Ok. i don't know the guy. i don't even know his name. But in a few times that i did catch the Basketball Crazy he's the guy who do the "recapping" for the PBA/NBA games.

Anyway, here's a little fun fast fact. At the San Juan Arena where the Philippine Collegiate Championship games are held this actually happened:

He was caught by the Project Manager getting his share of the FREE KFC chicken burger, which was supposedly for the technical and production crew for their snacks/meals.

Fact #1: We know he is not part of that crew.
Fact #2: The PM do not actually know him and even asked around who was the guy--- and why was he getting the KFC chicken burger!
Fact #3: There are no protests as of now from the tech/prod people (you know, how they did not get their KFC chicken burger.)

The point of this post is....

Next time, paalam ka pare, baka bigyan ka naman :D