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Thread: The Living Legend: Robert Jaworski Sr.

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    Re: The Living Legend: Robert Jaworski Sr.

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    Focus on MVP race
    Statistically, It's Jaworski

    Even the guys from the other camp, notably Filmanbank coach Lauro Mumar and big Billy Robinson concede that at this stage a week away from the balloting, only a "major disaster" can sidetrack Toyota's Sonny Jaworski from running away with the Most Valuable Player award of the 1978 PBA All-Filipino.
    And indeed, a study of the Toyota superstar's performance chart shows how from the time the first conference started last April and all the way to Toyota's ouster of Crispa in last week's sudden death match between the two ballclubs for the last finals berth, Jaworski had proven himself the league's most outstanding all-around player.
    In seven games in the first round, the 31-year old, two-time Olympian was seventh in the list of scoring leaders with a 21.43 average per game, In free throws, he held 12th place with an 81.48 conversion average from the 15-foot line. In rebounds, he ranked next to topnotcher Manny Paner of Great Taste Discoverers with a 14.14 average per game. In assists, he topped the field with an average of 7.71 assists per game. He also figured in the first round's list of players with most steals and interceptions.
    In the second round, Jaworski went down from seventh to eighth in field goal scoring although his average for the stretch - 21.71 - was higher than his first round average. In free throws, Jaworski remained among the league's top 31 foul shooters, his 82.35 average earning him a 10th place ranking.
    In rebounding, Jaworski was the highest filipino rebounder, his average of 13.57 per gameonly bested by Billy Robinson's 21.62 and Cisco Oliver's 15.57, In assists, Jaworski remained the top man with his average of 9.57 per game. Filmanbank coach Lauro Mumar had only one word to describe it: Awesome.
    And 'Awesome' it really has been - the Big J's performance in a PBA series that had seen the Toyota Tamaraws survive a round of four crisis that for a while had threatened to lay to waste Jaworski's almost undisputed claim to the league's highest individual honor for its 1978 season.

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