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Thread: The Leprechaun's Thread: all about your world champion Boston Celtics

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    sad to see kevin and paul leave but at least this gives them one more chance to get back at miami. they'll have probably a 2-year window to win a championship in brooklyn.

    as for the celts, i don't know about you pero sa akin ang galing ni ainge. he got a lottery pick (olynyck), 4 first round draft picks and humphries' expiring contract. he also dumped 2 aging superstars and the coach's huge salary. next year won't be pretty but the future looks bright.

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    ^ Ano ba ang contract ni Rondo? Won't this encourage him to leave? I think optimum situation for him is that he'll need a bunch of reliable finishers in the team.

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    We have a wunderkid to babysit the rebuild
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    this is bad. we have a bad team but the eastern conference stinks so much that the celtics would even qualify for the playoffs if the playoffs started today. AND they would win the atlantic division.

    why is this bad? i want to take part in the parker-randle-wiggins sweepstakes. it's ok with me to lose this year as long as we get a good lottery pick next year. even outside of the big 3 recruits, the other potential lottery picks can be franchise cornerstones or really good players. losing a lottery slot next year is not worth being first round fodder this season.

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    We get the #6 pick in the draft. Get us a good one, Dannyboy.

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    So close, yet so far!

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