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Thread: Remembering the 1993-1997 SSC-R days....

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    Remembering the 1993-1997 SSC-R days....

    Hello there!

    Remember the days SSC-R Stags were on top for 5 consecutive years. Now here are the notable players during that historical run:
    * Rodney Santos
    * Jesse Bardaje
    * Brixtrer Encarnacion
    * Rommel Adducul
    * Aramis Calpito
    * Jasper Ocampo
    * Ulysses Tanigue
    * Rommel Daep
    * Topex Robinson
    * Alvin Pua
    * Mark Macapagal
    * Jerome Barbosa

    Ofcourse, their notable coach is Turo Valenzona with Bay Cristobal and Eric Gascon assisting him. But in 1997, due to that Pop Cola hired Valenzona, Cristobal took over his chores and swept a season! (12-0)

    Notable finals opponents:
    * Mapua (1993-1994)
    * San Beda (1996-1997)

    Yung 1995, di ko maalaala.

    Now, please post your memories about this magical run.

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    Re: Remembering the 1993-1997 SSC-R days....

    They sweep Mapua 2-0 in the 1995 Finals.

    sa NCAA pag na sweep ang two round robin, automatic kampeon na kaya SSC for instance wala nang finals opponent, they would win its last elimination round assignment (or even lose if they already clinched the title ahead of the last playdate)

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    Re: Remembering the 1993-1997 SSC-R days....

    Rommel Adducul was simply unstoppable and peerless in this era. Then he made the end-run all the way to the Manila Metrostars of the MBA.

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    Re: Remembering the 1993-1997 SSC-R days....

    In 1993, The Game between First Round champion and undefeated San Sebastian and Letran at the close of the first round of eliminations.

    Referee Cenon buenaventura commited a big boo boo in the closing seconds. with the score tied at 82 with 13 seconds left in the game, SSC's Aldrin Morante harrassed and tapped the ball away from Letran court general Francis Arabit near the midcourt, Arabit was downed on the floor and apparently pulled the left leg of Morante preventing the San Sebestian shifty point guard from retrieving the ball. instead of calling an intentional foul on Arabit, Buenaventura quickly blew his whistle giving Letran ball possesion to the horror of enthusiastic, wildly cheering crowd of 10,000 at the Rizal Memorial Coliseum.
    In the ensuing play, Arabit received a pass from the harrassed Paul Guerrero, then beat the buzzer with a jumper from the left wing, giving the defending champion Knights the win and denying the Stags from sweeping the first round pennant.
    actually, there was nothing at stake in the game as San Sebestian had already clinched the first round flag following a 77-76 conquest of San Beda, it was Ironic however that the Referee who pounded the final nail on San Sebestian's first defeat was Valenzona's former player at Trinity College. a former NCAA member which quit the league in the 80s.

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    Re: Remembering the 1993-1997 SSC-R days....

    73rd NCAA
    High five for the Partying Stags
    October 1997

    The Recto-based Recoletos quintet faced the same San Beda Red Lions, a team that had been trying to put a stop to San Sebastian's drive-for-five battlecry. But sadly, the Red Lions failed, and miserably at that, as the Stags swallowed San Beda, 84-72 last October 6 to capture their fifth straight NCAA men's basketball crown at the overflow Rizal Memorial Coliseum.
    The Red Lions bowed to the awesome Stags last year, 2-0 in their best-of-three series as the pressure of ending a 19-year title-drought took its toll again on them.
    Arturo "Bay" Cristobal, who assumed the head coaching job this season for San Sebastian, said a chance to continuously rewriting history is at hand. "That has been motivating the team this year. Lagi kong nire-remind sa kanila na this is the chance for us to again be part of another NCAA history," said Cristobal, whose team lost only a total of six times since winning the title in 1993.
    As usual, setting the pace for the Stags were no other than Most Valuable Player Rommel Adducul and pintsized guards Jasper Ocampo and Ulysses Tanigue, who dished off devastating performances that terrorized the Red Lions.
    "Next year, we'll go for our sixth straight title," vowed Cristobal, who won't have Tanigue, Brixter Encarnacion and Rommel Daep on his team anymore after they have completed their five-year tenure in the NCAA.

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    Re: Remembering the 1993-1997 SSC-R days....

    ^ Who were on the Mapua and San Beda teams that Adducul and Company beat...?

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    Re: Remembering the 1993-1997 SSC-R days....

    center for that 1997 San Beda team was Dino Manuel. It also had Kerwin McKoy and Ralph Rivera. Ato Morano was also part of San Beda a little earlier.

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    Re: Remembering the 1993-1997 SSC-R days....

    ^ Mel, I take it then that Rency Bajar was also on this San Beda roster?

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    Re: Remembering the 1993-1997 SSC-R days....

    ^Yup Joe. Bajar was on that San Beda team. If I'm not mistaken Bajar and Rivera played for the Red Lions from 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996 and 1997. Renato "Ato" Morano played from 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994 and 1995.

    To stay on topic, I believe Rommel Adducul was the only player to have played in that 5 consecutive championship teams. Adducul is one of 3 players I know who at least won four consecutive NCAA/UAAP titles. The other two being Chris Cantojos (4 straight UAAP titles) and Renren Ritualo (4 straight UAAP titles). Borgie Hermida won his 4th NCAA title (2006, 2007, 2008 & 2010) last year with San Beda in the NCAA but it was not 4 consecutive years.

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    Re: Remembering the 1993-1997 SSC-R days....

    yup Bajar. and the starting power forward of San Beda was Norman Gonzales if I remember correctly.

    Willy Wilson also won 4 consecutive championships for La Salle.

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