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Thread: Basketball Classics 1960s Era

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    Upset rocks Metro tilt
    October 1, 1962

    A spunky Philippine Paints team pulled a big surprise in the opening of the Metropolitan Open cage championship when it upset Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office, 74-66, at the Rizal Memorial Coliseum.
    Lamberto Soliman, Felipe Tarifa and rookie Ernesto Estacio led the Philippine Paints assault on the Sweepstakes squad. In the first tilt, Yco routed the Philippine Constabulary, 119-75. Cristino Arroyo, Arturo Valenzona and Roberto Yburan struck in the first four minutes of play and from thereon, Joe Braun, Mariano Tolentino and Freddie Webb took over and had their opponents in tow, 57-37, at the end of the first half.

    Crispa rips Kiwis, 72-68
    October 2, 1962

    An off-beat Crispa five pounded out a 72-68 squeaker over the visiting New Zealand team at the Rizal Memorial Coliseum. The loss was the first for the Kiwis in their Manila exhibition series. Olympian Constancio Ortiz, bulky Romeo Yanga and center Tine Hardemann combined to save the day for Crispa with a big spurt at the start and nifty shooting in the clutch.

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    When the Goldies shown in '64 (Part 1)
    By Ed Tolentino

    In February 1964, the Goldies bungled a bid to retain the Metropolitan hoop title. a month later, they saw the national collegiate crown slip from their fingers as the UV Lancers landed the upset axe on them.
    The Goldies were having engine trouble and in the UAAP tournament that unfolded on September 6 of the same year, the team was expected to suffer the ultimate debacle.
    The team's lineup was hardly impressive. Only three men scaled the six-foot mark, Manuel Tan the tallest at 6-1. Worse, top gun Orlando Bauzon was dropped from the roster due to academic deficiencies. Coach Felicisimo Fajardo had no other option but to rely on the services of Januario "Aric" del Rosario, sharpshooter Anselmo Briones and Rene Hawkins, a burly forward dredged from FEU's juniors.
    To compound UST's woes, coach Fajardo resigned at the start of the tournament. Herminio Silva was forced to act as interim coach in the Goldies' first game opposite the UE Warriors.
    The Red Warriors emerged triumphant, but the Goldies gave them the big chill. With two minutes left, the Goldies were breathing down UE's neck, 80-78. Romeo Ramos intercepted a wayward Warrior pass and sped for home. But UE's Robert Jaworski wrestled him down. Saddled by cramps following the hard tackle, Ramos limped his way to the bench. Ceferino dela Paz took the gift shots and converted both to tie the count.
    With 15 seconds to go, UE's Joseph Wilson weaved through a phalanx of defenders and connected at pointblank range, pushing UE up, 82-80. In the return play, Roberto Salonga drove the baseline and succeeded in fishing a foul from a Warrior. Salonga could have equalized the score, but he muffed the chance. The final result was an 82-81 victory for the Warriors.
    The Goldies went down in defeat with their heads held high. The team's spirit was buoyed all the more with the acquisition of the great Carlos Loyzaga as head coach.
    With the 34-year old Loyzaga at the helm, the Goldies metamorphosed into an unstoppable offensive machine. In their succeeding games, the Goldies posted upset triumphs over the UP Fighting Maroons (79-77) and the FEU Tamaraws (65-60). The team also pulled off a squeaker over the NU Bulldogs, 76-73. "Even as the second round came into swing nothing, it seemed, could freeze the Goldie drive." reported The Varsitarian (UST's official school organ)
    The Goldies formally earned a ticket to the championship series by carving out a revenge win over their only tormentor in the regular season, the UE Warriors. It was a cliffhanger, with UST winning by a solitary point, 58-57.

    The championship series to be continued.

