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    Re: The Contenders

    cubao, nonito is all set to give up his IBF and IBO flyweight titles when he moves up to challenge fernando montiel for the WBO superflyweight title. nonito wanted so badly to unify the flyweight division but the japanese champs naito and sakata would hear nothing of it, even if nonito offered to fight them in that infamous hotbed of hometown decisions, the korakuen hall in tokyo. then sakata was dethroned by thai denkoasan kaiwichit which made the flyweight scene even murkier.

    nonito therefore made a good career move by moving up and challenging the big names for big money fights. he was fast outgrowing the 112-pound class anyway. bad news is he might end up on a collision course with my main man and fellow pinoy Z Gorres in the near future.

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    Re: The Contenders

    ^His wife is also pretty hot.

    I want to see Donaire battle it out with Vic Darchinyan again.
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    Re: The Contenders

    If they beat their respective foes, then I think we can see ND vs Big Mouth once again. I also hope to see Vic dance the "chicken dance" once again ;D

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    Re: The Contenders

    I have one prospect under the radar:

    Anthony "ROCKY" Marcial. Current WBO Jr. Lightweight Oriental Champion and currently ranked No.11 in its world rankings. An impressive physical specimen as a 22 year old 5'10" 130 pounder. 11-0 win loss card, all by KO's in the early rounds. Has knocked out rated boxers up to two divisions higher than his current weight class. Very impressive boxing skills, tremendous speed, high boxing IQ and powerful with both hands. A former member of TEAM PHILIPPINES, he reached the quarters of the 2006 DOHA ASIAD before running into a 30 year old Olympic silver medalist.

    If guided properly, this boy will be a mulit-divsion world champion. He is being brought up slowly but is expected to break into the top 10 of the WBO this year. He is scheduled to make his US debut once he has at least 20 wins under his belt.

    He is handled by an independent promoter who acts more like a father figure to him but a lot of big names in the boxing game including Top Rank, Golden Boy and even MP Promotions are already knocking at his door to take him to the big time. Hopefully he can resist the lure of quick fame and continue with his deliberate rise. We all knew what happened to AJ Banal when he was rushed into the spotlight too early.

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    Re: The Contenders

    Cebu boxing in 2009
    BLEACHER TALK By Rico Navarro Updated January 11, 2009 12:00 AM*

    Cebu - It will be a year of learning and growing and the entry of new faces for Cebu Boxing in 2009. While we don’t expect any extraordinary big event or achievement to take place, Cebu will continue to be busy and will still hold its torch up high, proud to be the country’s hotbed of boxing.

    Our world champions kick off the year with title defenses. Donnie Nietes defends (and will win) his WBO minimumweight against Mexico ’s Erik Ramirez in Mexico on February 28. Gerry Peñalosa is supposed to defend his WBO bantamweight title, but there are talks that he may move up in weight to face Juan Manuel Lopez in a WBO super bantamweight showdown instead. These two events by themselves are already enough fireworks for local boxing. If this pushes through, Gerry is expected relinquish his WBO bantamweight belt. He is set to fight Mexican Heriberto Ruiz in a non-title next month before he either defends his title or challenge Juanma Lopez. Ruiz is the same Mexican who defeated Boom Boom Bautsita late last year.

    A forecast for the year is never complete with a preview of the ALA Boxing Gym. They continue to be the lead boxing outfit in Cebu with all boxing fans following their every move. And so when AJ Banal and Boom Boom Bautista lost in their last fights of the year, so did the hearts of boxing fans who expected the two to step up to give Cebu the fireworks of 2008. If there’s going to be a theme for the ALA team this year, it will be one of learning, growing, maturing, and going back to square one. Banal, Bautista and the likes of Z Gorres and Czar Amonsot are “re-launching” their respective careers but from a different outlook. They’ll be featured in fights that seek to build their confidence, see how they fare against different types of opponents and check on how they develop not only from a physical side, but more importantly from a mental and maturity angle. Gorres and Banal will venture into the heavier bantamweight division and this will mean doing it all over again in convincing the boxing bodies to consider them as top ten contenders. For the rest of the ALA team, it will be a year of taking steps one at a time and learning what needs to be learned slowly but surely. They won’t be rushing things for their other prospects in Milan Melindo, Jason Pagara, Michael Domingo and Mark Jason Melligen.

    Unfortunately for Cebu , the ALA Boys seem to be the only Cebuano options who are considered to break into the world scene and are thus being followed closely by the local fans. The other more popular local boxers who were expected to hit it big abroad will be limited to just that: trying to make a name for themselves but with little chances of making it. Randy Suico starts all over after losing his OPBF lightweight championship. Malcolm Tuñacao and Yuka Gejon aren’t getting any younger, and will need an extraordinary assist to get back at the world scene. The other upstarts from other gyms like the RWS (Wakee Salud) stable are too raw and young with nobody expected to stand out. But this situation has paved the way for prospects from other areas to show their stuff, thanks to the hardworking Sammy Gello-ani of SGG Promotions who’ll be one of the busiest promoters this year in either as a full-time promoter of co-promoter. The likes WBO regional champions Jhonriel Casimero, Ciso Morales, Anthony Marcial and Marvin Sonsona have now made Cebu their base for boxing. While they’re not yet ripe for a shot at a world championship, they’ll become a most welcome sight to fill up the year with boxing activities.

