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Thread: Red Warriors in the Off-Season

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    Re: Red Warriors in the Off-Season

    Just like FEU, UE's first 12 are good and experienced. This was shown in the UE-DLSU game where Chongson made a few platoon substitutions and UE still maintained a 4-8 point lead in the first half. Espiritu's 3-pt. shot has improved and he is now avoiding ticky-tacky fouls which put him in foul trouble the previous seasons. Another thing is the leadership being provided by Espiritu, Llagas and Lee. Their other big men - Duran, Alabanza, Acibar and Pelopero - are improving as well. They might just break into the finals again this season.

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    Re: Red Warriors in the Off-Season

    Filoil: UE def. FEU. I don't have the scores though.

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    Re: Red Warriors in the Off-Season

    ^ Barocca, Cawaling and Ramos of FEU did not play.

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    Re: Red Warriors in the Off-Season

    Mukhang malakas pa din ang UE this year.
    Coach Chongson is a nice fit sa UE team.
    magaling mag motivate ng players.
    And that's the bottom line, because I said so!

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    Re: Red Warriors in the Off-Season

    stonecold kamusta long time no see...
    sana nga maging bagay si coach sa UE RED WARRIORS...

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    Re: Red Warriors in the Off-Season

    It was tough to gauge how good UE was in their Fil Oil victory over FEU. As mentioned by GFY, FEU was without two starters and their first center off the bench.

    Still, UE did display a lot of the same things they showed versus other powerhouses like Lasalle and San Beda - speed, firepower from the perimeter, and the wondrous improvement of veteran forward Elmer Espiritu.

    Many people say that this is now Paul Lee's team. The truth is that these Warriors can live without Lee, but I doubt they will live without Elmer Espiritu. Espiritu provides security off both boards, blocks enemy shots and messes with those he does not block, and generally makes life difficult for entire opposing frontlines. Lee may be the leading scorer, but those are points that could be made up by various combinations of James Martinez, Raffy Reyes, Apul Zamar, Lucas Tagarda, Rudy Linganay and even Val Acuna. Take away the double-digit rebounding production and nearly two blocks per game averages of Espiritu though and UE will wither and die.

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    Re: Red Warriors in the Off-Season

    ang akin lang, we should give our new coach time to prove his worth. maybe, after this season we can assess how things will work out in the future. if he fails, then he is all yours ;D, bahala na kayo kung ano ang gusto n'yong sabihin sa kanya ;D, but for now we have to support him all the way.
    Keep The Faith
    [size=10pt]GO REDS FIGHT![/size]

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    Re: Red Warriors in the Off-Season

    After a rousing start, Val Acuna is now again slowly fading away .....
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    Re: Red Warriors in the Off-Season

    ^^^ Val Acuna seems to be fading just as Paul Lee is steadily claiming this team as his own. Lee takes the same shots as Acuna, and there seems no room in the play book of new coach Lawrence Chongson for two scorers at the same time. Acuna is not exactly a second option-type who can clean up and make something happen after a first option goes south. Lee is the first option, and he normally gets it done as a first option. Unfortunately for Acuna, his mentality is also as a first option. That is why in games he has done well, he normally got going early on, with his first touch. Their games in the US, he got good first touches and got into a rhythm early on. He has not gotten the same touches and the same opportunities the deeper the Fil Oil tournament gets.

    Perhaps Chongson should use Acuna more as the sixth man and have him come off that bench firing. That will make him a first option, just that he is the first option coming off the bench. As a second unit guy, he can easily out-shoot any other second unit guy. OR maybe Lee can come off the bench and have Acuna be the first option on the starting five. Either way, Acuna has to get his touches and fire away early on to get into a rhythm.

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    Re: Red Warriors in the Off-Season

    basta sana na lang.... TEAM work ang gumana sa UAAP... hindi na importante kung sino ang magaling or what..
    sana magtulungan na lang silang makuha ang korona.....

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