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Thread: MIT Recruits

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    MIT Recruits

    Guys gawa lang ako thread para sa infos bout sa recruits natin...

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    Re: MIT Recruits

    sana lumakas ang recruitment naten ngayon.. sino ba ang maglalarong rookies next season?

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    Re: MIT Recruits

    Update on our Recruits:

    1. 6'10" guy
    2. Kenneth Ighalo (a fil-nigerian)
    3. yousef taha (is he the 6'7" fil-jordianian)
    4. Hazhim (6'3" foriegner...rumored to be on the way out)
    5. Jumel Chien (ex-pcu player)
    6. John Emmanuel Castillo (ex- letran squire)
    7. Ding Dong Lamosa

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    Re: MIT Recruits

    #4 is no longer with Mapua. Yousef might go too

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    Re: MIT Recruits

    ^^ bakit naman?naparita na ba? ???

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    Re: MIT Recruits

    i heard nga na baka umalis yung mga recruits nila

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    Re: MIT Recruits

    bakit lilipat or aalis si Yousef? and sino sa mga recruits ang aalis?

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    Re: MIT Recruits

    i heard he's (yousef) joining the bulldogs..

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    Re: MIT Recruits

    Henry sy is already owns NU and their recruitment is very agressive. the perks/package has really attracted this recruits to their side. sad but true.

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    Re: MIT Recruits

    The Yuchengco family should match the offers being handed out by NU. Starting point is a signing bonus plus a monthly stipend. Can deep discounts at SM stores be far behind. :D

    It is not only Mapua that is feeling the squeeze from NU and the school aims to be a factor when it comes to recruiting blue chippers. The cost of recruiting has escalated.

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