    Another welcome addition to local boxing is the Braveheart stable of Vice Governor Manny Piñol of North Cotabato . He kicks off the year with a big event next month, featuring his growing breed of boxers who started out as amateur prospects and are now making names for themselves in the local scene. Not many local fans know Braveheart’s Rolando Magbanua, Jundy Maraon, Glenn Gonzales, Lorenzo Villanueva, Eldrin Dapudong and Reynaldo Belandres, but given the right breaks, they’re all capable of stealing the limelight from some of Cebu ’s best boxers. In line with Piñol’s thrust to bring his boxers to Cebu , he’s also setting up a boxing gym with no less than Nonito Donaire Sr. as the head trainer/consultant. The gym will serve as the training base for the Braveheart boxers and will also become Donaire’s link to his network in the United States . More gyms mean more boxers, and more boxers means more boxing for Cebu . The busy just got even busier. With ALA , SGG, RWS and now Braveheart in place, we’re already booked for the rest of the year.

    Another development worth following is the election of a new set of managers for amateur boxing. Ricky Vargas and Pato Gregorio are the now the 1-2 punch for the Amateur Boxing Association of the Philippines (ABAP), and they’ve already spoken about their dreams for amateur boxing, thanks to the support of Manny Pangilinan. While I think that their main goal of winning a gold in the 2012 Olympics is a little unrealistic, they still deserve our support. I just hope that they get the right persons, complemented with the correct activities to improve the country’s stature in the international boxing. They all have to be on the same page and have the same noble intentions for the country (not for themselves). And for this we wish them a lot of luck.

    That’s the whole lot for Cebu Boxing in 2009. As Mills Lane would say, “Let’s get it on!”

    * * *

    Time-out: Happy birthday to our favorite dentist, Dra. Pinky Chupungco Navarro! >>> You can reach me at - THE FREEMAN

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    Re: The Contenders

    rising star bernabe concepcion will challenge defending champ steve luevano for the wbo featherweight (126) title in the main undercard of pacquiao-hatton fight on may 2 in las vegas. abe is a highly-skilled, bull strong orthodox fighter but i think he should have at least 2 more tough fights before challenging for the title. he hasn't been challenged in his last few fights, pummeling his opponents in early tko victories but his opponents were hardly contenders. he might just end up like aj banal and boom boom who were rushed into world title fights and KO'd. good news is though that abe has better defense than either AJ or boom boom and he can box as well as slug. so let's hope for the best. bad news is that he's fighting a bigger fighter in luevano who's a natural featherweight while abe's moving up from super bantamweight (122).

    luevano is a 5'7 southpaw with a 36-1-1 record with 15 KO's. abe is 5'4, orthodox, 28-1-1 with 16 KO's.

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    Re: The Contenders

    vic darchinyan recently annihilated jorge arce in 11 one-sided rounds. prior to that, he KO'd christian mijares in 9 and then-IBF super fly champ dimitri kirilov in 5. prior to the KO's, darch was way ahead in all the judges' cards in all the fights, meaning he was just running all over his opponents. he's is now one of boxing's hottest names with his recent string of dominant performances and will surely rise in the P4P rankings.

    it's interesting to note that vic's last competitive fight was a draw against Z Gorres, who could have won the fight had the ref not ruled an obvious slip by Z as a KD in the 1st. that's how good gorres is, surely the most technically skilled among the ALA Boys. he just has a tendency to showboat and fade in the late rounds like he did against montiel and darch. if he corrects that he can still be a world champ, maybe as soon as this year.

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    Re: The Contenders

    ALA boys milan melindo and my main man Z Gorres scored impressive victories last saturday night at the waterfront hotel in cebu. 21-year old melindo boxed his way to a convincing UD win over former IBF minimumweight champ 37-yo muhammad rachman of indonesia who's ranked #4 by the IBF and #5 by Ring Magazine in the 105-pound class. melindo dominated the first 4 round, weathered a storm by the crafy vet in the middle rounds then finished strong to close out the win. milan is presently ranked #1 by the WBO but won't challenge for that title as it's held by stablemate donnie "ahas" nietes. he's now ranked #6 by the wbc, #4 by the wba and #11 by the ibf. he's certain to move up after his latest win. i'm impressed with the speed of his combinations, able to throw 3-4 rapid right hooks in succession before closing with a left straight. he's 2 or 3 fights away from getting ready for a title shot.