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    When the Goldies shown in '64 (Part 2)
    By Ed Tolentino

    In the championship setto, the Goldies were paired against the Tamaraws. Man for man, the Tams dwarfed the Goldies by two to three inches. Coach Peping Yee expressed confidence that despite FEU's early losses to UST, his charges will recover well in the championship series. FEU pinned its hopes on the offensive troika of Danny Gavieres, Rolando Mojica and Jose Aldanese.
    UST, on the other hand was bannered by demolition man Aric del Rosario. Del Rosario had blasted over 170 points in eight games. Ably backing him up were Hipolito and prize rookie Ceferino dela Paz, a steel-bodied hellcat whom Loyzaga referred to as "my wonder workhorse."
    In Game 1, UST bucked several tense moments to chisel out a 61-60 thriller. Del Rosario was again the main man. With FEU leading, 54-53, del Rosario staged on a one-man burst to put UST on top, 60-55.
    Needing only one more win in the best-of-three series, UST entered Game 2 brimming with confidence. But the Tams proved to be no easy pickings. Rolando Mojica caught fire and burned the hoops all night long en route to leading FEU to a 69-58 romp. Mojica was so ferocious on offense that he pumped in 13 of FEU's first 15 points. Mojica finished with a game high 35 points.
    The Goldies' aura of invincibility was shattered into shreds. Basketball afficionados were already conceding the title to FEU, to which Loyzaga responded "Let Mojica do it again!"
    FEU almost pulled it off in Game 3. The Tams got off to a jackrabbit start. The Goldies were actually doing good, sinking 80% of their shots.
    For a while, it appeared that everthing would go smoothly for the Goldies. But troubles plagued Ramos, dela Paz and Hipolito. Hipolito later complained of upset stomach while Salonga's injured knee started to bother him, del Rosario, who was unstoppable in the first half, was losing steam.
    Mojica was quick to pounce on the opportunity. Joining hands with Aldanese and Gavieres, FEU stormed ahead 38-34. The Tams' sudden surge woke up the Goldies. Three long toms by Salonga and a penetration by Tan pushed UST tantalizingly close, 51-52.
    His batteries recharged, del Rosario collaborated with Hipolito to put UST on top, 59-56. Dela Paz scored two bank shots to make it 63-62 for UST. But FEU struck back to regain the upperhand, 64-63. Time was down to 30 seconds.
    Ramos missed a layup, but dela Paz hold off the spheroid, Mojica lunged in and managed to force a jump ball. Time was down to 10 seconds. Dela Paz tapped the ball to Ramos, who immediately drove off Mojica. A foul was called and Ramos scored one off the charity stripe to send the game into overtime at 64-all.
    The Goldies went into a rampage in the extra period.

    *Overtime highlights was missing

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    Yco Painters topple Yutivo five, 73-63
    1967 National Seniors

    Yco overpowered a crippled Yutivo five in the last seven minutes last night to pull out a 73-63 decision and move to within a game of clinching the National Senior basketball championship.
    Julian Macoy, Yutivo's top hatchetman, was force to leave the game with an ugly wound on his lower lip with still 17 minutes and five seconds left. Macoy collided with Yco's Danny Florencio in an undergoal scuffle which resulted in injuries to both of them. Macoy's chin hit Florencio's head and his teeth cut through his lower lip, opening a 1.51 centimeter cut. Florencio suffered a two centimeter cut which bleed badly, forcing the young Asian Gamer out of the contest too.
    The Opels succeeded in holding the Painters at bay with a slowbreak - the same gimmick that produced Yutivo's 74-64 triumph over Ysmael Steel until the absence of Macoy and Ernesto Morales, who left the game on five personals, told on them. The car assemblers were still within striking distance at 59-54 with seven minutes to play when Robert Jaworski, Freddie Webb and Edgardo Ocampo clustered 10 points for an 11-point Yco spread.
    Ysmael Steel, out of the finals for the first time in seven years, made the most of what is leftand nosed out Puyat Steel, 75-74, to finish third in the final standings. Yco eliminated the Admirals, 67-65, the other night on a drive by Eddie Roque in the last nine seconds.
    Yco and Yutivo will meet again tomorrow and a victory for the Painters will mean Yco's return to the throne they last held in 1960. If Yutivo wins tomorrow, a third and final match will be played over the weekend with the title going to the winner.

    Notes: Yco regained the national senior basketball crown by beating Yutivo, 96-78.
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