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Thread: Pacquiao-Hatton Fight Thread

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    Pacquiao-Hatton Fight Thread

    everyone's saying that pac will be hard-pressed to overcome hatton's size advantage. look at the tale of the tape and you ask, what size advantage?

    pacquiao hatton advantage

    height 5ft 6 1/2 5ft 7 1/2 hatton
    reach 67" 65" pacquiao
    chest-normal 38" 38" pacquiao
    chest-expanded 40 1/2" 39" pacquiao
    biceps 13" 13" same
    forearm 12" 9 1/2" pacquiao
    waist 28" 30" pacquiao
    thigh 20" 20" same
    calf 15" 14 1/2" pacquiao
    ankle 11" 10" pacquiao
    neck 16" 15" pacquiao
    wrist 8" 7" pacquiao
    fist 10" 11 1/2" hatton
    age 30 30 same

    any thoughts, comments, predictions, analyses?

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    Re: Pacquiao-Hatton Fight Thread

    Pacquiao should watch out for Hatton's grappling/holding style. Parang gulang na rin.

    I think Hatton could knock out Manny but I still see Pacquiao's hand speed, foot work and punching power winning over Ricky's grapplling style of boxing.

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    Re: Pacquiao-Hatton Fight Thread

    Hatton actually was the first choice of trainer Freddie Roach after the Diaz fight for a big fight for Manny. Hatton was the natural pick in the next weight class because he was precisely what Manny could handle: a "small" light-welterweight.

    I like Manny's chances with Hatton because the latter is not your typical boxer-counter puncher in the mold of a Juan Manuel Marquez, which is always a bad match-up for Manny's brawling, rushing style. Granted that Hatton is tough as nails and has a big punch, Pacquiao is a different fighter now after his De La Hoya fight. Pacquiao has always had the tools to beat a Hatton: his punching power, his granite chin and his unbelievable work rate. I don't care how tough you are, if you don't knockout Pacquiao and he starts to outwork you, it's just a matter of time before he eventually knocks you out.

    What is scary with Pacquiao now is that he finally knows how to box. I've always heldon to my observation that regardless of Pacquiao's success in the ring, he was still miles away from realizing the potential of his boxing skills. But under Freddie Roach, Pacquaio has improved exponentially after each fight with the latest version being showcased in the De La Hoya fight. That side step forward slip capped with an upper left under the De La Hoya jab counter then finished off with a right hook before stepping back out of reach is a thing of beauty. Pacquaio was moving like an Olympic boxer against De La Hoya. Only difference between him and Olympic boxers is that his shots are cannons compared to the tapping shots rattled off by amatuers.

    And he doesn't seem to finished in learning the game. If he prepares well, I expect him to move better against Hatton, will have great defense with both his hands and feet, will eventually outwork the Brit and knock him out in the latter rounds.

    Then it's on to the Pretty Boy.

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    Re: Pacquiao-Hatton Fight Thread

    According to Franklin Gacal, Manny didn't agree to the 50-50 split proposal and that it was only Arum who agreed on it. Manny's camp wants a 60-40 sharing in their favor. If Hatton's camp won't give in to such demand, Gacal said that Manny would be more than willing to look for another opponent. Hatton's lawyer threatens to sue Manny's camp if that happens by reason of a binding verbal agreement.

    I don't know with you guys but I think Hatton's camp is correct. Manny might be the best pound-for-pound boxer right now but Hatton's not that far behind either. A 50-50 split should be fine for both camps.

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    Re: Pacquiao-Hatton Fight Thread

    the way i see it, it's bob arum who's pushing the buttons for the hatton camp. it was bob arum who assured ricky hatton that it would be split 50-50 even without any prior consultation with manny or his business managers. kung ano man yung sinasabi ng mga handlers ni ricky hatton, it is on the basis of bob arum's guarantee of a 50-50 split.
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    Re: Pacquiao-Hatton Fight Thread

    It should be 60-40 in favor Manny. Manny is the biggest and brightest star in boxingdom today.

    Hatton's camp is pushing for 50-50 because of their misplaced sense of superiority. The white man should not earn less than the brown one no matter what.

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    Re: Pacquiao-Hatton Fight Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Kid Cubao
    the way i see it, it's bob arum who's pushing the buttons for the hatton camp...
    correct. arum said that hatton brings a lot to the table because from england alone he can bring in at least 1M pay per view buys. granted. in the philippines we only have commercial PPV as all the cinemas, KTV bars, sports bars, pubs show the fight. take away the commercial PPVs and restrict the broadcast to residential PPV and pinoys will easily surpass 1M PPV buys even if it's pacquiao vs terdsak jendaeng. if it's pac-hatton and all that's available is residential PPV, i guarantee to Mr. Arum that our PPV buys will greatly surpass that of the brits so don't tell me that hatton brings more to the table.

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    Re: Pacquiao-Hatton Fight Thread

    ^^^ Not that easy to apply in the Philippines. Solar has apparently bought the PPV rights of Manny's fights here. If Solar and Skycable and other cable operators do not come to terms about revenue sharing then there could still be no residential PPVs. Solar will be forced to stick to offering them thru cinemas and commercial establishments. Changing The Face of The Game!

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    Re: Pacquiao-Hatton Fight Thread

    Done deal. Pacman agreed to 50-50 division.* *

    -------------------------------------* * | 01/15/2009 4:47 PM

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    Manny Pacquiao has finally agreed to the 50-50 split demanded by Ricky Hatton’s camp for their “superfight” according to a report.

    Arum told Telegraph Sports that Pacquiao’s handlers in the Philippines were agreeable to a 50-50 split of the fight’s gross, which could be $60 million.

    Arum said that the tension has already “calmed down”, with the fight expected to be announced officially in the next week.

    Negotiations for the fight, reportedly scheduled for Las Vegas in May, was in the verge of collapse when Pacquiao’s lawyer Franklin Gacal had made it known that the Pacquiao camp were demanding a 60-40 split.

    Hatton’s camp, which is represented by Gareth Williams, said they already had a “verbal agreement” with Arum, who had “full authority” to negotiate on Pacquiao’s part.

    Top Rank and Golden Boy Promotions is now reportely planning a press tour of the United Kingdom and the US.

    Both promotions are reportedly still discussing whether the fight will be held at the MGM Grand or the Thomas & Mack Center, which is owned by Planet Hollywood.

    as of 01/15/2009 4:49 PM

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    Re: Pacquiao-Hatton Fight Thread

    ^^ langya, palibhasa likas na mabait at madaling kausap hetong kampeon natin, inaabuso naman ng promoter. tsk, tsk.

    for manny, it's really all about the fight. just tell him the time and place, he'll be there. can't get any more old school than this.
    "Of all the books I read, Facebook is the greatest"
    --sign on a T-shirt I saw on the way to work the other day

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