    Z on the other hand moved up to 118 and he looked bigger, stronger and just as fast. he hammered former world champ roberto leyva of mexico over 7 rounds before their corner threw in the towel. i feel that Z is our 3rd best technical boxer after gerry peñalosa and pac, in that order. he just hasn't been able to finish strong in his big fights vs montiel and darchinyan. now that he doesn't have to starve himself to make 115 maybe he'll have more gas in his tank in the late rounds.

    note that darchinyan is now #9 in the p4p rankings after destroying his last 3 opponents. prior to that, though, he was outboxed and sent to the canvas by Z and was lucky to escape with a draw. Z's still unranked at 118 but will hopefully crash the rankings next month with this impressive win.

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    Re: The Contenders

    world-ranked pinoy fighters

    1. manny pacquiao - p4p #1, IBO/Ring Magazine jr welter champ
    2. nonito donaire - p4p #7, IBF/IBO flyweight champ
    3. brian viloria - IBF jr flyweight champ
    4. donnie nietes - WBO miniflyweight champ
    5. denver cuello - WBC #5, WBA #10, WBO #13 miniflyweight
    6. milan melindo - WBC #6, WBA #3, IBF #5, WBO #1 miniflyweight
    7. florante condes - WBC #13, WBA #5, IBF #4, WBO #5 miniflyweight
    8. ryan bito - WBO #4 miniflyweight
    9. juanito rubillar - WBC #3 light flyweight
    10. sonny boy jaro - WBC #4, WBA #13, WBO #7 light flyweight
    11. rodel mayol - WBO #1 light flyweight
    12. edren dapudong - WBO #5 light flyweight
    13. marvin sonsona - WBO #8 flyweight
    14. AJ Banal - IBF #6, WBO #8 superflyweight/WBA #8 bantamweight
    15. Z Gorres - WBC #13, WBA #11 superflyweight/IBF #10, WBO #3 bantamweight
    16. gerry peñalosa - IBF #12, WBO #2 bantamweight
    17. rolly lunas - WBC #7 super bantamweight
    18. ciso morales - WBO #5 super bantamweight
    19. ramie laput - WBO #6 super bantamweight
    20. bernabe concepcion - WBO #1 featherweight
    21. eric canoy - WBO #12 featherweight
    22. jason pagara - WBO #10 lightweight

    we flood the lower weights with prospects but we dry up above bantamweight with bernabe concepcion presently the only real world-class fighter there. jason pagara is a 20-yr old, 5'8 orthodox with 69 1/2 inch reach with an 18 (10) - 1 record. he's a good prospect but far from being a title contender. previous rankings mainstays like randy suico, boom boom bautista and bobby pacquiao are out.

    while i'm happy we have so many ranked fighters particularly with the WBO which seems unusually generous in including our fighters, some of the rankings are a joke. rodel mayol at #1? edren dapudong at #5? 10(2)-5-3 ryan bito at #4? i agree though with marvin sonsona, an 18-year old soutpaw with 13(10)-0-0 record from guess where... General Santos City. he's reed-thin but packs power as seen by KO% and at 5'7 is tall for a flyweight. he can be another multiple-weight champ like another southpaw from GenSan.

    gerry failed to annex a 3rd world title but he's still the best of the bantamweights. kayang-kaya niya sina montiel. i also like 21-yo milan melindo, 18(5)-0-0, orthodox with good handspeed. he's ranked WBO #1 but problem is he won't fight the current champ, fellow ALA boy donnie nietes. he could gun for the wbc or ibf titles.

    rodel mayol will gun for ivan calderon's title next weekend in the undercard of the cotto-clottey fight. my heart wants the pinoy to win but i feel the undisciplined mayol will get KO'd within 8.

    we could have 2 more titles within the year with abe concepcion challenging steve luevano and nonito donaire gunning for jose carita lopez's superfly title.

    finally, can someone please get my man Z Gorres another title shot? he's the most avoided fighter in the bantam ranks because people know he won against montiel and darchinyan. now those 2 are wearing belts collecting 6-figure paychecks while Z's out in the cold. he deserves a rematch with either of the 2.

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    Re: The Contenders

    2 RP vs PR fights coming up -

    good luck to rodel mayol who's gunning for ivan calderon's wbo lighfly title tomorrow in the cotto-clottey undercard at madison square garden no less. it's a puerto rican national holiday so expect plenty of cotto and calderon's compatriots to cheer their boxing heroes on. manny pac will be there to cheer mayol on.

    i wrote about rising young phenom marvin sonsona, 13(12)-0-0, in my previous post. he's scheduled to challenge WBO superfly champ jose carita lopez, 39(32)-7-2, at mgm grand on july 18. why rush the kid? he'll have plenty of chances to fight for a title in the future. why pit him against a tough vet like lopez this early? haven't we learned our lessons from boom boom bautista and AJ Banal? good luck to the kid though. hope he wins and keeps improving.

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