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Thread: Smart-Pampanga Buddies

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    Re: Smart-Pampanga Buddies

    That's got to be the worst monicker in the history of civilization.

    Anyway, it's a strong lineup, Misa definitely is a good addition at point, he can do it on both ends.

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    Re: Smart-Pampanga Buddies

    I also agree that it's a lame monicker... But I could care less as long as they win and play competitive basketball...

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    Re: Smart-Pampanga Buddies

    Pwede bang magpa-LOAD dito? Akala ko loading station? ;D

    Seriously, it is just an awful monicker for a franchise.
    Maybe, they should do a "research" regarding the province's rich tradition (food, natural resources, economics).

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    Re: Smart-Pampanga Buddies

    I really like the lineup of this team. Malamang ito nga ang mag-champion.

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    Re: Smart-Pampanga Buddies

    ^ take a look at the cebu ninos' line-up first. its composed of former pba and mba veterans plus some cesafi mvps.
    What you grinning at Pyscho?

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    Re: Smart-Pampanga Buddies

    Cabalens would be a more appropriate nickname for Team Pampanga than Buddies.

    (not unless there are copyright issues with a restaurant bearing the same name).

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    Re: Smart-Pampanga Buddies

    Quote Originally Posted by odog808
    Awesome!!* Anybody have pics of the team yet?* I wanna see how their uniforms look.* Go Buddies!!
    woah!!!!!! i wanna watch this team...tagal ko ng fan ng PAMPANGA DRAGONS pa xa b4 in im so proud to say na kasma na ako nung 1st ever ng champ ang pampanga ganda ng line up ang lakas might watch them pag uwi ko..but ill plan na mapadalas ang pag uwi ko pra mpanood cla
    --die hard panatiko--

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    Re: Smart-Pampanga Buddies

    maybe their sponsor is smart buddy that's why they adopted the monicker buddies. it's not a bad monicker at all. it means that they are nearer to their fans being their close buddies and besides it's not the monicker that win games, it's the players and the coaching method. what's the use of having a nice monicker when the players are not good. it's also a unique team name since we already heard about team monickers that are frequently used such as dragons, tigers, eagles and many more.

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    Re: Smart-Pampanga Buddies

    Count me in gie. Go Pampanga Tigers! err.. Buddies :D

    I wish coach Aric also picked up June Dizon, who never got on track with the Tigers. Given the playing time I'm sure June will contribute.

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    Re: Smart-Pampanga Buddies

    dizon played for aric in UST?

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