala, Joal 5'8" Pointguard
    Lacbayan, Daryl 5'9" Guard
    Basco, Randy 6'2" Forward-Center
    Monserat, Ralph 6'3" Center-Forward
    Monserat, Gaylord 6'1" Forward
    Palima, Mark 5'8" Guard
    Zapanta, Robin 5'7" Pointguard
    San Juan, Easy Lover 6'1" Forward
    Guidaben, Paolo 6'0" Swingman

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    Re: Fatima Phoenix Year 1

    For a first-timer in the major varsity wars, the Phoenix have been learning things the hard way. After a big opening day victory over New Era, the got blown away by some 29 points against 2006 champion AMA Computer University. Unable to execute and getting abandoned by their perimeter shooting, the Phoenix struggled through that blowout win. Staying with arm's length from periods one to three, the Phoenix seemed to run completely out of gas in the payoff fourth period as the Titans erected their first 20-point lead at 64-44. AMA only kept pouring it on even as Fatima tried in vain to get their outside game going.

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    Re: Fatima Phoenix Year 1

    [img width=533 height=800][/img]

    Paolo Guidaben, nephew of PBA legend Abet Guidaben, in action versus New Era

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    Re: Fatima Phoenix Year 1

    [img width=533 height=800][/img]

    Up and coming Fatima juniors star AJ Perea led the way versus STI 75-57

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    Re: Fatima Phoenix Year 1

    [img width=531 height=800][/img]

    You can catch Fatima's top cheerleader at the games.

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    Re: Fatima Phoenix Year 1

    [img width=531 height=800][/img]

    She's 5'9" and also a volleyball player.

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    Re: Fatima Phoenix Year 1

    aba aba parang nang hahamon mag labas ng picture ah hehe
    Mhel "the Pogi" Garrido
    The Real Aga Muhlach

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    Re: Fatima Phoenix Year 1

    ^ Sige nga, maglabas ka nga, maglabas ka nga!

    Ng picture ha... ;D

    Papa Mhel baka meron ka from opening ceremonies.

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