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Thread: STI, temporary refuge of ex EAC Jean Mbe?

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    Re: STI, temporary refuge of ex EAC Jean Mbe?

    Mbe this time it will be love, err, basta I hope the kid will eventually get to where it's best for him

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    Re: STI, temporary refuge of ex EAC Jean Mbe?

    He needs to get a better agent whose primary motivation is not his 40% cut...

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    Re: STI, temporary refuge of ex EAC Jean Mbe?

    Quote Originally Posted by LION
    Quote Originally Posted by pio_valenz
    How did Eric Altamirano get into the picture?
    Eric's son will most probably play for UST in the next UAAP season after his Team B stint.* He is now helping Pido recruit players.
    i think this is part of the deal... to get eric son play in next uaap season... we cant beat that.... por pabor....

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    Re: STI, temporary refuge of ex EAC Jean Mbe?

    You scratch my back, Ill scratch yours. Nothing is free in this world ;D

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    Re: STI, temporary refuge of ex EAC Jean Mbe?

    Mapua Tech walloped STI College 83-64 in the ongoing Fr Martin Cup Open Division.

    Both teams started off slow in the opening minutes as the score was at a sleepy 2-0 up to the fifth minute of the opening period. Allan Mangahas, Randy Soriano and TG Guillermo however caught fire in the second period as they opened up a 23-11 lead for the Cardinals with crisp and quick ball movement and good incursions into the lane.

    STI was still obviously groping for form as they were assimilating African newcomer John Mbe. That's right: the 17-year old man-child with intriguing potential who has been the subject of a multiple tug-of-war initially between Emilio Aguinaldo College and Santo Tomas University is now wearing the blue and gold of the STI Olympians. Another newcomer trying to find his way around the system of head coach Vic Icasiano is former San Beda bench player Martin Antonio.

    Mapua went to a twin post - three guard formation for most of the first half with 6'5" centers Mark Sarangay and Jasaon Pascual on the floor at the same time. Dealing with the two tall and mutli-skilled Cardinals proved too much of an enigma for the 6'7" Mbe and the 6'5" Antonio. STI wasn't getting much production from starting pointguard Mac Macabasco either, as he was unusually remiss in distributing the ball and finding his teammates in their proper places on their halfcourt sets. Halftime had the Cardinals comfortably ahead.

    When veteran rotation players swingman Erwin "Wency" Cornejo and power forward Maki Acosta came in it was more bad news for the Olympians. Cornejo and Acosta spearheaded a 10-0 blast that gave Mapua a 68-39 spread late in the third period. It didn't help that STI rookie Maclean Sabellina accidentally butted heads that opened up a bloody gash on the brow of teammate Oscar Crisostomo, further reducing the guard line of STI.

    Mbe, Antonio and Arnold Danganan were trying to keep the Olympians in it but the Olympians just were not getting anything going. They were turning over the ball, missing defensive assignments and were getting lost on their press break, allowing the Cardinals to simply keep running away in transition and padding their already enormous lead.

    Guillermo led all scorers with 20 points and four steals while Mbe had 17 points to go with nine rebounds for STI.

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